The Subaru BRZ already packs a punch with its agile handling, high-revving engine, and budget-friendly rear-wheel-drive setup. But what if you're craving that extra oomph from your naturally aspirated FA20 or FA24 boxer engine? Enter the world of superchargers—a game-changer that can skyrocket your BRZ's thrill factor to new heights.

Supercharging works by cramming more oxygen-rich air into the combustion chamber, allowing your engine to unleash its full potential, especially at those higher RPMs. Imagine adding an extra 100 horsepower or even more to your BRZ and completely changing the way it drives!

If you’re looking to add a supercharger to your Subaru BRZ don’t worry, we've done the legwork for you! We’ve sifted through all available supercharger kits for the Subaru BRZ, highlighting the best of the best to ensure you won't be disappointed. Our comprehensive guide evaluates each kit based on horsepower, dependability, installation, and real-world BRZ owners' feedback. So buckle up and read on to discover the ultimate supercharger kits that will redefine your BRZ's performance capabilities!

Choosing The Best Subaru BRZ Supercharger Kits

When considering a supercharger setup for your BRZ, some of the key factors you should consider include performance, reliability, install difficulty, and cost. We poured over BRZ forums and owner's reviews to find the most recommended kits that deliver boost reliably. The following choices are the best supercharger kits on the market today and are an amazing upgrade for BRZ owners looking to supercharge their ZC6.

Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger Kit

Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger Kit Subaru BRZ
Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger Kit

Looking for neck-snapping acceleration? Then check out Edelbrock’s supercharger kit and get ready to transform your BRZ! This SC setup uses an inverted Eaton TVS rotor for maximum boost efficiency. A custom intake with long runners injects that sweet forced induction at redline while the daily drivability of your BRZ remains the same. With pre-formed hoses ensuring an easy install and a self-contained oiling system for the supercharger, you’ll be hitting the ground running with a major power increase by the end of a weekend in the garage. A custom EcuTek tune also optimizes power delivery and eliminates the pesky mid-range woes. If you're looking for a complete supercharger setup that can take your BRZ to the moon, then look no further than the Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger Kit.

Vortech V-3 Supercharger Kit

Vortech V-3 Supercharger Kit Subaru BRZ
Vortech V-3 Supercharger Kit

Elevate your BRZ's performance with Vortech's V3 Supercharger Kit. This state-of-the-art centrifugal supercharger offers an impressive 294 horsepower and 210 lb-ft of torque, far surpassing stock power levels. With Vortech's long-standing reputation for engineering top-notch supercharger kits, you can rest assured that you're investing in quality and reliability. The kit is also 50-state emissions compliant, ensuring you meet legal standards nationwide. Its advanced compressor housing and air-to-water cooling system keep intake temperatures exceptionally low, ensuring reliable performance on and off the track. You can say goodbye to wanting more power in your BRZ; this kit delivers instant power at the mere touch of your gas pedal. For a comprehensive solution designed to supercharge any BRZ with dependable, efficient forced induction, the Vortech V3 Supercharger Kit truly delivers.

HKS GT V3 Supercharger Kit

HKS GT V3 Supercharger Kit Subaru BRZ
HKS GT V3 Supercharger Kit

HKS has shaken things up with their HKS GT V3 Supercharger Kit, giving your BRZ unrestricted airflow for maximum power gains. The larger inlet and pulley diameter optimize boost efficiency to serve up instant acceleration whenever you tap the gas. We’re talking a mid-range power punch so impressive that’ll make a pro boxer blush. And with the HKS’ custom tunes, you can choose your octane flavor: 91 pump gas or E85. The included Flash Editor lets you customize your boost settings for either 91 octane or E85 fuel, ensuring a relentless rush of power that will have you glued to your seat. As you marvel at the jaw-dropping speed and feel the g-forces, remember that HKS engineered this system for nothing short of extraordinary performance. For relentless power from idle to redline, the HKS GT V3 Supercharger Kit delivers on all fronts.

Jackson Racing C38 Supercharger Kit

Jackson Racing C38 Supercharger Kit Subaru BRZ
Jackson Racing C38 Supercharger Kit

The Jackson Racing’s C38 Supercharger Kit locks and loads your BRZ/FR-S with a dose of neck-snapping performance. Their Rotrex C38 traction drive compressor packs an eye-watering 50% more horsepower and 45% more torque. Extensive R&D ensures buttery-smooth power delivery and daily drivability. This CARB-legal supercharger kit also includes an intercooler, piping, and race-ready tune as well. With the Rotrex C38’s bulletproof oiling system, you can relax knowing the steady supply of boost will never quit. If you want a supercharger kit engineered to OEM perfection, trust Jackson Racing’s proven expertise.

