Low Life - Your Guide To The Best Subaru BRZ Lowering Springs

The Subaru BRZ, with its low weight, rev-happy engine, and precise handling, is one of the best driver's cars under $30k. As a pure sports car, the BRZ begs to be pushed hard through corners and enjoyed on your favorite back roads. Its excellent balance and ability to easily change direction make it an ideal platform for modifications and performance upgrades.

One of the simplest yet most effective upgrades for BRZ owners is installing a set of lowering springs. By subtly reducing ride height, quality aftermarket lowering springs lower the BRZ's center of gravity for increased grip and better control. The stiffer spring rates counter body roll for quicker turn-in and sharper transitions. Lowering the suspension also gives your Subaru BRZ an even more athletic, hunkered-down stance. 

With the right set of quality lowering springs, you can take the BRZ's impressive handling dynamics to an even higher level without compromising comfort and usability. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to choose lowering springs that strike the ideal balance of aesthetics and performance for your BRZ.

The Best Lowering Springs for Your Subaru BRZ

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The following lowering spring reviews focus on some of the best options available for the Subaru BRZ. We selected these particular springs based on quality, performance, popularity within the BRZ community, and value. The springs featured offer a range of drop heights and spring rates to suit different driving needs, from daily drivers to track days.

Swift SPEC-R Sport Lowering Springs

Swift SPEC-R Sport Lowering Springs

Swift's SPEC-R Sport springs optimize traction and suspension performance through reduced ride height and increased spring rates to enhance cornering speeds and handling precision. The linear spring rates improve handling balance and road feedback while the lowered center of gravity and optimized suspension geometry maximize traction and control. With fronts lowered 1.1 inches and rears lowered 1 inch, Swift SPEC-R Sport springs deliver noticeable handling gains and an aggressive stance for BRZ owners wanting maximized performance.

RS-R Super Down Lowering Springs

RS-R Super Down Lowering Springs
RS-R Super Down Lowering Springs

With a moderate drop of 1.2-1.4 inches, the RS-R Super Down lowering springs lower your BRZ’s center of gravity to provide noticeable handling improvements and improved cornering grip without compromising ride quality. Their stiffer spring rates reduce body roll for flatter, more responsive cornering while maintaining the factory suspension geometry for balanced performance. For BRZ owners seeking better performance with a lowered stance, the RS-R Super Down springs deliver quality construction and impressive performance benefits.

ARK GT-F Lowering Springs

ARK GT-F Lowering Springs
ARK GT-F Lowering Springs

Designed to work with the BRZ's stock shocks, ARK's GT-F lowering springs lower your suspension and improve performance by improving steering response, cornering grip, and reducing body roll. With a drop of 1 inch in the front and 1.2 inches in the rear, the ARK GT-F lowering springs subtly enhance the BRZ's look while ensuring a comfortable ride. The ARK GT-F springs offer BRZ owners an easy, affordable way to upgrade your suspension without breaking the bank.

Skunk2 Lowering Springs

Skunk2 Lowering Springs
Skunk2 Lowering Springs

Skunk2's lowering springs provide notable performance improvements for Subaru BRZ owners looking for a price-friendly upgrade. They lower the center of gravity by 1.4 inches in the front and 1.6 inches in the rear, improving handling and increasing cornering grip. The progressive spring rates reduce squatting and nose-diving while maintaining a comfortable ride. Precision-engineered using CNC-wound, high-strength steel, these springs strike an ideal balance between performance and daily drivability. For BRZ owners wanting moderate lowering paired with race-ready handling, Skunk2 lowering springs are an excellent option.

Suspension Techniques Lowering Springs

Suspension Techniques Lowering Springs
Suspension Techniques Lowering Springs

Suspension Techniques created their BRZ lowering springs with a focus on real-world performance. These springs feature a mild drop of 1 inch front and 0.8 inches rear along with precise spring rates that improve handling without sacrificing ride quality. Made from durable high-tensile steel with a signature yellow powder coat, these springs deliver great value for owners on a budget. For BRZ owners wanting to improve handling and ride height, Suspension Techniques lowering springs are a great choice!

D2 Racing Lowering Springs

D2 Racing Lowering Springs
D2 Racing Lowering Springs

With an aggressive drop of 1.75 inches front and 1.25 inches rear, D2 Racing's springs will transform your BRZ's stance and handling prowess. The progressive spring rates maintain a composed ride despite the lower ride height, helping keep your suspension planted through corners. Built to strict quality standards and backed by a lifetime warranty, D2 Racing lowering springs offer BRZ owners serious performance gains and head-turning style at a fair price.

