Safety Meets Speed - The Best Roll Bars for the Honda S2000

Roll bars are designed primarily to ensure driver safety during high-performance driving during a track day or during spirited driving on the street. With a focus on protecting the driver in case of a rollover accident, roll bars are an integral safety device found primarily in modified sports convertibles such as the Honda S2000, Mazda Miata, or Porsche Boxster. Constructed to form a reinforced cage around the driver, they shield the driver from head trauma during a rollover and prevent the vehicle's structure from being crushed in an accident.

Moreover, in convertibles like the Honda S2000, roll bars also provide add more structural rigidity to the car's overall frame. They add strength in the form of another brace to the vehicle's frame, reducing body flex and improving stability. Roll bars offer protection that extends beyond safeguarding the driver and is another must-have modification for Honda S2000 drivers that are looking to build a fun car for the street or aren’t quite ready for a full cage in their track car.

The Honda S2000: More Than Just a Car

Grey Honda S2000 on Track

Since its inception, the Honda S2000 has won the hearts of car enthusiasts across the globe. Revered for its distinctive F20C/F22C1 VTEC engines that rev up to a thrilling 9,000 rpm, the S2000 is synonymous with performance and precision. However, while its features have caught the adoration of owners, this convertible does lack in terms of structural support from the factory - an area where roll bars can bring significant improvement, especially for owners who consistently track their cars.

By installing a roll bar in the Honda S2000, you can improve chassis rigidity and improve overall safety. Given the S2000's design, an aftermarket roll bar helps serve as another chassis brace for the car's frame, helping improve overall handle and performance on both the street and at the track.

The Role and Importance of Honda S2000 Roll Bars

Improving Your Safety with a Roll Bar

Honda S2000 with EVS Tuning Roll Bar

A roll bar's primary function is to act as a protective shield for the vehicle's occupants during a rollover accident. In such scenarios, the roll bar safeguards the passenger compartment, helping to prevent major bodily injury if the chassis collapsed under the vehicle's weight. In convertibles like the S2000, where the roof structure is absent, roll bars provide much-needed protection to the occupants.

Furthermore, roll bars are engineered to distribute the impact of a collision evenly across the vehicle's body. This mechanism helps mitigate the damage caused during an accident. While the Honda S2000 does have factory roll hoops as a safety feature in place of a true roll bar, the vehicle's frame is still susceptible to considerable damage, posing a significant risk to the driver and passengers during high-speed driving activities.

Roll Bars and Improving Chassis Rigidity

Modified Red Honda S2000 on Track

While safety is a crucial aspect of roll bars, they also contribute significantly to improving a vehicle's performance and reducing body roll. By adding rigidity to your S2000's chassis, a roll bar can improve its handling and stability, especially in scenarios involving high-speed cornering. When it comes to the S2000, installing a roll bar can make its already impressive handling even more precise and responsive.

Furthermore, a roll bar does more than just improve safety and performance—it significantly changes the overall driving feel of the S2000. The increased stiffness that a roll bar provides helps the driver feel more connected to the car, particularly during hard acceleration or sudden stops. This extra control and feedback can make driving the S2000 even more enjoyable, bringing out the true character of this already thrilling sports car.

Roll Bars Explained: Design and Dynamics

Understanding the Structure of Roll Bars

Roll Cage Diagram

Roll bars are engineered to be robust and lightweight, typically crafted from materials like steel, aluminum, or chromoly. They span the width of the car's interior and are mounted to the chassis at four or more points, providing a strong framework that helps support the chassis. Their design commonly involves a hoop structure with diagonal bracing, effectively distributing the force of an impact across the vehicle's frame, minimizing potential deformation.

Moreover, often times the design of roll bars takes into consideration how they will integrate seamlessly with the vehicle's interior. Roll bars should provide optimal rollover safety without hampering driver or passenger movement or compromising the aesthetics of the car. In the Honda S2000, roll bars should ideally compliment the sleek, sporty look of the convertible while serving their primary safety function.

How A Roll Bar Can Improve Handling

Modified Red Honda S2000 on race track

Roll bars can have a significant impact on your S2000's driving dynamics and overall handling capabilities. By increasing the chassis' rigidity, they reduce the body roll experienced during cornering. This improved stability is particularly beneficial in a performance vehicle like the Honda S2000, allowing the car to handle high-speed twists and turns more effectively.

