The Ultimate Guide to the Best Racing Seats for the Honda S2000

As you well know, the Honda S2000 was created with the idea of offering sports car enthusiasts something that they can drive to work 5 days a week and to the track on the weekend. While the S2000 is quite formidable in its factory form, there are a few upgrades that you can do to significantly improve your driving experience.

The stock seats, while great for daily driving, tend to fall short when the S2000 is pushed to its limits on a track or during spirited drives. This is why we've created a guide to help you choose the best racing seats for your S2000 to elevate your driving experience and keep you firmly planted in your seat, ready to take on any challenging twist and turn.

There are multiple reasons why upgrading your seats makes sense. You may want more legroom, more headroom, to sit lower, or want better lateral support during high-speed cornering. This guide was created to help you choose between a variety of racing seats to meet your specific needs. Whether your goal to improve lap times, build a show car, or simply upgrade your daily driver, this guide has got you covered.

Makes The Ideal Racing for the Honda S2000?

Red Bride Stradia III Racing Seat

The perfect racing seat should provide comfort, support, and safety. It should not only blend perfectly together with the interior of your S2000 but also improve its performance capabilities. Paired with a set of quality rails will allow for optimal seat adjustment and won't compromise the low seating position.

When choosing a racing seat, it maybe worth considering your future plans with your S2000 project. If you plan to compete in sanctioned racing events, ensure your seats meet the competition safety standards. Because of its widely respected safety rules, choosing  FIA-spec seat will generally cover safety requirements in most track day situations. 

Also, remember that weight plays a significant role in a lightweight car like the S2000. Lightweight seats are preferable, and carbon fiber seats, although more expensive, offer the most weight savings to help you stay competitive at the race track.

Racing Seats For Your Honda S2000 - A Worthwhile Investment?

100 Dollar Bills

Adding a pair of racing seats can be a perfect solution for Honda S2000 owners wanting something tailored to their specific needs. A racing seat can provide improved comfort, support, and a better fit compared to standard seats.

However, a set of custom racing seats are generally expensive and require both an aftermarket seat bracket and the knowledge to install it correctly. It's also important to ensure that racing seats meet all safety requirements, particularly if you plan to use your S2000 for competitive driving events.

Choosing The Best Racing Seats for Your Honda S2000

Silver Modified Honda S2000
"S2000" by Rick Flores is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Finding the perfect racing seat for your Honda S2000 can be a tough choice. A suitable racing seat not only compliments the aesthetics of your car but also offers improved safety, support, and comfort, essential requirements for both casual driving and track days. 

In this section, we'll take an in-depth look at some of the best racing seats on the market. We've carefully handpicked these seats from renowned manufacturers known for their quality, durability, and innovative designs. Whether you're seeking additional legroom, a weight-conscious design, better seat support, or want to improve safety, our comprehensive reviews will help guide you to the ideal racing seat for your Honda S2000. Let's get started!

Recaro RS-GE Recaro RECARO; RS-GE BLACK without FIA STICKER  81-081.99.864-0 : Automotive

The Recaro RS-GE is a racing seat that has quickly become a fan favorite due to its excellent blend of comfort and improved bolstering that S2000 owners love. Its design includes side supports that give top-notch body support, helping to ease the fatigue of long drives or hot days at the track. The well-designed layout, along with thick foam padding, ensures a comfy ride no matter where you’re driving. Plus, the seat cover is made of a fabric that lets air through, which leads to an even more comfortable ride. All these qualities make the Recaro RS-GE a great pick for both daily drives and track-day activities.

Recaro Pole Position

Red Recaro Pole Position Racing Seat

Recognized for its exceptional blend of comfort and sportiness, the Recaro Pole Position seat is a first choice for many racing enthusiasts. The Recaro Pole Position is expertly crafted from glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP), and guarantees an ideal balance of weight and strength, providing optimum support and safety, even during aggressive driving. More than just a seat, the Pole Position’s aesthetic adds a touch of race car into your S2000's interior, making each drive more enjoyable than the last. With an FIA certification, the Recaro Pole Position seat combines expertly designed ergonomics, aggressive thigh and torso bolstering, lumbar cushions for comfort, and belt slots for hassle-free installation. With the Recaro Pole Position seat, you can rest assured knowing that you’ve chosen one of the best racing seats currently on the market today.

