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The Subaru BRZ's razor-sharp handling and high-revving boxer engine deliver an unrivaled driving experience. But what if you could take it to the next level? A simple upgrade like a lightweight performance flywheel can unlock your BRZ's true potential, making every drive even more enjoyable than the last! 

A performance flywheel allows your Subaru BRZ to rev faster than you’ve ever imagined, taking full advantage of your FA20’s full powerband. After installing the perfect lightweight flywheel, you can take full advantage of your BRZ’s fun factor and connect directly to the engine’s unrestrained power! In this article, we will explore the best Subaru BRZ flywheels on the market today and help you select the perfect flywheel upgrade to unleash your BRZ’s hidden performance potential.

Choosing The Best Subaru BRZ Lightweight Flywheels

We compiled a list of the best BRZ flywheels based on real-world performance, quality construction, pricing, and owner feedback. Several key factors were taken into consideration including performance, weight reduction, materials used, durability, and Subaru BRZ owner reviews. Our list includes some of the biggest names in the industry and offers Steel, Aluminum, and Chromoly construction so you can find the perfect flywheel for your setup!


ACT XACT Streetlite Flywheel

ACT XACT Streetlite Flywheel Subaru BRZ
ACT XACT Streetlite Flywheel

The ACT XACT Streetlite Flywheel is an excellent choice for BRZ owners looking to improve throttle response and acceleration. This single-mass chromoly flywheel weighs 11.17 lbs, considerably lighter than the OEM dual-mass unit. The reduction in weight and rotating mass delivers quicker engine revs and improved power delivery throughout the RPM range. ACT optimized the distribution of materials in the Streetlite for maximum strength, rigidity, and heat tolerance - crucial for the BRZ's high-revving engine. For BRZ owners wanting better engine response without sacrificing durability, the ACT XACT Streetlite Flywheel is a great upgrade.


SPEC Aluminum Flywheel

SPEC Aluminum Flywheel Subaru BRZ
SPEC Aluminum Flywheel

For BRZ owners seeking a balance of affordability and quality, the SPEC Aluminum Flywheel is a great choice. Weighing 10.1 lbs, this lightweight aluminum flywheel reduces rotating mass for quicker revs and better throttle response compared to stock. SPEC manufactures its aluminum flywheels from top-grade aluminum with precise tolerances for smooth, balanced performance that improves engine performance. For budget-conscious enthusiasts wanting noticeable gains in throttle feel without compromising reliability, SPEC's Aluminum Flywheel delivers excellent bang for the buck.


McLeod Aluminum Flywheel

McLeod Aluminum Flywheel Subaru BRZ
McLeod Aluminum Flywheel

The McLeod Aluminum Flywheel allows BRZ owners to shed significant rotating weight for quicker revs and improved acceleration. CNC-machined from lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum, this flywheel weighs only 8.8 lbs - nearly half the mass of the stock dual-mass flywheel. The McLeod aluminum flywheel is ideal for high-horsepower BRZ builds and track setups where durability is key. For BRZ owners wanting maximum weight reduction and willing to sacrifice some comfort, the McLeod Aluminum Flywheel is a top performer.


XClutch Chromoly Flywheel

XClutch Chromoly Flywheel Subaru BRZ
XClutch Chromoly Flywheel

The XClutch Chromoly Flywheel is a lightweight yet durable upgrade for the BRZ. Weighing just 11.17 lbs, it cuts rotating mass substantially compared to the stock dual mass unit for quicker revs and improved throttle response. The chromoly construction offers an excellent strength-to-weight ratio for performance applications while still being resistant to heat damage. XClutch CNC machines each flywheel to precise tolerances and includes an integrated chromoly ring gear for reliability. For BRZ owners focused on track days or aggressive street driving, the XClutch Chromoly Flywheel delivers lightweight performance without sacrificing durability.