Sprintex 210 Twin Screw Supercharger Kit

Sprintex 210 Twin Screw Supercharger Subaru BRZ
Sprintex 210 Twin Screw Supercharger Kit

Sprintex’s 210 Twin Screw Supercharger Kit breathes life into your BRZ with instant low-end torque and impressive top-end power. Its unique twin-screw supercharger design means minimal maintenance every 30k miles. Sprintex engineered their SC kit to perfectly retain the OEM airbox and MAF sensor, making sure you can still use your aftermarket air intake for even more performance. The factory-smooth power comes thanks to the highly efficient, low-heat operation, ensuring OEM-spec reliability. Whether you're looking to build a fun weekend car, a reliable daily with some extra power, or a full-on-track prepped monster, the Sprintex Supercharger Kit gives your right foot instant gratification at every RPM.

Kraftwerks C30-94 Supercharger Kit

Kraftwerks C30-94 Supercharger Kit Subaru BRZ
Kraftwerks C30-94 Supercharger Kit

Kraftwerks C30-94 Supercharger Kit is here to launch your Subaru BRZ into another stratosphere with a roots-style supercharger setup. The Rotrex traction drive mounts away from the heat of your engine, ensuring reliability for the long haul. An independent belt system eliminates slip, while the ingenious cold-air intake feeds cool air to your engine. Coupled with an intercooler and integrated bypass valve, expect an impressive 80+whp on pump gas or up to 125+whp on E85 when you hit the dyno. Plus, the self-contained oiling system in the supercharger means minimal servicing during ownership. For reliable power gains, CARB compliance, and bulletproof engineering, the Kraftwerks’ C30-94 Supercharger Kit offers performance that will blow the doors off your BRZ.

Should You Supercharge Your BRZ?

Supercharging compresses the intake air before it enters the engine, packing more oxygen into the combustion chambers. This lets the engine produce more power across the rpm range. Superchargers use a belt-drive system powered by the crankshaft, ensuring reliable operation.

Supercharging vs Turbocharging

While both are forced induction systems, superchargers and turbochargers work differently. Superchargers have instant boost and no lag because of how they deliver power. Turbos take time to spool as they build boost but can achieve higher peak boost levels. Superchargers have fewer heat issues and are generally simpler, while turbos are more efficient but get hotter at higher rpms. Both are great options if you're looking for a big power increase and simply deliver power in different ways.

Benefits of Supercharging Your Subaru BRZ

  • Increased Power - Superchargers can boost BRZ power by 50% or more! This transforms acceleration.
  • Better Throttle Response - Superchargers provide instant boost rather than turbo lag. Throttle inputs feel sharper.
  • More Enjoyable Driving Experience - More power across the rpm range makes the BRZ more fun to drive on both street and track.

Benefits of Supercharging Your Subaru BRZ

  • Increased Power - Superchargers can boost BRZ power by 50% or more! This transforms acceleration.
  • Better Throttle Response - Superchargers provide instant boost rather than turbo lag. Throttle inputs feel sharper.
  • More Enjoyable Driving Experience - More power across the rpm range makes the BRZ more fun to drive on both street and track.

Benefits of Supercharging Your Subaru BRZ

  • Increased Power - Superchargers can boost BRZ power by 50% or more! This transforms acceleration.
  • Better Throttle Response - Superchargers provide instant boost rather than turbo lag. Throttle inputs feel sharper.
  • More Enjoyable Driving Experience - More power across the rpm range makes the BRZ more fun to drive on both street and track.

How Much Does It Cost To Supercharge A Subaru BRZ

Hand Holding 100 dollar bills

Choosing to supercharge your Subaru BRZ includes both upfront and ongoing maintenance costs. Complete supercharger kits range from approximately $4,000 for budget setups to $7,000 for a higher-quality system, depending on the performance goals and components included. Factor in an additional $1,000 or more for professional installation if not performing it yourself.

Owning a supercharged BRZ also means ongoing service costs. You’ll probably see MPG drop 15 to 20 percent due to the engine using more fuel under boost. This also means you’ll be using higher octane gasoline with most brands recommending 91 octane with their stock tunes. 

Expect to budget around $200 to $500 annually for routine maintenance like oil changes, belt replacement, and related upkeep of the supercharger kit itself. But rest assured the huge gains in power and performance are well worth the investment for any BRZ owner.

How To Install Your Subaru BRZ Supercharger Kit

How To Maintain Your Supercharged Subaru BRZ

Vortech Supercharger Oil

To ensure the long-term reliability of your BRZ supercharger system, regular maintenance is essential. Below are some general guidelines regarding supercharger maintenance but we recommend checking the manufacturer’s service schedule for more information.

