Stopping Power Unleashed - The Ultimate Guide to the Best Honda S2000 Brake Pads

The Honda S2000, an iconic roadster known for its high-revving engine and impressive handling, is a pure joy to drive. To maintain its performance, ensure safety, and keep the thrill intact, owners need to pay keen attention to its various wear and tear components, particularly the brake pads. Choosing the right brake pads can significantly improve your S2000's stopping power, giving you better control and more safety. This comprehensive guide is here to help you navigate the best brake pads for your Honda S2000 and help you choose a set that fits your driving habits, whether they are on the road or at the track.

What is a Brake Pad?

Brake Pad Parts Diagram

Brake pads are a crucial part of your car's braking system. They work by creating friction with the brake rotors, slowing down, or stopping your Honda S2000. Depending on the materials used - ceramic, semi-metallic, or organic - brake pads can significantly differ in performance, noise, dust production, and wear rate. Understanding these differences is vital when selecting the right brake pads for your Honda and where you drive it most.

The Honda S2000’s Braking System

Honda S2000 Stock Brakes

The Honda S2000 boasts a relatively good performance braking system designed to handle the car's potent F20C and F22C1 engines and track-inspired driving dynamics. Like all sports cars, brake pads are the heart of the Honda S2K’s brake system, responsible for generating the necessary friction to decelerate and stop the car safely and as quickly as possible. That’s why choosing the right brake pads can significantly improve your S2000's overall performance, keeping you safe on the streets or on the track.

What to Consider When Choosing Brake Pads for Honda S2000

Modified Blue Honda S2000

When it's time to choose a new set of brake pads there are a lot of different factors that can come into play. For example, your driving style, brake pads' performance, noise and dust production, and their price all contribute to your ultimate purchase of brake pads for your Honda S2000. Whether you mostly drive in city traffic, enjoy tearing up your favorite twisty roads, or live for your next track day, there's a brake pad designed to match your S2K’s brake performance needs.

The Best Brake Pads For Your Honda S2000

As you read through the top brake pad selections for the Honda S2000, it's essential to note that each review is methodically constructed, keeping a laser focus on important factors such as performance, noise and dust production, durability, and overall value for money. The pursuit of improved performance and safety in a variety of driving conditions leads us to two major categories: Street Pads, designed for everyday commuting offering comfort and durability, and Track Pads, built to withstand high-intensity, rigorous track conditions with superior stopping power and heat resistance. Now, let's dive into these top choices to equip you with the knowledge you need for an informed decision for your S2000.

Honda S2000 Street Brake Pads

Hawk HPS Performance Street Brake Pads

Hawk HPS Performance Street Brake Pads (Honda S2000)
Hawk HPS Performance Street Brake Pads

The Hawk HPS brake pads are an excellent choice S2K’s that are primarily driven on the street. The Hawk HPS pads offer increased stopping power and a longer lifespan compared to standard brake pads, making them a reliable and cost-effective solution for your Honda S2000. Their standout feature is their lower dust generation, which not only helps maintain cleaner wheels but also reduces potential brake mechanism issues due to excessive brake dust build-up.

The secret behind their superior performance lies in their unique Ferro-Carbon compound. This material improves braking performance by providing a high friction coefficient while ensuring minimal wear, which contributes to its extended lifespan. If you're seeking a blend of superior performance, longevity, and value from your brake pads, the Hawk HPS could be your go-to choice for your Honda S2000.

SP Performance Street Plus™ HP Brake Pads

SP Performance Brake Pads Honda S2000
SP Performance Street Plus™ HP Brake Pads

The SP Performance Street Plus HP brake pads are an appealing upgrade from standard OEM spec brake pads, delivering better stopping power and more longevity. Where they truly shine is their ability to provide a confident and reliable braking response, setting them apart as a great choice for your street-driven Honda S2000. The enhanced durability ensures that they not only last longer but also maintain optimal performance throughout their life cycle.

What sets the SP Street Plus HP brake pads apart is their ability to significantly reduce brake fade on the street. This quality allows for consistent performance, even under the most demanding street driving conditions, providing you with the assurance that your braking system will perform when you need it the most. If you frequently find yourself on spirited drives, these brake pads can offer the dependable, consistent performance your Honda S2000 needs!

Project Mu B-FORCE Brake Pads

Project Mu  B-FORCE Brake Pads Honda S2000
Project Mu B-FORCE Brake Pads

Project Mu B-Force brake pads serve as an excellent choice for Honda S2000 owners who enjoy the thrill of spirited street driving while also demanding a trustworthy brake pad for their daily commute. These pads strike a perfect balance between braking power, brake dust production, and noise levels, offering a brake upgrade that isn't just about performance, but also about improving your day-to-day driving experience.