Sparco Sprint

Black Sparco Spring Racing Seat

The Sparco Sprint racing seat is a perfect mix of practicality and uncompromising performance, ideal for those who value both sturdiness and style. The seat is built from a solid tubular steel frame, promising durability and safety that won't let you down. Its full bucket design offers exceptional body support, whether you're daily driving your S2K or taking it to the race track. Despite its solid construction, the Sparco Sprint is surprisingly light, meaning it won't add unnecessary weight to your S2000. The hard-wearing fabric cover not only boosts comfort, but it also gives the seat a sporty appearance that aligns with the racing spirit of your vehicle. The Sparco Sprint comes in a variety of colors including black, blue, red, and black vinyl, and it's also FIA certified. This means the Sparco Sprint isn’t just made to look and feel good—it's built to meet the highest safety standards in the world. 

Sparco EVO QRT

Black Sparco EVO QRT Racing Seat

Beloved by track day enthusiasts the world over, the Sparco EVO QRT car seat stands out with its light-as-air design without compromising on comfort. Its standout feature is a one-of-a-kind shell made from fire-resistant fabric, adding an extra safety layer for users. For extra stability during aggressive driving, the seat and shoulder areas are fitted with non-slip materials.  You can choose from cloth or vinyl finishes, ensuring that it fits your S2000’s interior. Apart from its great fit in small cockpits and superb ergonomics, the seat comes in four sizes, ranging from Small to XL. Plus, it's been given a thumbs-up by the FIA, ensuring you're choosing a seat that's up to standard. The uniquely shaped thigh supports offer extra help during sharp turns, making the Sparco EVO QRT a trusted partner for S2000 owners in even the most demanding conditions.

Bride Zeta IV


Lightweight yet sturdy, the Bride Zeta IV car seat is a winning choice for Honda S2000 owners. Its full bucket design gives excellent body support, reducing side-to-side motion when you're behind the wheel, and ensuring you're kept securely in place. The durable fabric used for this seat is not only resistant to wear and tear but also improves comfort, even during those long drives to the middle of nowhere. Designed with style and performance in mind, the Bride Zeta IV FRP Shell is the perfect finishing touch for your S2K’s interior.

Bride Stradia III

Red Bride Stradia III Racing Seat

The Bride Stradia III is the ideal blend of comfort and high performance, showcasing Bride's inventive take on racing seat design. Made from strong, long-lasting materials, this seat promises sturdiness without compromising comfort or weight. A unique feature of the Stradia III, setting it apart from a regular bucket seat, is its reclinable function. This added convenience is a lifesaver, particularly during long journeys. Featuring deep side supports and a shaped form, this seat delivers fantastic body support, ensuring that you remain securely positioned during any sort of spirited driving. A top-grade, wear-resistant fabric boosts its durability while adding a sporty touch to your S2000's interior. Whether you're looking to improve your daily or get your S2000 track-ready, the Bride Stradia III Reclining Seat presents a well-rounded solution for those looking to upgrade.


OMP ARS-R Racing Seat

The OMP ARS-R Seat is a true game-changer in terms of functionality and comfort. It's equipped with removable cushions, providing drivers the flexibility to adjust the seat to perfectly fit their individual preferences. Additionally, it features a high-profile side head restraint that's fully compatible with HANS devices, offering an extra layer of safety for those exhilarating high-speed track runs. The OMP ARS-R’s foundation consists of an expertly molded carbon fiber shell, robust enough to support the mid-height side bolsters with ease. It's upholstered in black Airtex, a material known for its high breathability, making every drive comfortable. The seat comes with removable cushions in the base and backrest, ensuring utmost comfort and driver stability. The ARS-R even features extra-large harness slots, accommodating drivers of different heights with ease. The seat's certification from FIA and compatibility with HANS devices cements its reputation as a top-notch, safe, and versatile seat. This blend of design and functionality promises a significantly improved driving experience, making the ARS-R a fantastic offering from OMP.

