Cool Air - Your Guide To The Best Cold Air Intakes For The Subaru BRZ

 Welcome to the ultimate Subaru BRZ air intake guide! An air intake is a crucial part of your BRZ's engine, ensuring it gets the perfect amount of airflow needed to run efficiently. However, the stock intake falls short compared to aftermarket intakes on the market. A performance air intake kit provides even more cool air to your engine, increasing horsepower and fuel efficiency. 

So if you're looking for the best intake on the market for your Subaru BRZ, then we've got you covered. This blog post is all about helping you find the best air intake to improve your BRZ's performance and efficiency while also giving you a variety of options that agree with your wallet. So what are you waiting for? Let's help you find the best cold air intake to replace your OEM airbox today!


Choosing The Best Subaru BRZ Air Intakes

When it comes to selecting the ideal air intake for your Subaru BRZ, a variety of factors come into play. We've made it easier for you by rounding up some of the best air intakes based on performance increases, ease of installation, cost, and brand reputation. Our goal is to give you options that not only increase your BRZ’s horsepower and torque but also are durable, well-designed, and a known commodity in the BRZ community. Check out our list below covering the best Subaru BRZ air intakes that promise to breathe new life into your FA20 or FA24 engine!

GrimmSpeed Cold Air Intake

GrimmSpeed Cold Air Intake Subaru BRZ
GrimmSpeed Cold Air Intake

The GrimmSpeed Cold Air Intake is your go-to for no-nonsense, easy-to-install power gains. No need to wrestle with your bumper; it's a straightforward fit. With a laser-cut airbox and custom-bent tubing, it's crafted for optimal airflow, ensuring your BRZ breathes easier and feels even quicker than before. The meticulous design has dyno-proven horsepower and torque increases across the RPM range, making your ride not just faster, but also smoother as your engine makes power. Ready for a hassle-free performance upgrade? Check out the GrimmSpeed Cold Air Intake today!

Injen Evolution Cold Air Intake System

Injen Evolution Cold Air Intake System Subaru BRZ
Injen Evolution Cold Air Intake System

Get ready to take your BRZ to the next level with the Injen Evolution Cold Air Intake System. This intake is a great building block if you're looking for more horsepower and torque from a full bolt-on setup. Designed using the latest CAD software and built in the USA, it’s a blend of technology and craftsmanship that fits perfectly under your hood. With the largest SuperNano-Web dry filter on the market, your engine will breathe clean, unrestricted air. Ready for some serious HP gains? Get your Injen Evolution Cold Air Intake System now.

Mishimoto Performance Air Intake

Mishimoto Performance Air Intake Subaru BRZ
Mishimoto Performance Air Intake

Unleash the beast within your BRZ with the Mishimoto Performance Air Intake. With no need to remove the bumper; this intake is a breeze to install and brings an impressive 7 whp / 5 wtq increase in power to the table. With a silicone induction hose and aluminum intake pipe, it's all about smooth airflow and that extra oomph every time you press the throttle. And the best part? The aggressive induction noise adds the perfect cherry on top of this easy upgrade! You'll be all smiles when you replace your factory air intake with a new Mishimoto Performance Air Intake and feel the difference.

AEM Performance Air Intake

AEM Performance Air Intake Subaru BRZ
AEM Performance Air Intake

Get ready to replace your BRZ’s factory air box with an AEM Performance Air Intake. This AEM intake is designed with a focus on horsepower and torque gains, all while the AEM Dryflow air filter keeps your engine protected for up to 100,000 miles. The custom heat shield helps keep things cool, protecting your intake filter against engine heat soak. Ready to add some more power to your BRZ? Then be sure to check out the AEM Performance Air Intake before pulling the trigger!

Skunk2 Powerbox Cold Air Intake System

Skunk2 Powerbox Cold Air Intake System Subaru BRZ
Skunk2 Powerbox Cold Air Intake System

The Skunk2 Powerbox Cold Air Intake is where design meets performance for your Subaru BRZ. With a molded polymer plastic construction, it provides a thermal barrier for lower intake air temperatures. It's a true cold air intake kit, drawing in the cool air your BRZ needs for that added performance gain. We bet you'll feel a noticeable difference when you install this aftermarket cold air intake from Skunk2 and wonder why it took you so long to do so!