FactionFab F-Spec Performance Lowering Springs

FactionFab F-Spec Performance Lowering Springs
FactionFab F-Spec Performance Lowering Springs

FactionFab's F-Spec lowering springs artfully balance form and function. The mild drop of 1-inch front and 0.8-inch rear improves your BRZ’s stance while the linear spring rate improves handling and grip without sacrificing daily comfort. Made in America and thoroughly track-tested, the Faction Fab F-Spec springs deliver better suspension performance for BRZ owners looking for an easy suspension upgrade.

Whiteline Lowering Spring Kit

Whiteline Lowering Spring Kit
Whiteline Lowering Spring Kit

Whiteline's lowering springs improve your BRZ’s driving dynamics by using progressive spring rates coupled with a lowered suspension. The springs improve responsiveness, grip, and control while maintaining a composed ride. Carefully tuned for the ZC6, these sport springs enhance body rigidity and inspire more confidence behind the wheel. With quality materials and precise tolerances, Whiteline lowering springs offer better performance and peace of mind backed by a limited lifetime warranty. For BRZ owners wanting balanced, razor-sharp handling from their BRZ, Whiteline is an ideal choice when it comes to lowering springs

Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Spring Kit

Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs Kit
Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Spring Kit

Eibach's Pro-Kit lowering springs offer a dialed-in suspension setup while also improving your BRZ’s aesthetic. They lower the BRZ 1-inch front and rear for a hunkered-down look while the progressive spring rates reduce squat, roll, and dive for better handling and grip. Retaining everyday comfort backed by Eibach's million-mile warranty, these Eibach lowering springs offer BRZ owners measurable gains in both control and style.

Megan Racing Lowering Springs

Megan Racing Lowering Springs
Megan Racing Lowering Springs

Megan Racing's BRZ lowering springs combine a lowered stance with a notable suspension upgrade. Front springs lower the car by 1.75 inches while the rears lower it by 1.25 inches for neck-breaking looks. The stiffer spring rates significantly reduce body roll for much flatter, more precise cornering, offering performance that blows the stock springs out of the water. For BRZ owners wanting a lowered stance with race-ready handling, Megan Racing's springs deliver a complete suspension upgrade.

What Are Lowering Springs?

Lowering springs are designed to lower your vehicle's ride height by reducing the space between the wheels and the chassis. They replace your stock springs, reducing ground clearance and lowering the center of gravity. This improves your BRZ’s handling and steering response. Lowering springs also give your car a lower, sportier aesthetic, helping set it apart from the average Subaru BRZ you see rolling down the street.

How Do Lowering Springs Work?

Lowering springs work by combining a shorter spring length and higher spring rate compared to stock springs. The shorter length lowers the ride height, bringing the car closer to the ground, and helping lower the center of gravity for improved handling. The stiffer spring rate reduces body roll during cornering for flatter, more precise handling. Together, the lowered ride height and increased spring rate optimize performance by reducing body roll, quickening turn-in, and improving overall handling and responsiveness.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Lowering Springs

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Coilovers vs Lowering Springs

Coilovers allow ride height adjustment and independent tuning of compression and rebound damping. Lowering springs provide a fixed lowered ride height and use your stock struts. Coilovers offer the ability to fine-tune your suspension but are more expensive. Lowering springs offer an affordable option focused on lowering your BRZ while improving suspension performance to a degree.

How Low Do You Want To Go?

Consider how much you want to lower your Subaru BRZ and how much wheel gap you want to get rid of. We recommend measuring the stock ride height and researching how much any specific lowering springs will lower your BRZ. Lowering springs around 1.5 inches is a moderate drop, while 2+ inches is considered an aggressive drop. Make sure your wheels accommodate the lower ride height before test driving, you may need to roll and pull the fenders if you have an aggressive wheel setup.

Buy High-Quality Springs 

High-quality springs provide a precise drop in ride height without compromising ride quality or creating new suspension issues. We recommend choosing springs that are made of strong steel alloys that resist flexing under high loads. A set of quality springs are meant to enhance performance for the long haul.

How Much Should You Spend?