Competition Clutch Forged Steel Flywheel

Competition Clutch Forged Steel Flywheel Subaru BRZ
Competition Clutch Forged Steel Flywheel

The Competition Clutch Forged Steel Flywheel provides BRZ owners with a strong, lightweight flywheel option at an affordable price. The 4140 forged steel construction offers a 15-25% weight reduction over stock while retaining incredible strength and heat tolerance for aggressive street driving and track days. Competition Clutch dynamically balances each flywheel for smooth operation up to redline, ensuring peak performance. For owners looking to pair their new performance clutch kit with a lightweight flywheel, the Competition Clutch Forged Steel Flywheel maintains excellent drivability while improving your BRZ’s engine response.


Action Clutch ACR Chromoly Flywheel

Action Clutch ACR Chromoly Flywheel Subaru BRZ
Action Clutch ACR Chromoly Flywheel

Action Clutch's ACR Chromoly Flywheel is designed to shed significant rotating weight for BRZ owners wanting better throttle response. Manufactured from durable chromoly steel, it weighs 40-60% less than the factory dual-mass flywheel. The chromoly construction offers high heat resistance for performance driving while resisting corrosion on the street. Action Clutch specifically engineers the ACR flywheels to reduce rotational inertia and deliver quicker revs across the RPM range. The flywheels are rigorously tested to 15,000+ RPM to ensure strength. While you may notice some gear rattle at idle, the Action Clutch ACR Chromoly Flywheel provides incredible performance for the price.

Exedy Racing Chromoly Flywheel

Exedy Racing Chromoly Flywheel

Exedy's Chromoly Flywheel combines low weight, low inertia, and high thermal capacity perfect for tuned BRZs chasing faster lap times. Weighing just 12.7 lbs, it offers substantial rotating mass reduction over stock for faster revs and response. The chromoly construction is heat-treated for strength and durability in high RPM racing conditions. Exedy flywheels are designed with integrated ring gears to prevent slippage or separation failures, backed by extensive engineering tests up to 18,000 RPM and an SFI certification for sanctioned competition. For BRZ owners pushing their car to the limit at the track or on their favorite backroad, the Exedy Chromoly Flywheel delivers rock-solid performance.


Dual Mass vs Single Mass Flywheels

There are two main types of flywheels used in the Subaru BRZ - single-mass and dual-mass flywheels.

Single-mass flywheels are made of a single disc of metal. They are simpler and weigh less than dual-mass flywheels. Reduced weight improves engine response and allows the engine to rev quickly. Single mass flywheels like the ACT StreetLite are popular upgrades for BRZ owners looking to sharpen throttle response for track days or autocross. The downside is that single-mass flywheels increase NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) making the ride less comfortable. 

Dual-mass flywheels have an inner and outer mass separated by a damping mechanism. This design isolates engine vibrations better for a smoother operation. OEM BRZ flywheels are dual mass since they prioritize daily drivability. For most BRZ owners looking to preserve the stock ride comfort, we recommend sticking with the OEM flywheel for daily driving comfort. 

What To Consider When Upgrading Your Flywheel

When shopping for a BRZ flywheel upgrade, there are several factors to consider that will impact your selection.


Flywheels for the Subaru BRZ range from around $200 on the low end up to $500 for top-tier options. More affordable flywheels can still provide good performance improvements over the stock unit. As you move up in price, materials and construction quality tend to improve, offering increased durability and maximum gains. However, you don’t have to spend big to notice a difference. Even budget friendly  flywheels reduce rotating mass compared to stock and can liven up the engine’s response. With some research, you can find a quality flywheel upgrade tailored to your BRZ within almost any budget range.

Performance Requirements

Figuring out if you’re going to be driving your BRZ on the street vs the track is half the battle when it comes to choosing the ideal flywheel. For casual street use, a dual mass flywheel like the OEM Subaru unit will retain good drivability and comfort. Single-mass flywheels are ideal for aggressive street driving or track days because of the sharper throttle response but will increase NVH and can make street driving a chore. Make sure the flywheel matches where you drive your car the most and if you can live with some of the trade-offs of a lighter flywheel.

Material Type

Most performance flywheels are made of billet steel, aluminum, or chromoly. Steel is the most common for its strength and durability. Aluminum is lighter but not as strong over time. Chromoly flywheels strike a balance with steel-level strength but lighter weight. Material impacts the flywheel's weight, durability, and cost.