Additionally, roll bars can help maintain balance during rapid acceleration and deceleration, preventing the car from potentially rolling over. The reduced body flex and roll can result in better control over your S2K, particularly during high-speed driving. For Honda S2000 owners, this means more confidence on the street or at the track, allowing for a more engaging and controlled driving experience.

Why A Roll Bar Is A Perfect Upgrade For Your Honda S2000

The Unique Design Aspects of the Honda S2000

Black Honda S2000 with exposed roll bar

The Honda S2000, with its sporty convertible design and high-revving engine, is an icon among car enthusiasts. Honda engineers put an emphasis on function over form during the design process and prioritize performance, but its open-top construction inherently lacks the structural support provided by a fixed-roof car. This gap is precisely where a roll bar can significantly contribute, bolstering the car's structural rigidity and improving its performance and handling capabilities.

Further, the S2000's low-slung, aerodynamic bodywork and rear-wheel-drive configuration make it a favorite among track day enthusiasts. A roll bar can improve these experiences, offering the driver increased confidence and control over the car's behavior while also ensuring a safety net in case things go awry.

Choosing A Roll Bar For Your Honda S2000

Modified Red Honda S2000 with top down and roll bar installed

Choosing the right roll bar for a Honda S2000 involves several factors. The material of the roll bar, whether steel or aluminum, can impact the vehicle's weight distribution and handling characteristics. The type of roll bar - bolt-in or weld-in - can also influence the car's structural rigidity, installation process, and even its resale value.

Additionally, the design and aesthetics of the roll bar should complement the sleek lines of the S2000. Lastly, it's essential to consider the legality of different roll bars, as some racing-specific designs may not be street-legal. A thorough understanding of these factors can help you choose the perfect S2k roll bar for your needs, be it for everyday use, occasional track days, or competitive racing.

The Best Roll Bars For The Honda S2000

Cusco D1 Roll Cage (4 Point)

Cusco D1 Roll Cage - Honda S2000 00-05 (4-pnt, 2 Pass with Safety Harness Bar)

The Cusco D1 Roll Bar, designed for the Honda S2000, offers a high-quality blend of performance and safety. Engineered from 40mm chromoly pipes, ensures robust rigidity while being 33% lighter than conventional steel cages. The roll cage's strategic mounting and four-point configuration significantly improve the vehicle's body rigidity and handling dynamics. Despite its weight advantage and comprehensive design - rooted in extensive hands-on experience and feedback from the racetrack - it's important to note that the Cusco rollbar doesn't meet the SCCA or NASA specifications, limiting its suitability for track use.

Not only does the Cusco D1 Roll Cage improve performance, but it also adds a sporty aesthetic to the S2000. Its lightweight joints add safety without contributing extra weight, and its bolt-in design allows relatively simple installation and removal, providing a balance between practicality and flexibility. This roll cage isn't merely about function but is also a statement of style and purpose, which resonates with S2000 drivers who value safety, performance, and aesthetics.

Mugen Roll Bar

Mugen Roll Bar Honda S2000

With a firm foothold in the Honda performance parts landscape, Mugen crafted a roll bar for the S2000 that embodies their commitment to safety and performance. Made from robust, 40mm OD steel tubing with a 2.0mm wall thickness, the Mugen Roll Bar offers an impressive blend of safety and aesthetics. The Mugen Roll Bar features a bolt-in design, making installation relatively easier and more reversible compared to a weld-in roll bar or full cage.

Designed to allow seamless opening and closing of the soft top, the Mugen Roll Bar's aesthetics blend seamlessly with the S2000's interior. While it improves body rigidity, leading to increased steering responsiveness, it is not up to SCCA or NASA spec, making it less ideal for track use but perfect for street-driven S2000s. The Mugen Roll Bar is a testament to Mugen's dedication to craftsmanship, material quality, fitment precision, strength, and minimal weight, making it a compelling choice for owners looking to bolster their S2000's safety and performance on the streets.

EVS Tuning Race Spec Roll Bar

EVS Tuning Race Spec Roll Bar - Honda S2000 00-09

Evasive Motorsports has a longstanding reputation when it comes to modifying and racing Honda S2000s, and their expertise shines through in the design and manufacturing of the EVS Tuning Race Spec Roll Bar. This roll bar, created with racing specifications in mind, offers a high level of rigidity and safety for track-day driving. It's composed of 1.75" diameter DOM steel with a .095" wall thickness, making for a robust addition to any S2000. Finished in a sleek satin black powder coat, it blends into the S2000's interior seamlessly.

