Boxer Burble - Your Guide To The Best Subaru BRZ Exhaust Systems

The Subaru BRZ is a throwback to the ethos of nimble, sports cars that we dreamed about being able to own growing up. Packing an FA24 flat-four engine with 228 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of torque, the BRZ offers thrills, reliability, and fuel efficiency in the perfect package. 

But what if you want to make your Subaru BRZ even better? One of the easiest ways to improve its performance is by upgrading the OEM exhaust system. Changing out the stock exhaust for a performance-focused cat-back exhaust system can make a big difference in how your BRZ performs and sounds.

In this blog post, we are going to walk you through choosing the perfect exhaust for your Subaru BRZ. Whether you own a 1st Gen Subaru BRZ (2013-2020) or the latest 2nd Gen Subaru BRZ (+2022), we’ve got you covered. From AWE to Revel to MAPerformance, we’ve reviewed the best BRZ exhaust systems on the market today.

Ready to find the best exhaust for your BRZ? Let’s get started!

Choosing The Best Subaru BRZ Exhausts

Ready to change out the stock exhaust on your Subaru BRZ? Great! You'll find a plethora of options out there, but not all exhaust systems are created equal. In this blog post, we've covered some of the best catback exhausts for the Subaru BRZ based on multiple factors, including sound quality, performance, durability, and price range. 

So get ready for a deep dive into the world of Subaru BRZ cat back exhausts as we help you find the cat back exhaust you’ve been searching for!

Revel Medallion Touring-S Dual Exit Cat-Back

Ready to elevate your ride with a new exhaust system that screams performance? The Revel Medallion Touring-S Dual Exit Cat-Back is a game-changer with its full SUS304 stainless steel construction and straight-through muffler design for a lighter, power-packed system. What sets it apart is the Advantex packing material that keeps the sound clean and deep while maximizing flow. You'll love the aggressive tone that stays under 93db, giving you the best of both worlds. Ready to transform how your BRZ’s engine sounds? Check out the Medallion Touring-S Dual Cat-Back Exhaust now!

GReddy Revolution RS Cat-Back Exhaust

Looking for an exhaust system that's both lightweight and performance-oriented? The GReddy Revolution RS Cat-Back Exhaust is your ticket to unbridled power gains and one of the best-sounding BRZ exhausts that'll make your heart race. This bad boy features full 3” diameter piping and a single-sided cat-back layout for maximum flow, coupled with a large GReddy resonator to keep the drone at bay. The attention to quality is next level, thanks to hand-welded 304 stainless steel construction. Don’t just take my word for it; feel the GReddy Revolution RS Cat-Back Exhaust difference for yourself!

Borla Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust

If weight savings and a boost in horsepower tickle your fancy, the Borla Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust has got you covered. This system uses patented XR-1 Multi-Core Technology and is 25% lighter than stock. You'll even gain an extra 4-6 WHP at 4700 rpm. It’s built with premium T-304 austenitic stainless steel for durability that's off the charts. Ready for a weight drop and a power upgrade? Shop the Borla Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust now!

ARK GRIP Stainless Cat-Back Exhaust

When it comes to performance and craftsmanship, the ARK GRIP Stainless Cat-Back Exhaust is a thing of beauty. Designed to maximize flow with mandrel-bent stainless steel piping, this system also promises a delightful aggressive tone. The Helmholtz Design even minimizes drone, making your ride as smooth as it is thrilling. Feel the difference with the ARK GRIP Stainless Cat-Back Exhaust; check it out now!

Remark R1-Spec Cat-Back Exhaust

Are you a track enthusiast looking for an exhaust system that keeps up with your adrenaline rush? The Remark R1-Spec Cat-Back Exhaust is specially designed for the hardcore racer in you. With full 2.5-inch piping, a large single 4.5-inch tip, and crafted as a single exit exhaust, this catback screams performance. Get your hands on a Remark R1-Spec Cat-Back Exhaust and dominate the track and street like never before!