Lowering springs are an inexpensive but highly effective suspension mod. Budget-friendly options from reputable brands start around $200-$350. With proper installation, they deliver great performance per dollar spent.

What Makes A Good Lowering Spring?

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Better Suspension Performance

Quality lowering springs are engineered to work in harmony with the BRZ's suspension geometry and shocks, reducing body roll for flatter cornering and increased grip without compromising ride quality. Progressive spring rates balance performance and comfort, with improved handling and steering response on the street or track.

Excellent Durability

The best BRZ lowering springs are made from strong, durable steel alloys that resist flexing and won't sag over time. They feature powder-coated finishes to prevent corrosion and come with comprehensive warranties. High-quality standards during manufacturing and testing ensure springs will deliver lasting performance for years to come.

Improved Aesthetic

Quality lowering springs give your BRZ an aggressive, lowered stance. Drops of 1-2 inches reduce wheel well gaps for a sportier, more aggressive look. The lowered center of gravity also accentuates the BRZ's fenders for an athletic, performance-oriented appearance.

How To Install Subaru BRZ Lowering Springs

Installing lowering springs requires having the proper tools available. Here are the basic tools you'll need for DIY installation:

  • Floor jack and jack stands
  • Basic hand tools
  • Torque wrench 
  • Alignment tools 
  • Safety equipment 

These tools will allow you to safely and effectively install lowering springs on your BRZ. Be sure to use the factory service manual for reference during the process. An automotive lift makes the installation easier but is not essential. Take all necessary safety precautions to ensure you stay safe and that it's a seamless install.

More Subaru BRZ Performance Mods

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Subaru BRZ Coilovers

Coilovers are an alternative to lowering springs, allowing you to dial in ride height and damping. They offer further handling gains but ride harsher in comparison. Lowering springs are simpler and more cost-effective for basic lowering and performance improvement. For serious track use, coilovers are a better option.

Subaru BRZ Air Intakes

Aftermarket air intakes like short ram or cold air intakes improve power delivery. More airflow means more horsepower and torque. Lowering springs enhance handling while air intakes focus on power gains. Combined, and air intake and lowering springs offer well-rounded performance improvements.

Subaru BRZ Catback Exhausts

A cat-back exhaust system reduces back pressure for power gains. Pairing a performance exhaust with lowering springs balances handling and power upgrades. Exhausts also enhance the BRZ's sound - an ideal complement to the aggressive lowered stance from quality springs.

OverRev’s Subaru BRZ Lowering Springs Guide

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Thank you for reading our comprehensive lowering springs guide! We hope you've found it helpful when it comes to learning about how quality springs can upgrade your BRZ's performance and appearance. Remember to check out our other in-depth guides on coilovers, intakes, and exhausts for the BRZ - covering more ways to get the most out of your Subaru both on and off the track.

The BRZ's responsive chassis and precision handling make it an incredible platform for upgrades and customization. Lowering springs are just one starting point for tuning your BRZ to match your driving style and vision. We take pride in equipping enthusiasts like you with the knowledge to create your ideal BRZ build. We're always happy to answer questions and help fellow BRZ owners build the perfect ride. Remember to stay safe and happy-wrenching!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can lowering springs damage my Subaru BRZ?

Quality springs designed specifically for the BRZ will not damage it when properly installed. 

Avoid excessively stiff springs and extreme drops that can hinder performance and drivability.

How much does it typically cost to install lowering springs?

Parts cost $200-$400 for quality springs. Add $100-$200 labor for professional installation. DIY installs just require basic tools and an alignment.

Will lowering springs void my Subaru BRZ’s warranty?

Lowering springs alone typically don't void the factory warranty. However, damage from an improper installation can void suspension component coverage. Use reputable brand springs and have a shop install them to be safe.

How often should I replace my lowering springs?

Quality steel lowering springs will last many years and tens of thousands of miles, with no replacement needed as long as the ride height hasn't changed.

What is the difference between coilovers and lowering springs?

Coilovers are adjustable for damping and ride height. Lowering springs provide a static drop. Coilovers allow more customization but are costlier and harsher for daily driving.

What tools do you need to install lowering springs?

Basic hand tools - floor jack, jack stands, wrenches, torque wrench. An automotive lift makes the installation easier but isn't essential.

Are lowering springs worth it?

For their low cost and transformative impact on performance and aesthetics, quality-lowering springs are a very worthwhile upgrade for most BRZ owners.

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