Lightning Fast - Your Guide To The Best Subaru BRZ Short Shifters

The Subaru BRZ delivers an incredible driving experience with its nimble chassis and poised handling. But one area that can be improved is the long, lanky throw of the factory shifter. For BRZ owners looking to extract every ounce of performance from their car, installing an aftermarket short throw shifter is a great upgrade. 

With reduced shift throws of 30% or more, short shifters give the BRZ's manual transmission lightning-fast, precise gear changes. Faster shifts improve acceleration, while a shortened shifter can make the driver feel more connected to the transmission. If you're chasing lap records or just want to improve the driveability of your Subaru BRZ, a short shifter can be a game-changing upgrade. 

In this guide, we'll recommend the top short shifter kits to replace your stock shifter and bring a whole new level of control to how your BRZ shifts. Say goodbye to the sluggish OEM shifter - here are the best short shifters to transform your Subaru BRZ!

Choosing The Best Short Shifters for Subaru BRZ

With so many short shifter options available for the Subaru BRZ, it can be tough to decide which one is right for you. In this guide, we’ll help you choose by reviewing some of the top short shifters based on performance, quality, price, and feedback from BRZ owners. 

Our goal is to highlight the best short shifters spanning budget-friendly upgrades to pro-level racing components. We'll look at durability, materials used, precision, throw reduction, comfort, and value. Whether you're modding a daily driven BRZ or a dedicated track beast, your ideal short shifter recommendation exists here. Read on for our top picks to drastically improve your Subaru BRZ's shifting!

IRP Short Shifter V3

IRP Short Shifter V3 Subaru BRZ
IRP Short Shifter V3

The IRP Short Shifter V3 is an attractive option for BRZ owners looking to completely transform how their BRZ shifts. This easy-to-install short shifter reduces throw by 60% for faster, more precise shifts. It's constructed from high-grade aluminum and stainless steel components for durability. High-quality bearings allow smooth stick movement in all directions. The adjustable bolts allow you to fine-tune the shifter feel, especially for 5th-6th gears and the reverse lockout. While some owners notice vibration at high RPMs, the IRP Short Shifter is a straightforward way to transform how your Subaru BRZ gearbox feels. For the price, it offers significant improvements in engagement and control compared to stock and is a great option for owners who prioritize quicker shifts over comfort.

Torque Solution Short Shifter

Torque Solution Short Shifter Subaru BRZ
Torque Solution Short Shifter

With its combination of stainless steel and Delrin components, the Torque Solution Short Shifter provides improved precision without sacrificing comfort. The CNC machined stainless steel resists corrosion while the Delrin bushings and lockout eliminate vibrations. The shifter’s throw is reduced by 28% for a sharper engagement when switching gears. An added rear bushing further removes slop and slack from the shifter assembly, ensuring crisp shifts from 1st through 6th. While less expensive than some competitors, the materials and construction are of the highest quality. For BRZ owners wanting a balance of performance and daily drivability, the Torque Solution Short Shifter is an outstanding choice.

Billetworkz Short Shifter

Billetworkz Short Shifter Subaru BRZ
Billetworkz Short Shifter

Billetworkz offers a straightforward aluminum short shifter that gets the job done for a reasonable price. It cuts shift throws by 30% with a more direct shifting feel and includes new bushings to tighten up tolerances. The reverse lockout is CNC machined from billet aluminum for precision and durability. Oversized o-rings on the assembly prevent rattling from vibrations and ensure quiet operation day in and day out. Coming in on the lower end of the pay scale, the Billetworkz short shifter gives BRZ owners a great upgrade without breaking the bank. For budget-minded drivers or as a starter mod, it's a cost-effective way to replace your stock shifter. The simpler design may wear faster under hard use but provides good value for BRZ owners looking for a more budget-friendly setup.

GKTech Strike Fast Short Shifter

GKTech Strike Fast Short Shifter Subaru BRZ
GKTech Strike Fast Short Shifter

As its name implies, the GKTech Strike Fast Short Shifter aims to deliver immediate, lightning-quick shifts. The CNC aluminum construction is expertly machined for the lowest possible profile under your stock shift boot. With 55% reduced throws, drivers can bang through the gears like butter. The Delrin bushings isolate vibrations for smooth, rattle-free shifting, even at redline. GKTech cut no corners when designing this short shifter to ensure the perfect shift every time. It's on the more expensive end but worth it for the unparalleled precision compared to the stock shifter. Out of all the short shifters available for the BRZ, the Strike Fast short shifter lives up to its name by giving you the fastest, most accurate shifts possible.

CAE Ultra Shifter

CAE Ultra Shifter Subaru BRZ
CAE Ultra Shifter

Representing the elite tier of short shifters, the CAE Ultra Shifter redefines the BRZ shifting experience. The race-inspired design modulates the entire shift mechanism rather than just replacing linkages. Every component is CNC'd from lightweight aerospace-grade aluminum and engineered for extreme performance applications. Adjustability and comfort are also meticulously built in, allowing the user to adjust to their preferred setings. Of course, this level of engineering excellence comes at a premium price. But for BRZ owners who want the absolute best with no compromise, the CAE Ultra Shifter delivers incredible refinement. Shifting becomes so instinctual and effortless with this work of art under your hand.

What Is a Subaru BRZ Short Shifter?

GKTech Strike Fast Short Shifter Installed Subaru BRZ

A short shifter, also known as a shortened shifter, replaces the factory shift lever and linkage components to reduce the amount of movement required to change gears. It enables the driver to quickly move the shifter through each gear gate with smaller motions of the arm and wrist. 