K&N Typhoon Intake

K&N Typhoon Intake Subaru BRZ
K&N Typhoon Intake

Step up your BRZ game with the K&N Typhoon Intake. Its mandrel-bent aluminum intake tube alongside a washable, reusable High-Flow Air Filter ensures your FA20 engine breathes deep and roars even louder. This system is a breeze to install, and with up to 100,000 miles between filter services, it's a long-term performance upgrade for your BRZ. Looking for one of the best air intakes for your BRZ on a budget? Then look no further than the K&N Typhoon Intake!

HKS Cold Air Intake Kit

HKS Cold Air Intake Box Subaru BRZ
HKS Cold Air Intake Kit

The HKS Cold Air Intake Kit is designed to improve your BRZ's air intake efficiency. It features a high-performance "Super Power Flow" air cleaner, reducing the effects of heat soak from the engine compartment and helping stabilize intake air temperature. Its design ensures OEM spec fitment, with an added secondary intake duct to minimize airflow resistance. The box's clear smoke upper case also adds a bit of bling to your engine bay, something we bet you won't see at your local meet. Paired with a Carbon Suction Pipe and a seamlessly molded Air Intake Duct, the HKS Cold Air Intake Kit ensures smooth airflow, high strength, and reliable street performance for BRZ owners who want nothing but the best.

HPS Short Ram Air Intake

HPS Short Ram Air Intake Subaru BRZ
HPS Short Ram Air Intake

The HPS Short Ram Air Intake is a straight shot of power for Subaru BRZ owners wanting a solid performance upgrade. It's not merely about unleashing the +6.3 Whp horsepower and +4.8 Ft/lbs torque; it's all about an easy install that you can do in a few hours. Featuring a powder-coated steel heat shield, this HPS Air Intake is all about supplying cool air even when the engine bay gets hot. The design ensures you don’t have to worry about rainy days as it avoids the potential for water entering into your system like some CAI kits. If a simple yet effective power upgrade is on your agenda, the HPS Short Ram Air Intake is a great performance upgrade for your BRZ.

Takeda Momentum Air Intake System

Takeda Momentum Air Intake System Subaru BRZ
Takeda Momentum Air Intake System

The Takeda aFe Momentum Air Intake System is a proven winner when it comes to helping improve your Subaru BRZ’s performance. It offers more than just an increase of  7HP and 8lbs of torque, with aFe focusing on improving airflow compared to the factory intake and increasing it by 57%. The PRO 5R five-layer progressive mesh oiled filter ensures maximum airflow, making the Takeda aFe Momentum Air Intake System a solid upgrade for Subaru BRZ owners on the hunt for performance.

Perrin Cold Air Intake

Perrin Cold Air Intake Subaru BRZ
Perrin Cold Air Intake

The Perrin Cold Air Intake is the go-to for Subaru BRZ owners looking for a high-quality air intake upgrade. It’s not just about the intuitive placement of the air filter behind the front bumper; it’s a performance cold air intake designed to pull cool, fresh air while staying far away from your hot engine bay. With its well-constructed aluminum tubing and a performance "pinch" allowing for a smooth airflow, it’s a pathway to more horsepower and a better engine sound, making the  Perrin Cold Air Intake one of the best cold air intakes on the market for your Subaru BRZ.

How Does an Air Intake Work?

Blitz Carbon Power Intake Kit Subaru BRZ
Blitz Advance Power Intake

The primary function of an air intake is to channel cooler, denser air into the engine. Cooler air carries more oxygen, which is important for the combustion process in the engine. The air-fuel mixture ignites, creating a burst of energy that propels your BRZ forward. The efficiency of this process significantly affects just how well your BRZ performs when you press the gas.

How an Aftermarket Air Intake Benefits Your Subaru BRZ

In sports cars like the Subaru BRZ, a quality air intake system is vital. It not only improves horsepower but also helps with throttle response and fuel efficiency. It's all about maximizing the engine's breathability to unleash your Subaru's true potential.

Types of Air Intakes

An air intake is a critical part of your Subaru BRZ's engine, and different types offer different performance benefits. Whether you are looking for more horsepower, better fuel efficiency, or a different engine sound, there's an air intake for you.

In this section, we will explain the different types of air intakes available for your BRZ, highlighting their unique characteristics and performance benefits. Our goal is to help you understand which air intake type would be ideal for your performance goals before you make your purchase!

Cold Air Intakes

A cold air intake is engineered to draw air from outside the engine compartment, ensuring a cooler, denser air supply to the engine. Cold air helps increase horsepower and fuel efficiency and is often considered the best option for performance compared to other air intake types. The main drawback of a cold air intake is the potential risk of water being sucked into the intake if you live somewhere where it rains often and you have to drive through standing water regularly.