The beauty of the B-Force brake pads lies in their ability to deliver reliable performance for your daily commute while ensuring performance and low dust operation. By controlling dust production and improving performance, these pads reduce the typical annoyances that come with performance street pads, making your drives more enjoyable with the added stopping power. If you are looking for a brake pad replacement for your S2K that pairs performance and reliability, the Project Mu B-Force brake pads warrant serious consideration.

StopTech Sport Brake Pads

Stoptech Sport Brake Pads - Honda S2000 00-09
StopTech Sport Brake Pads

StopTech Sport brake pads are celebrated for their brake performance capabilities and low dust generation, a win-win for any street-driven Honda S2000. Their capability to provide solid all-around performance makes them a well-rounded choice for your Honda S2000, equally suitable for daily commuting and spirited weekend drives.

A distinguishing feature of these brake pads is their use of a para-aramid compound. This advanced material delivers exceptional stopping power, greatly improving your S2K's safety and brake performance. Despite their impressive brake performance, these StopTech brake pads do not compromise your daily commute with excessive noise or harsh engagement. This blend of high-level performance and everyday usability makes the StopTech Sport brake pads an appealing choice for those seeking balance in terms of brake performance and overall driveability.

EBC Yellowstuff Brake Pads 

EBC Yellowstuff Brake Pads Honda S2000
EBC Yellowstuff Brake Pads 

EBC Yellowstuff brake pads cater to S2000 owners who appreciate a brake pad that can do both light track duty and spirited street driving without skipping a beat. Built to deliver high friction even from a cold surface, these brake pads ensure exceptional braking performance from the get-go and across a vast temperature spectrum. This attribute contributes to dependable stopping power in just about any driving environment, making them an attractive choice for S2000 drivers seeking an upgrade in terms of brake performance.

One of the notable characteristics of these brake pads is their versatility. Their ability to deliver robust braking performance both on the street and on the track offers a unique blend of convenience and performance. Whether you're navigating through city traffic, indulging in a spirited touge run, or visiting your local track on the weekends, EBC Yellowstuff brake pads aim to deliver improved stopping power consistently and reliably.

Honda S2000 Track Brake Pads

Hawk Performance DTC 70 Brake Pads

Hawk DTC-70 Race Brake Pads Honda S2000
Hawk Performance DTC 70 Brake Pads

Hawk Performance DTC 70 brake pads are purpose-built for track use. Their key attributes include superior stopping power and exceptional heat dissipation, essentials for any competitive driving. These pads are engineered to offer consistent braking performance, even when pushed to the limits under the most severe track conditions.

These brake pads excel on track days, where consistency and control are paramount. The superior stopping power allows for confident braking into corners, while their impressive heat dissipation mitigates the risk of brake fade during extended track sessions. So, if you're an avid track enthusiast seeking reliable, consistent braking performance from your Honda S2000, Hawk Performance DTC 70 brake pads could be your perfect match.

Project Mu Racing 999 Brake Pads

Project Mu Racing 999 Brake Pads S2000 00-09
Project Mu Racing 999 Brake Pads

The Project Mu Racing 999 brake pads are engineered with serious racing in mind, making them a great choice for race-oriented S2000s. These pads offer impressive heat resistance and friction coefficient properties, essential features when your brakes are under duress on the track. This means they not only handle the heat but also retain their efficiency and effectiveness, ensuring reliable and steady performance even under the most demanding race conditions.

As previously noted, the standout feature of these brake pads is their incredible stopping power. This brake performance, combined with their ability to keep the rest of your brakes cool during long track sessions, makes them a formidable upgrade for those seeking to enhance their competitive edge. In essence, the Project Mu Racing 999 brake pads are a testament to how track-focused engineering can significantly bolster your Honda S2000's braking performance when you're pushing the limits on the track.

EBC Bluestuff Brake Pads

EBC Bluestuff Brake Pads Honda S2000
EBC Bluestuff Brake Pads

The EBC Bluestuff brake pads are an awesome option for those looking to improve their S2000’s braking ability on the track. These pads are specifically designed to satisfy the demanding needs of track cars, offering braking power that is truly up to the task. The remarkable stopping power of these brake pads effectively reduces stopping distances, letting you break even later, and helping you shave precious seconds off each lap.

What sets EBC Bluestuff brake pads apart is their high-friction brake material created specifically for track use. This specially crafted material plays a pivotal role in delivering excellent stopping power, making your Honda S2000 a force to reckon with on the track. If you're an avid track enthusiast seeking to push your S2000's braking performance to its limit, the EBC Bluestuff brake pads could be the perfect fit for your brake setup.

Endless N35 Racing Brake Pads

Endless N35 Racing Brake Pads - Honda S2000 00-09
Endless N35 Racing Brake Pads

Endless N35 Racing brake pads are specifically designed to provide consistent stopping power under the strenuous conditions of track driving. They have been engineered to offer a reliable brake performance under extreme duress, giving you the confidence to push your S2000 to its limits during your time on track.