HKS Hi-Power Single Exit Catback Exhaust

Stylish and efficient, the HKS Hi-Power Single Exit Catback Exhaust is for those who want it all. Its SUH409 stainless steel piping and SUS304 stainless steel muffler promise durability and performance gains. This exhaust system balances both power and improved exhaust tone, making it a win-win situation. Unleash the untapped potential of your BRZ with an HKS Hi-Power Single Exit Catback Exhaust today!

Tomei Expreme Ti Type-80 Cat Back Exhaust

When we talk about revolutionary designs in exhaust systems, the Tomei Expreme Ti Type-80 Cat Back Exhaust tops the list. This exhaust system is not just about good looks; it's about ultra-lightweight, high performance, and an exhaust note that will send shivers down your spine. What's more, it includes everything you need for a smooth installation. Rest assured you're getting the best in the business when you buy a Tomei Expreme Ti Type-80 Cat Back Exhaust!

Invidia N1 Cat-Back Exhaust

The Invidia N1 Cat-Back Exhaust promises performance gains you can feel. Designed with minimal bends for reduced turbulence, the Invidia N1 Exhaust allows your engine to breathe freely. Plus, the polished tips on premium mufflers make it as visually stunning as it is effective. Why settle for less when you can have the Invidia N1 Cat-Back Exhaust?

MAPerformance Catback Exhaust

Your search for the perfect blend of tone and performance ends with the MAPerformance Catback Exhaust. Engineered using 3" mandrel bent tubing of T304 Stainless Steel, this system enhances your driving experience with a rich exhaust tone while minimizing drag. Experience the MAPerformance Catback Exhaust difference and see why so many BRZ owners love this exhaust!

AWE Cat-Back Track Exhaust

If you're all about that deep, aggressive tone without any drone, the AWE Cat-Back Track Exhaust should be on your radar. This system uses patented 180 Technology to cancel out problematic frequencies, delivering a smooth and uninterrupted flow of power. And the best part? It’s all made in-house at AWE, in the USA. Ready to make your ride sound as good as it looks? Find your AWE Cat-Back Track Exhaust now!

Each of these exhaust systems has something unique to offer. Whether you’re all about power, aesthetics, or the sweet symphony of a well-tuned boxer engine, there’s something here for everyone. So why wait? Your Subaru BRZ dream exhaust is just a click away!

What Makes a Great Subaru BRZ Exhaust?

ARK Exhaust Subaru BRZ

So, you're itching to upgrade your exhaust system, but not sure what sets a great one apart from a just-okay one? Trust me, there's a lot to consider. I'm talking about factors like sound quality, better performance, and overall durability. Let's break it down.

Make Your Subaru BRZ Sound Better

Hey, who doesn't love the roar of a Subaru flat-4 engine? A great exhaust system can seriously elevate your driving experience. It's not just about noise; it's about the right kind of noise that makes your heartbeat a little faster. It can make you feel more connected to your car, making every drive an event, not just a chore.

What Makes A Great Sounding Subaru BRZ Exhaust?

Now, the sound isn't just magic; there's a science to it. Things like pipe diameter, material, and muffler design all play a role. Want a deep, throaty growl? Look for an exhaust with a large-diameter pipe. More into a high-pitched, race car-like whine? Smaller diameter pipes and certain types of mufflers can make that happen.

Stainless Steel or Titanium?

Your exhaust is going to be put through its paces, so it needs to be made of tough stuff. If you care about the long-term durability of your exhaust, we recommend you consider either stainless steel or titanium exhaust setups. Stainless steel is a crowd favorite for good reason; it's durable and resistant to rust, basically a set-it-and-forget-it material. Titanium, on the other hand, is a high-performance option that's lighter and equally tough but tends to be pricier. Both are solid choices, just depending on what you're willing to invest in.

Service Life

Think long-term, people! A quality exhaust system is an investment. Opt for the best materials and craftsmanship you can afford. This way, you're not stuck replacing parts frequently or dealing with corrosion issues because you bought a low-quality exhaust system for cheap.

Subaru BRZ Catback Exhaust Performance

Adding More Horsepower

When we talk about upgrading to performance exhaust, what we're talking about is improving the exhaust flow from your engine. Think of it like this: your engine is like a big air pump—the more efficiently you can move air in and out of it, the better it performs. With a less restrictive exhaust system, you're allowing spent gasses to exit the engine more easily. This reduces back pressure and allows the engine to produce more power. These aren't just theoretical horsepower gains either; you'll feel a noticeable "kick" when you step on the gas. Especially in a car like the Subaru BRZ, which is all about that agile, sporty performance, those extra ponies can level up your driving experience.