OMP Champ-R

OMP Champ-R Racing Seat

Exemplifying OMP's dedication to producing top-notch racing equipment, the OMP Champ-R racing seat brings together performance and durability in the perfect package. Crafted from sturdy fiberglass, this seat finds a sweet spot between lightweight construction and strength, making it a reliable companion on the race track or during spirited touge runs. Its unique full-bucket design ensures optimal body support, keeping the driver secure and stable even during high-intensity driving. Boasting FIA Homologation and HANS compatibility, the Champ-R doesn't just meet safety standards—it surpasses them. Whether you're daily driving your S2000 or frequently taking it to the race track, the Champ-R is set to impress with its durability, functionality, and sleek aesthetics.

Buddy Club Racing Spec Sport Seat

Buddy Club Racing Spec Sport Seat

The Buddy Club Racing Spec Sport Seat is a top-tier option crafted for those drivers who are mindful of weight, but don't want to sacrifice durability or support. This seat's well-thought-out design includes a deep bucket shape that gives excellent body support, making every drive more comfortable. The seat's adaptable nature ensures it can handle a range of driving conditions and provide comprehensive protection for the driver. The adjustable recline of the seat and its expert design ensure top-notch ergonomics and optimal performance. Its center sports a horizontal stripes design, a unique touch that not only increases driving comfort but also helps the driver stay cool. In a nutshell, this seat is all about blending comfort, durability, and style for the ultimate driving experience.

Momo Start

Momo Start Racing Seat

The Momo Start racing seat showcases Momo's dedication to combining comfort, performance, and safety, all in one package. Made from top-tier composite material, this seat strikes an ideal balance between being light and durable. The unique full-bucket design offers top-of-the-line body support, helping drivers stay steady and secure, no matter how wild the ride gets. And there's more to the Momo Start racing seat than meets the eye. It's compatible with Hans devices and has the FIA's seal of approval for quality and safety. The seat's fiberglass shell is fully covered with no visible fiberglass on the back for a sleek, clean look. And despite its robust features, it's also the lightest racing seat in Momo's lineup, weighing in at just 17lb. All these features make the Momo Start racing seat a top contender when its time to purchase a new seat for your S2K..

Momo Super Cup

Momo Super Cup Racing Seat

Offering both safety and comfort, the Momo Super Cup seat is a testament to durability and support, thanks to its strong fiberglass frame. The seat's high-density foam padding provides an unrivaled level of comfort, while the deep side bolsters give excellent support, especially during high-G turns. Originally created as a Hans© compatible fiberglass bucket seat, the MOMO Super Cup elevates racing seats to a new level. It comes with a back insert covered in revolutionary quick-drying *Airnet© material, making it easier to maintain. It also includes removable double-leg cushions, providing enhanced support and offering taller drivers the flexibility to adjust their seating position. Available in both standard and XL sizes, the MOMO Super Cup caters to drivers of different sizes without compromising on comfort or style for your Honda S2000.

Mugen MS-Z Semi-Bucket Seat

Mugen MS-Z Semi-Bucket Seat

The Mugen MS-Z Semi-Bucket Seat is a perfect illustration of Mugen's commitment to top-quality racing equipment. Made from sturdy, high-quality materials, the Mugen MS-Z is built to withstand the rigorous conditions of racing while ensuring longevity. Its sleek design flawlessly complements the sporty interior of the S2000. The seat boasts a variety of features including a step-less recliner, forward-folding backrest, lumbar support pad, safety harness belt holes, high-grip side support, and a long and deep seat cushion. It even showcases an embroidered MUGEN logo, letting everyone know that you're all about high-quality parts for your S2K. With a total weight of 33 lbs, the MS-Z skillfully merges the best elements of racing design with everyday practicality. Whether you're navigating challenging racetrack turns or enjoying a scenic drive, the Mugen MS-Z Semi-Bucket Seat is a brilliant choice for your S2000.