  • Oil Level - Check the supercharger oil level every 5,000 miles or every 6 months, and top off as necessary. Replace the oil entirely every 60,000 miles.
  • Drive Belt - Inspect the drive belt's condition and tension regularly, and plan to replace it every 40,000 to 50,000 miles.
  • Piping Connections - Periodically examine the piping connections for leaks and tighten any loose clamps.

Some common issues that you may run into after installing a supercharger on your Subaru BRZ may include the following -

  • Belt Slippage - If the belt is slipping, adjust the tensioner or replace the belt if it's worn.
  • Overheating - Issues like clogged or leaking pipes or intercoolers can cause overheating. A thorough cleaning can often resolve this.
  • Oil Leaks - If you notice oil leaks, it's likely time to tighten or replace oil fittings, feed lines, or seals.
  • Noise Increase - An uptick in noise could signal improper belt tension, a need for supercharger lubrication, or worn bearings that need replacing.

Promptly diagnosing and addressing any issues will help you avoid significant problems in the future, safeguarding both your supercharger and engine.

Other Subaru BRZ Supporting Mods

Modified Grey 2022 Subaru BRZ with Borla Exhaust

Subaru BRZ Cooler Kit

If you want to add any sort of boost to your BRZ, installing an oil cooler kit is imperative. The increased heat and pressure from the forced induction introduces issues that can be easily addressed with a remote oil cooler kit. An oil cooler kit featuring a designated filter, thermometer, and conduit effectively dissipates oil heat, ensuring the longevity of your engine. We recommend you choose a kit that can be easily installed and incorporates a high-efficiency core and fan for optimum cooling performance. With an oil cooler kit, your boosted BRZ’s engine can perform with the added power reliably. Adding a turbo or supercharger without this crucial supportive mod means you're rolling the dice on reliability and may lead to a hefty service bill in the future.

Subaru BRZ Catback Exhausts

Coupling your supercharged BRZ with a catback exhaust not only amplifies the supercharger’s sound but also improves power output. A 2.5-3” system crafted from stainless steel or titanium is ideal for achieving the best exhaust flow and durability. Look for a catback exhaust engineered to minimize drone while offering an aggressive, deep exhaust note. A quality catback exhaust promises notable power increases and gives your supercharged BRZ an awe-inspiring presence on the road. Not sure where to start when choosing the best exhaust system? Check out our comprehensive Subaru BRZ Catback Exhaust Guide!

Subaru BRZ Turbo Kits

For enthusiasts who prefer a different flavor of boost, a BRZ turbo kit is an attractive option. A variety of single turbo kits are available, with the stock FA20 block being able to handle around 300 horsepower before running into reliability issues. However, keep in mind that the power delivery of a turbo kit is a night and day difference compared to a supercharger and may not be to everyone's liking.

Subaru BRZ Air Intakes

To channel maximum airflow to your turbo, upgrading your BRZ's air intake system is recommended. Scout for sealed systems equipped with a large conical filter, sleek piping, and an inlet scoop to shield the filter from engine compartment heat. This fosters turbo efficiency while embellishing the underhood aesthetics. Don’t miss our comprehensive Subaru BRZ Air Intake Guide for an in-depth analysis of the top air intakes available in the market today!

OverRev’s Subaru BRZ Supercharger Guide

In this guide we've have highlighted the best supercharger kits available for the BRZ and explained the benefits of adding some boost to this lightweight sports car. Adding a supercharger will transform your BRZ's overall performance, significantly improve your 0-60 times, and make it a force tobe reckoned with on both the street and the track. Leading brands like Edelbrock, Vortech, Jackson Racing, and others are proven winners when it comes to providing your BRZ with reliable boost day in and day out with their supercharger kits.

For even more ways to get the most from your BRZ, be sure to check out our other Subaru BRZ guides on cold air intakes, cat-back exhausts, turbocharger kits, and aftermarket headers. Let us know if you have any other questions about supercharging your BRZ!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What are the different types of superchargers available?

The most common supercharger designs are centrifugal, twin-screw, and roots-style blowers. Each has attributes that make them suitable for different types of engines and power goals.

How does a supercharger affect the fuel efficiency of the Subaru BRZ?

Adding forced induction will decrease fuel economy, with most owners seeing a 15 to 20 percent drop in MPG after supercharging due to the increased fuel usage under boost.

Are there any drawbacks to supercharging my Subaru BRZ?

Potential downsides include more frequent maintenance, heat soak issues at very high RPMs, and increased strain on engine components that may shorten longevity if not addressed properly. Proper tuning helps minimize these risks.

What are the warranty implications of installing a supercharger kit?

The factory Subaru powertrain warranty will almost always be voided when adding forced induction. Purchasing an aftermarket warranty to cover the supercharger kit itself is highly recommended.