The EVS Tuning roll bar features one-piece construction, fully TIG welded for improved durability. The X bar connects diagonally with the main hoop and rear bars, fortifying its strength even further. This bolt-in design meets SCCA/NASA requirements, ensuring that you’ll be able to drive your S2000 without issue during regular track day events. Evasive has also designed its roll bar to be fully compatible with both hardtop and soft top variants and the inclusion of a CNC-machined OEM seat belt mounting plate, makes it a versatile choice for seat belts or racing harnesses. Despite the involved installation process, the EVS Tuning Race Spec Roll Bar's blend of quality, safety, and performance is well worth considering.

Spoon 4-Point Roll Bar

Spoon 4-Point Roll Bar - Honda S2000

The Spoon 4-Point Roll Bar is a highly sought-after choice among Honda S2000 enthusiasts, striking an impressive balance between safety, performance improvement, and aesthetic appeal. Constructed from 40mm steel tubing, it offers a significant safety upgrade without substantially increasing the vehicle's weight. Moreover, this roll bar is designed explicitly for circuit use, prioritizing rigidity and safety, yet its careful design accommodates the use of both soft tops (plastic window and glass window) and the OEM hard top.

The Spoon Roll Bar employs a bolt-in design, increasing its versatility due to the relative ease of installation and removal. The clearance between the glass window and the roll bar is sufficiently spacious, but it's recommended to utilize roll bar padding as a precaution. It's also important to note that despite its top-notch quality and safety features, the Spoon Roll Bar will not pass tech inspection at NASA or SCCA-sanctioned events. Despite this shortcoming, the Spoon Roll bar with its robust 40mm diameter steel construction stands as a sturdy, reliable choice for both street and auto-cross use and is a true reflection of Mugen’s performance-driven design ethos when it comes to all of its performance parts.

Hard Dog Roll Bar

Hard Dog Roll Bar - Honda S2000, 2000-09

Renowned for their robust and reliable products, Hard Dog offers an exceptional roll bar solution for the Honda S2000. Their roll bar, fabricated from top-grade steel, offers substantial rollover protection and bolsters your S2k's structural strength. Despite being heavier than some competitors, it contributes positively to the car's rigidity and handling. As a bolt-in roll bar, it seamlessly integrates with the S2000's chassis, albeit with a moderately time-consuming installation process.

Hard Dog's roll bar is designed to pass "broomstick" safety standards set by racing organizations, offering optimal rollover protection. The roll bar comes with back plates and high-grade fasteners for secure mounting. The roll bars design also allows for compatibility with both soft and hard factory tops. However, some roll bar configurations may require the removal of the factory roll hoops and rear storage console. Made from high-quality 1026 alloy tubing and coated with a durable black powder finish, Hard Dog’s roll bar is built for both street and racing use, making it ideal for owners who frequently track their Honda S2000.

Ballade Sports Roll Bar


The Ballade Sports Roll Bar is a high-quality roll bar, specifically designed for the Honda S2000. Crafted from steel, it offers a solid level of protection while perfectly conforming to the contours of the S2000's interior. Built to NASA 2017 Pro Standards, this roll bar includes features like a welded single diagonal, a structural X brace, and a harness bar at the recommended height for proper harness safety. The bolt-in design not only simplifies the installation process but also allows for the roll bar's removal, if necessary.

Despite its robust structure, the Ballade Sports Roll Bar showcases a sleek profile, retaining the aesthetic appeal of the S2000. Compatibility with any hardtop or soft top on the market further increases its appeal, ensuring functionality isn't compromised. Additionally, the roll bar boasts an integrated bulkhead bar and seatbelt shoulder tabs, allowing the use of OEM 3-point seat belts without any additional parts. The Ballade Sports Roll Bar harmoniously combines safety, performance improvement, and visual appeal, making it a sought-after choice for S2000 owners.

Rock Star Garage Roll Bar

Rockstar Garage Roll Bar, Honda S2000

The Rock Star Garage Roll Bar is a performance-oriented roll bar tailored for those who prioritize top-tier performance and safety features in their S2000. Meticulously designed to meet the strict standards of SCCA and NASA for 4-point rollover protection, this roll bar's bolt-in design guarantees unmatched rigidity, improving the S2000's stability and steering response. Built-in Southern California with high-quality DOM steel, it offers exceptional durability and resilience, offering superior protection in the unfortunate event of a rollover.