Better Low-End Torque

If you find the Subaru BRZ's FA24 engine lacking in the low-end torque department, exhaust upgrades can be a real game-changer. It improves exhaust flow, adding a bit of torque just where you need it most — in those low and mid-range RPMs. You'll feel the extra "oomph" during acceleration whenever you hit the gas. Want to up the ante even more? Be sure to pair your new catback exhaust with an aftermarket header. This combo will improve exhaust flow even more, making your BRZ not just quicker, but even more enjoyable to drive.

How To Install Your New BRZ Exhaust

DIY vs. Professional Installation

Okay, you've picked the perfect exhaust and you're eager to install it on your Subaru. Now comes the million-dollar question: to DIY or not to DIY? If you've got the skills, tools, and patience, doing it yourself can be rewarding and help you save some cash. But let's be real, if you've never changed your oil, it may be better to let the pros handle the installation.

Basic Steps for Exhaust Installation

  • Safety First: Always wear protective gear and make sure your car is securely lifted on jack stands.
  • Remove Old Exhaust: Loosen the clamps and hangers, and carefully remove the old system.
  • Check New Parts: Before you start the installation, double-check to make sure you've got all the new parts.
  • Line It Up: Position the new exhaust under your car and loosely attach it with the new clamps and hangers.
  • Tighten 'Em Up: Once everything's aligned, tighten all the clamps and bolts, but not too tight; you don't want to strip anything.

Common Issues to Avoid During Installation

  • Wrong Parts: Double-check you have all the parts you need before you start the installation.
  • Improper Alignment: If you rush the installation and don't align your exhaust correctly, you might end up with performance issues or a damaged exhaust system.
  • Over-Tightening: Be sure to torque your hardware to spec, ensuring that your exhaust is sealed correctly and not overtightened.

OverRev’s Subaru BRZ Catback Exhaust Guide

Modified Blue Subaru BRZ
"Shawn's BRZ 8" by Anthony dela Merced is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Thanks for sticking around and reading our BRZ Exhaust Guide! We've covered a lot, from what makes an exhaust awesome to how to install one. Whether you're looking at the GReddy Revolution RS Cat-Back Exhaust or the Invidia N1 Cat-Back Exhaust, each has unique features that could make your BRZ truly shine. Don't forget to check out our complete BRZ tuning guide, intake guide, header guide, and more BRZ content to help you modify your ride!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will installing a new exhaust void my Subaru BRZ's warranty?

Not necessarily, but you should check your BRZ's warranty terms to be sure. Some dealerships are more lenient than others.

Is it legal to modify my BRZ's exhaust system?

It's crucial to check your state's laws. Some aftermarket exhausts might mess with your BRZ's emissions, making it illegal to drive in certain states.

How do I choose the right exhaust for my BRZ?

Think about what you're aiming for a more aggressive sound, more horsepower and torque, or maybe better durability. There are BRZ-specific exhausts that cater to each of these needs.

What kind of maintenance does a new BRZ exhaust system require?

A quick visual check every few months and some occasional bolt tightening should keep your BRZ's exhaust system humming.

Are there exhausts made just for the Subaru BRZ?

Absolutely! Several brands offer exhausts that are a direct fit for the BRZ, designed to optimize performance and exhaust sound.

What's the price range for a Subaru BRZ exhaust?

You're looking at anywhere from a few hundred bucks for a basic setup, to over a thousand for something more high-end.

Should I retune my BRZ after installing a new exhaust?

It's a smart move if you're chasing those performance gains. A retune helps your BRZ's engine adapt to the new exhaust setup.

Will a new exhaust improve my BRZ's fuel efficiency?

A performance exhaust can slightly increase your fuel efficiency by making the engine breathe easier.

Can I slap a universal exhaust on my BRZ?

You could, but why settle? BRZ-specific exhausts offer a better fit and are usually optimized for your car's performance.

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