Short Ram Intakes

Located closer to the engine, a short ram intake is easier to install and provides a throaty engine sound. One of the main drawbacks of a short ram intake is the lack of fresh air in the engine bay, resulting in fewer performance benefits compared to a cold air intake because of heat soak. A short RAM intake is ideal if your goal isn't overall power and you are worried about hydrolock with a traditional CAI.

Ram Air Intakes

Ram air intakes take advantage of a vehicle’s forward motion to force air into the engine, which can lead to increased horsepower at higher speeds. Ram air intakes are very common for the BRZ platform as most owners opt for a cold air intake since a ram air intake requires constant exposure to air to function at its best.

How to Install an Air Intake in Your Subaru BRZ

Installing an air intake in your Subaru BRZ is an easy DIY project that can have a notable effect on your car's performance. If you are relatively knowledgeable when it comes to working on cars or looking for a simple upgrade to start learning, adding a performance intake to your BRZ shouldn't take more than a few hours from start to finish.

Tools Needed

  • Screwdriver set

  • Wrench set

  • Pliers

  • Ratchet and socket set

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Regularly checking the air intake system for any signs of wear, loose connections, or debris in the filter will keep it performing at its best.

Cleaning and Replacing Filters

Cleaning the filters as per manufacturer guidelines and replacing them when they show signs of wear is key to maintaining airflow efficiency. Most aftermarket air filters are built to last significantly longer than the typical OEM filter but your mileage may vary so we recommend checking it every time you change your oil to ensure everything is in tip-top shape.

Common Issues and Solutions

Issues like a decrease in fuel efficiency or unusual engine noises could hint at air intake problems. Regular maintenance and replacing the air filter are your go-to solutions if something seems awry.

Other Subaru BRZ Performance Upgrades

Red 2022 Subaru BRZ with ARK Performance GRiP Catback Exhaust

Catback Exhausts 

Upgrading your BRZ's exhaust system can improve performance and add a more aggressive exhaust note to your car. A quality catback exhaust also can reduce back pressure and improve exhaust flow, delivering noticeable gains in horsepower and torque.

Aftermarket Exhaust Headers

Exhaust manifolds play a critical role in dictating the engine's breathing efficiency. A good set of performance headers can significantly improve exhaust flow and add a significant power increase. It's also a great upgrade for any BRZ owner looking to get rid of the dreaded FA20 torque dip that plagues the low-displacement boxer engine from the factory.

Custom ECU Tuning

ECU (Engine Control Unit) tuning can unlock your BRZ's performance potential. By adjusting the fuel, ignition, and other engine parameters, a custom ECU tune can provide increased horsepower, torque, and improved fuel efficiency, ensuring that all of your performance upgrades are working in harmony to create a smoother, more powerful BRZ.


OverRev’s Subaru BRZ Air Intake Guide

Perrin Cold Air Intake

As you have read, upgrading the air intake system is a great step if you're looking to boost your Subaru BRZ's performance. We’ve covered a variety of air intake options available like the GrimmSpeed Cold Air Intake, Injen Evolution Intake, and Mishimoto Performance Air Intake, highlighting their unique features that can help improve your BRZ's engine performance. Investing in a high-quality air intake is a smart choice for any BRZ enthusiast, and we hope that this guide has made your next performance upgrade a little bit easier!

But wait, your journey towards making the ultimate Subaru BRZ doesn't end here! We have more insights in store for you in our other Subaru BRZ guides that can help you make your BRZ dreams a reality. Be sure to check out our tuning guides covering BRZ exhaust systems, aftermarket headers, and custom ECU tuning. These guides have been carefully crafted to help you get the most out of your Subaru and we hope that they can help you as much as this air intake guide did!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the average cost of a high-quality air intake for a Subaru BRZ?

High-quality air intakes range from $250 to $700.

How often should I clean or replace the air filter?

Because aftermarket air filters are designed to last significantly longer, we recommend following the manufacturer's service guidelines. An OEM air filter for the Subaru BRZ should be checked every 5k miles and serviced every 15-30k miles depending on your driving habits.

Is it legal to modify the air intake in my Subaru BRZ?

Laws vary by region and country, so we recommend checking your local regulations to ensure your BRZ stays road-legal.

Will upgrading my air intake void my Subaru warranty?

Installing an air intake shouldn't void your warranty, but we recommend confirming with your local Subaru dealer.

Can I install an air intake myself or should I go to a professional?

With basic tools and some car knowledge, it's a doable DIY project!

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