This gives a performance advantage on both road and track by greatly improving shifter feel and precision. Drivers can execute fast upshifts and downshifts with more accuracy and avoid mis-shifts more easily. Shorter throws between gears also decrease the time the transmission is in neutral during shifts. This allows the engine to stay in the power band for better acceleration, ensuring your BRZ is performing at its peak when you need it.

Subaru BRZ Short Shifter Performance Benefits

One of the most frequently praised things about the Subaru BRZ is its 6-speed manual transmission. It provides an engaging driving experience that sportscar enthusiasts love. However, the factory shifter throw is relatively long and can be improved with this simple upgrade. 

A short shifter upgrade can enhance the already responsive manual gearbox, reducing shift throws and improving the BRZ's acceleration by minimizing power interruptions when changing gears. Drivers will notice crisper, tighter shifts that keep the momentum going. Short shifters also liven up the handling by allowing rapid downshifts heading into corners. Overall, a short shifter heightens the connection between the car's gearbox and the driver. Shifting becomes more instinctual rather than clunky. For BRZ owners seeking to push the limits on their favorite touge or at track days, an aftermarket short shifter is a smart performance modification.

How To Install Your Subaru BRZ Short Shifter

Installing an aftermarket short shifter in your Subaru BRZ is an intermediate-level DIY project. Proper tools like jack stands, ratchets, and metric sockets will be needed. Expect the job to take 2-3 hours for inexperienced mechanics. Refer to your specific short shifter's instructions for exact details. 

Generally, you'll need to disconnect the battery, raise the car, remove interior trim panels to access the shifter assembly, detach the original shifter linkage and bushings, and then reverse the process to install the new short shifter unit. Adjustments can be made to fine-tune the throw distance and lockout positions. Take care not to overtighten connections and verify full shifter functionality before heading out onto the open road.

Maintaining Your Subaru BRZ Short Shifter

Valvoline Automotive General Purpose Grease

To keep your short shifter operating smoothly, periodic maintenance is recommended. Lubricate bushings and pivot joints with lithium grease every 20,000 miles. Check for signs of wear on the shifter ball and replace it if deteriorates. Use thread locker fluid on fasteners like bolts to prevent loosening over time. 

Be aware that aggressive street or track driving will accelerate wear. Replacing components like bushings may be needed sooner under race conditions. With proper care, a quality short shifter should last at least 50,000 hard miles before needing to be rebuilt, with many owners that street drive their BRZs mentioning that their shifters never need a rebuild.

Other Subaru BRZ Supporting Mods

Grey 2022 Subaru BRZ with Borla Exhaust

Subaru BRZ Catback Exhausts

A high-flowing catback exhaust like the ARK GRiP Stainless Cat-Back Exhaust is a great supporting mod for your newly installed short shifter setup. The reduced backpressure helps the engine take advantage of the improved shift response. Catback exhausts add horsepower across the powerband along with an aggressive sound. Brands like Invidia, Borla, and Remark offer options ranging from road-friendly to straight-pipe loud. Properly engineered exhaust systems maintain a subtle note while cruising and unleash a screaming soundtrack at wide-open throttle. An aftermarket exhaust pairs perfectly with a short shifter, lightweight flywheel, and intake for maximum gains.

Subaru BRZ Clutch Kits

Upgrading the clutch is highly recommended to handle the increased power and responsiveness of a short shifter kit. The factory clutch can slip under aggressive driving. Quality kits from ACT and Exedy increase clamping force for confident launches and slip-free upshifts. Many feature lightweight flywheels for quicker revs and crisper throttle response from reduced rotational inertia. The clutch takes a beating with short shifter downshifting, so a performance clutch kit is a wise supporting mod for reliability.

Subaru BRZ Lightweight Flywheels

Adding a lightweight flywheel complements a short shifter perfectly. Lower rotational mass improves throttle response and reduces shift times. Brands like ACT and Competition Clutch offer street-friendly steel and race-ready aluminum or chromoly flywheels to suit your needs. Going with a lightweight flywheel in addition to a short shifter supports the rev-happy character of the BRZ engine. Quicker shifts paired with instant throttle response can make your BRZ even more enjoyable to drive on the street or on the track, making it an awesome supporting mod.

OverRev’s Subaru BRZ Short Shifter Guide

GKTech Strike Fast Short Shifter Subaru BRZ

In this guide, we covered the benefits of installing a short shifter in your Subaru BRZ as well as reviewing some of the top options currently available. Models from IRP, Torque Solution, Billetworkz, GKTech, and CAE represent a variety of choices ranging from budget-friendly to pro-level performance. 

A short shifter is a great upgrade for your BRZ’s manual transmission if you're looking for quicker, more precise shifting. Supporting mods like a catback exhaust, performance clutch kit, and lightweight flywheel work synergistically to give you the best driving dynamics. For more ways to tune your BRZ, check out our guides on clutch kits, flywheels, intakes, and suspension upgrades. Thanks for reading!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the benefits of installing a short shifter?

Short shifters make shifting quicker, more precise, and more responsive. Reduced throw between gears improves acceleration, track times, and driver control.

Is it easy to install a short shifter myself?

With some mechanical ability, it can be installed in a home garage in 2-3 hours. Proper tools and following directions are key.

Will it void my Subaru warranty?

Like any aftermarket part, it may technically void the powertrain warranty but is unlikely to cause issues. Check manufacturer guidelines.

What are the best brands for Subaru BRZ short shifters?

Top brands include IRP, Torque Solution, Billetworkz, GKTech, and CAE based on materials, construction, performance, and cost.

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