One of the defining features of the Endless N35 Racing brake pads is their impressive heat tolerance. During aggressive track driving, brake pads can get incredibly hot, and their ability to handle these high temperatures is crucial when it comes to both brake performance and safety. This ability to manage and resist brake fade, paired with their impressive friction-generating properties, ensures superior braking even under the most intense conditions. If you're consistently able to take your Honda S2000 out on track, the Endless N35 Racing brake pads are a worthy consideration if you're looking to maintain optimal braking performance from the first session to the last.

CounterSpace Garage CSG Spec C21 & C11 Brake Pads

CounterSpace Garage CSG Spec C21 Brake Pads (Front) - Honda S2000 (AP1/AP2) 00-09
CounterSpace Garage CSG Spec C21 & C11 Brake Pads

Specifically tailored for track use, the CSG Spec C21 and C11 brake pads offer an exceptional driving experience. They’ve been designed to deliver high friction and maintain consistent braking under extreme temperatures - something often experienced during track use. These attributes provide not only excellent stopping power but also the confidence to push your S2000 to its limits.

One of the standout characteristics of the CSG Spec C21 and C11 brake pads is their high initial bite, which ensures instant and effective braking response. Coupled with a consistent pedal feel, these features contribute to predictable and reliable braking, essential for maintaining control during any sort of track driving. All in all, if you're an S2000 driver with a penchant for the racetrack, these brake pads could be the perfect upgrade for your brake setup.

The Impact of Brake Pads on Overall Brake Performance

Modified Silver Honda S2000 on Track

As you’ve read, the right brake pads can do wonders for your S2000's performance. Not only do they ensure reliable stopping power, but they can also contribute to smoother deceleration, allowing for a more responsive and enjoyable driving experience. With a set of quality brake pads, you'll find your S2000 handles more confidently, whether you're weaving through city traffic, cruising on highways, or pushing limits at the racetrack.

Brake Pad Installation and Maintenance

Installing new brake pads on your Honda S2000 might seem like a daunting task, but with a little patience and the right tools, it can be a rewarding DIY project. It's crucial to follow proper installation procedures to ensure optimal performance and safety. In terms of maintenance, regular inspections are key. Look for uneven wear, listen for squealing noises, and pay attention to how your car feels when braking. These signs can indicate when it's time to replace your brake pads.

Common Mistakes When Choosing and Installing Brake Pads

Man pointing at brake pad

When selecting and installing brake pads, there are some common mistakes to avoid. Choosing pads solely based on price is a common pitfall; remember that cheaper pads may not provide the performance or longevity you need. During installation, failing to clean and lubricate caliper sliders or neglecting to properly bed the new pads can lead to decreased performance and increased wear.

OverRev’s Honda S2000 Brake Pad Guide

White Modified Honda S2000 on track

We hope that this guide has been helpful as you search for a set of the perfect brake pads for your Honda S2000. Finding the right brake pads is important when it comes to improving your S2K's brake performance and also helps you stay safe behind the wheel, whether you're navigating your local city streets or gearing up for another day at the race track. Remember, the perfect brake pads for your S2000 are the ones that fit your driving style and the type of road conditions you frequent the most.

We would like to thank you for taking the time to read our best S2K brake pad guide. We encourage you to explore more Honda S2000 content on our platform so you continue to improve your Honda S2000 even more!  We have a wealth of information and guides available, providing insights into a variety of topics designed to help you get the most out of your Honda S2000. Thanks for reading, be sure to check back often!


Can I install new brake pads myself, or should I have a shop do it?

 If you have the right tools and feel comfortable with basic car maintenance, you can install brake pads yourself. However, if you're unsure, it's always safer to hire a professional mechanic.

How often should I replace my Honda S2000 brake pads? 

The lifespan of brake pads depends on various factors, including your driving style, the type of brake pads, and driving conditions. However, it's generally recommended to check your brake pads every 50,000 miles for most street-driven S2Ks.

What are the signs of worn-out brake pads?

Symptoms of worn-out brake pads include squealing or screeching noises when braking, longer stopping distances, a vibrating brake pedal, or a warning light on your dashboard.

Are there any specific brake pad brands you recommend for the Honda S2000? 

Brands such as Hawk, SP Performance, Project Mu, StopTech, and EBC offer excellent brake pads designed to improve the brake system of your Honda S2000.

How do I know if ceramic, semi-metallic, or organic brake pads are right for my Honda S2000? 

Your choice between ceramic, semi-metallic, or organic brake pads will depend on your driving style and where you drive the most. Ceramic pads are quieter and cleaner but may not perform as well under high-performance conditions. Semi-metallic pads are excellent for heat dissipation, and organic pads are generally smoother and quieter but wear faster.

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