Despite the complexities of its installation, the Rock Star Garage Roll Bar is an impressive safety addition. This roll bar comes in a variety of configurations to suit different needs. The lightweight Single Diagonal Bar is their most popular model. For additional strength, they offer the Double Diagonal Bar, while the X-Bar provides ultimate rigidity with an X-Brace in the rear. The Bulkhead Bar variant uniquely allows for the use of both harnesses and factory seatbelts, something that street-driven S2000 owners will appreciate. Ultimately, for those prioritizing safety and performance, the Rock Star Garage Roll Bar remains an excellent choice.

Installing a Roll Bar in Your Honda S2000

Preparing Your Car for Installation

Honda S2000 Interior Having Roll Bar Installed

Before you begin the installation process, it's essential to prepare your S2000 appropriately. This typically involves removing the seats and the interior trim where the roll bar will be installed. It's crucial to make sure that you have all the necessary tools and safety equipment on hand before you start the installation.

Remember, the installation process can vary based on the type of roll bar you've chosen. Bolt-in roll bars generally require fewer tools and less technical expertise than weld-in types, making them more suitable for DIY installation.

Step-by-step Installation Process

Are Roll Bars Street Legal?

Police Car Behind Car Pulled Over with Lights On

Street-Legal vs. Race-Specific Roll Bars

When selecting a roll bar for your S2000, it's crucial to consider the legality of different types. Some roll bars are specifically designed for racing and may not be legal for street use. Typically, race-specific roll bars may lack padding, which is a requirement for street-legal roll bars in many regions.

Importance of Checking Local Laws

Given the variations in laws across different regions, it's always best to check the specific requirements in your area before purchasing a roll bar. This can save you from potential legal issues and fines down the line. When in doubt, consult a local car modification expert or your local Department of Motor Vehicles.

OverRev’s Honda S2000 Roll Bar Guide

Modified White Honda S2000 with Roll Bar

When it comes to improving the safety and performance of your Honda S2000, installing a roll bar is a wise investment. With numerous options available, understanding your needs and preferences can guide you to the ideal roll bar. Whether you're a track day enthusiast or enjoy running your local touge, the right roll bar can significantly improve your driving experience.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this article and hope that it has provided you with some valuable insights! Don't forget to check out our other articles for more Honda S2000 content. Whether you're looking for a complete tuning guide, reviews on the best exhausts or coilovers, or just want to read about the Honda S2000 some more, we've got you covered. Thank you for reading and happy wrenching!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to install a roll bar in a Honda S2000?

Installing a roll bar in a Honda S2000 is not inherently necessary for everyday use, but it is highly recommended for those who frequently drive their S2000 at race tracks. The roll bar can greatly improve the safety of the vehicle by providing additional rollover protection. It's also beneficial for improving the vehicle's rigidity and handling characteristics.

How does a roll bar improve the performance of a Honda S2000?

A roll bar can improve the performance of a Honda S2000 in several ways. Firstly, it increases the structural rigidity of the vehicle. This added rigidity reduces body roll during cornering, which can result in more stable and predictable handling. Secondly, a roll bar can help maintain balance during rapid acceleration and deceleration, preventing the car from rolling over. The combination of these factors leads to better control over the vehicle, especially during spirited driving on the street or when you’re participating in a local track day.

How does the choice of roll bar material affect the vehicle's performance?

The material of a roll bar can significantly affect a vehicle's performance. Steel roll bars, being heavier, can add to the overall weight of the vehicle but offer superior rigidity and strength, enhancing handling and stability. In contrast, aluminum roll bars are lighter, which may slightly improve the power-to-weight ratio, potentially leading to better acceleration and fuel efficiency. However, they might not provide the same level of rigidity as steel ones, and their lighter weight might not contribute as significantly to the car's handling characteristics.

Can I install a roll bar myself, or should I hire a professional?

The answer to this depends on your technical skill and the type of roll bar. Bolt-in roll bars are generally simpler to install and may be manageable for those with some mechanical expertise. However, weld-in roll bars require more technical knowledge and equipment, making professional installation a safer choice. Regardless of the type, if you're not confident in your ability to install the roll bar correctly, it's best to hire a professional to ensure the job is done correctly and safely.

Are all roll bars legal for street use?

Not all roll bars are legal for street use. Some roll bars are designed specifically for racing and may not meet the safety requirements for street-legal cars in some jurisdictions. For instance, some race-specific roll bars lack padding, which is often a requirement for street-legal cars. It's essential to check local laws and regulations before purchasing and installing a roll bar. If unsure, consulting a local race shop or your local DMV can be helpful.

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