Given the BRZ's high-revving engine, the service life of your next flywheel should be important too. Look for flywheels designed specifically for the FA20 and FA24 that are able to hold up to aggressive use. Quality gear teeth, balanced construction, and hardened ring gears help maximize flywheel durability and prevent premature wear. This ensures reliable performance and saves the hassle of premature replacement.

We recommend considering all these factors to select the ideal flywheel for your budget, needs, and driving style. An lightweight flywheel will transform your engine's character and deliver the exhilarating performance you expect from your BRZ.


How to Install a Flywheel in Subaru BRZ

Installing an aftermarket flywheel in your BRZ requires some mechanical skill and special tools. Be sure to use a factory service manual for step-by-step instructions and torque specs on your specific model year. 

Generally, you'll need basic hand tools, a torque wrench, a transmission jack, and a flywheel locking tool. With the transmission removed, you can unbolt the old flywheel and install the new one using a dial indicator to check for runout during tightening. Take care not to damage the mating surfaces during the swap. 

Once fully secured, reinstall the transmission and refill fluids. Have a shop double-check your work if unsure. Be patient and work methodically to avoid errors during this critical drivetrain procedure.


Supporting Mods For Your Subaru BRZ

Action Clutch Stage 2 Kevlar Clutch Kit Subaru BRZ

To maximize the performance of your new flywheel, consider pairing it with these supporting power upgrades:

Subaru BRZ Clutches

A high-performance clutch is essential to handle the increased power enabled by a lightweight flywheel. Upgraded clutches like the Mcleod Street Supreme Clutch Kit offer a stronger clamping force for hard launches while retaining good street manners. Match your new flywheel to an appropriate clutch that complements the engine setup.

Subaru BRZ Short Shifters

Short shifters enhance the already excellent BRZ transmission with tighter, more precise shifts. Reduced throw shortens shift times for quicker acceleration when combined with a new flywheel. Brands like IRP and Billetworkz offer quality short shifter options for all BRZ model years.

Subaru BRZ Catback Exhausts

A catback exhaust system improves power by reducing the backpressure produced by exhaust gasses. When paired with a lightweight flywheel, a performance exhaust can help the engine produce more usable power across the entire rev range. Brands like Invidia and Borla offer high-quality exhaust systems that will liven up your BRZ's exhaust note as well.

Pairing your flywheel upgrade with these supporting mods will maximize your Subaru’s performance potential and make every drive even more fun.


OverRev’s Subaru BRZ Flywheel Guide

Modified Blue Subaru BRZ
"Shawn's BRZ 10" by Anthony dela Merced is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

In this guide, we've covered the integral role of the flywheel when it comes to your Subaru BRZ's engine performance and compared the best flywheel options from brands like ACT, SPEC, and McLeod. Upgrading your drivetrain with a lightweight flywheel can completely transform how your BRZ drives and is highly recommended if you enjoy any type of spirited driving on the street or at the track!

We hope this guide has helped you understand BRZ flywheel upgrades and narrow down the best choice for your needs and budget. Be sure to check out our other in-depth BRZ mod guides covering clutches, exhausts, shifters, and more in the future. Happy wrenching!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the signs of a failing flywheel?

Potential signs of a worn flywheel include vibrations at idle, gear rattle noise, slipping clutch, loss of power, and reduced fuel economy. Have a mechanic inspect the flywheel if you notice any of these symptoms.

How often should I replace the flywheel in my Subaru BRZ?

In most cases, the OEM BRZ flywheel can last up to 100k miles before needing replacement. Aggressive driving and high-horsepower builds may require replacement sooner. Inspect regularly and replace once worn.

Are lightweight flywheels better for performance?

Yes, lightweight flywheels improve throttle response and acceleration by reducing rotational inertia. This allows the engine to rev more quickly. They are ideal for tuned BRZs focused on performance.

How can I improve the lifespan of my Subaru BRZ flywheel?

Follow the maintenance schedule, allow the engine to fully warm up before hard revs, install a heat shield, upgrade the clutch for built engines, and avoid excessive slippage to maximize flywheel life.