Mugen MS-R Full Bucket Seat (FRP)

The Mugen MS-R Full Bucket Seat (FRP) is crafted for individuals desiring a race-focused aesthetic without sacrificing functionality. The Mugen MS-R is a marvel of design that satisfies both the need for secure support and the demand for a lightweight structure. The seat’s FRP shell has been engineered to securely hold the driver while enduring intense G-forces during cornering, and it also helps reduce overall weight with its lightweight construction. The urethane used throughout the seat is tailored to fit each part of the body, offering exceptional comfort. The seat's front surface is covered with Alcantara, a durable material celebrated for its incredibly plush texture. This seat meets FIA standards, with several prominent SUPER GT teams using it in their race cars. Features like a glass fiber shell, 3-inch full harness belt holes, a lumbar support pad, deep side support, a divided seat cushion, a non-slip seat cushion, and an embroidered MUGEN logo all enhance its functionality. Plus, with a total weight of just 14.5 lbs, the MS-R isn't just gorgeous, it's the perfect lightweight racing seat for your Honda S2K.

Spoon Sports Carbon Bucket Seat

Spoon Sports Carbon Bucket Seat

The Spoon Sports Carbon Bucket Seat, crafted meticulously from carbon fiber, epitomizes the ultimate in weight-saving solutions. Not just a feather-light addition to your car, the Spoon Sports seat offers a distinctive aesthetic appeal, perfect for racing and everyday use. The unique cloth material used in the design does an excellent job at moisture-wicking, keeping you dry while also preventing any unwanted movement during aggressive driving. The shape of the Spoon Sports seat is designed to help the driver endure more lateral G-force with less effort, a necessary feature during aggressive street driving or when you're at the track. The seat is made from a low rebound, flexible polyurethane foam with a carbon Kevlar frame further boosting its strength and durability. All these elements come together to make this seat a standout choice for both street-driven and track-focused S2000 builds.

As you can see, each of these racing seats carries its unique qualities in comfort, performance, safety, and style. They are all superb options for improving your Honda S2000's interior and helping you feel more confident behind the wheel. Pairing these seats with the right harnesses and a quality roll bar is a great way to improve both your safety and comfort during your track sessions or on your next canyon run.

Installation Guide: Swapping the Factory Seat for a Racing Seat

Stock Honda S2000 Seats
"2005 Honda S2000" by Rich Niewiroski Jr. is licensed under CC BY 2.5

Installing racing seats in your S2000 is a straightforward process, but it requires some preparation. The first step is to gather all the necessary tools and hardware. This typically includes a few sockets and a wrench. Before starting the installation process, ensure you have the correct seat brackets and rails that fit your seat’s mounting points.

Safety precautions during installation are paramount. Ensure the vehicle is secure, and always disconnect the battery before starting to prevent any electrical issues. Remember, the correct installation of a racing seat is crucial not only for comfort and performance but, most importantly, for your safety.

Maintenance Tips for Racing Seats

Man cleaning car seat

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your racing seats can significantly extend their lifespan. Depending on the material, you may need specific cleaning agents. Most fabric and synthetic leather seats can be cleaned using mild soap and warm water, while genuine leather seats may require a special leather cleaner and conditioner.

Preventive measures can also help prolong the life of your racing seats. Avoiding excessive sun exposure can prevent fading and cracking, especially in leather seats. Additionally, try to address any spills or stains immediately to prevent them from setting into the fabric.

Picking the Perfect Racing Seat for Your Honda S2000

Yellow modified Honda S2000
"front_quarter_sunset" by Justin Ruble is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Choosing the perfect racing seat for your Honda S2000 involves careful consideration of your needs, the seat's features, and your future plans. Investing in a quality seat from a reputable manufacturer ensures safety, comfort, and performance. By upgrading your seats, you'll not only improve your driving experience but also reinforce the racing pedigree of your S2000. Be sure to check out our other guides for more tips on enhancing your S2000!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Legal to Install Racing Seats in a Street Car? 

Yes, it is legal to install racing seats in a street car in most jurisdictions. However, the seats must meet certain safety standards and requirements.

How Often Should I Replace My Racing Seats? 

The lifespan of a racing seat depends on its usage and care. However, for those regularly used on tracks, it is recommended to replace them every five years. Regular inspection and maintenance can help extend their lifespan.

What Is the Weight Impact of Racing Seats on Performance? 

Racing seats, especially lightweight or carbon fiber options, can help reduce the overall weight of the vehicle, thus enhancing its performance. However, the weight impact will also depend on other factors like the vehicle's power-to-weight ratio.

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