Exploring The Best Turbo Kits for the Honda S2000

The Honda S2000, produced from 1999 to 2009, is a sportscar celebrated for its remarkable design, excellent handling, and high-performance inline-four engine. The car's F20C engine has earned its rightful place as one of the best engines ever created with a record-setting specific output of 123.5 horsepower per liter for a naturally aspirated production car engine. But it's the later version, F22C1, with a larger 2.2-liter displacement that truly strikes a chord with enthusiasts for its increased torque and improved drivability.

While the Honda S2000 set the bar high from the factory, the car's potential doesn't end with its stock configuration. For S2000 enthusiasts and gearheads, the aftermarket offers a vast array of possibilities. The S2000, especially with its F22C1 power plant, provides an ideal platform for any number of modifications and improvements, such as turbocharging. Join us as we explore the world of the best aftermarket turbo kits for the S2000, a subject that opens up an exciting new path for power and performance for this iconic roadster.

Why You Should Consider Turbocharging Your S2000

2000 Honda S2000 'Turbo'

Turbocharging your S2000 can dramatically increase its horsepower numbers, transforming it into a monster on both the street and the track. A high-quality turbo kit will increase power across the RPM range, giving your S2000 a notable improvement in acceleration and overall performance. Moreover, turbocharging will completely change your S2000’s driving dynamics, adding a big bump in terms of power and acceleration as well as a completely different and distinctive exhaust note filled with turbo noises and the like!

What Is A Honda S2000 Turbo Kit?

Science of Speed Turbo Kit Honda S2000

What Does A Turbo Kit Consist Of?

ScienceofSpeed TS-Max Twin Scroll Turbocharger System Honda S2000

A turbo kit is a complete package with all the necessary parts to turbocharge your vehicle. These components typically include the turbocharger itself, an intercooler, a wastegate, various piping (for intake, exhaust, and the intercooler, fuel, and ignition upgrades, and all necessary hardware and gaskets. Depending on the kit, it may also include an exhaust manifold and downpipe, silicone hoses, clamps, and possibly an engine management system or piggyback computer.

How Do Turbos Increase Power Output?

Turbo Diagram

A turbocharger improves engine performance by forcing more air into the combustion chamber, allowing more fuel to be burned and thus more power to be produced. The turbocharger uses the engine's exhaust gasses to spin a turbine, which in turn spins an air compressor, compressing the incoming air and providing a boost to the engine's intake. The result is a significant increase in horsepower and torque, improving your Honda's overall performance capabilities.

What to Consider When Choosing A Turbo Kit for Honda S2000

ScienceofSpeed TS-MAX Twin Scroll Turbocharger SystemHonda S2000

Is It Compatible With An AP1 or AP2?

AP1 S2000 and AP2 S2000 Parked

While many turbo kits are designed to fit all S2000 models, some are specific to certain model years or engines (F20C or F22C). It's vital to check the compatibility of the kit with your S2K to avoid any installation issues and ensure optimal performance.

What Are Your Power Goals?

White Turbo Honda S2000

Defining your power goals is key when selecting a turbo kit for your Honda S2000, as different kits offer varying levels of potential horsepower. If you're seeking a modest horsepower increase for everyday use or occasional spirited driving, a stage 1 turbo kit designed for low-to-mid boost levels offers a balance of power and drivability, suitable for both street and track duties. These kits provide a noticeable increase in power while maintaining practicality and won’t have you hanging on for dear life when you hit the gas.

Conversely, if you're looking to completely transform your S2000 into a track monster or are shooting for low quarter-mile times, a stage 2 turbo kit would be ideal. These kits can potentially double or even triple the stock horsepower levels but may require additional modifications to harness the extra power.

When choosing a turbo kit, also consider your driving style and preference for power delivery—some drivers might prefer a linear power curve, while others may enjoy the dramatic power surge of a large turbo as it hits full boost. The perfect turbo kit should align with your power goals and driving style, ensuring it improves both your S2000's performance and your driving experience.

How Much Does It Generally Cost?

Car Parts Simpson Meme

The price range for S2000 turbo kits is vast, encompassing both economically priced options and high-end kits that command a significant investment. It's important to factor in the whole cost, which goes beyond just the turbo kit itself. This includes paying for professional installation, any additional supporting modifications, and budgeting for a custom tune on a local dyno.

While evaluating your budget, remember that cheaper isn't always better in the world of performance modifications. Economically priced kits might be tempting, but the quality of components, power gains, and reliability may not match those of higher-end kits. On the other hand, premium kits, while expensive, often provide better performance, superior build quality, and extended durability. 

Therefore, when you are budgeting for a turbo kit, you should balance your initial cost considerations with the long-term value and potential future maintenance or repair costs. This holistic approach ensures your investment in a turbo kit is worth the dollars invested and will be a reliable performance upgrade for your Honda S2000.

How Hard Is A S2000 Turbo Kit Install?

MotoIQ Custom S2000 Turbo Kit

The simplicity of installing turbo kits can vary significantly, a factor that notably impacts the time and financial commitment needed for the upgrade. Some kits are more user-friendly, boasting well-designed OEM-like components and well-defined instructions. These kits are particularly appealing for those contemplating a DIY approach or aiming to minimize installation costs.

However, more complex kits may necessitate a higher level of mechanical expertise, specific tools, or even customized fabrication for proper fit. While these kits might lengthen the installation timeline and increase costs, especially if professional assistance is sought, they often promise greater performance gains. Therefore, when choosing a turbo kit, consider your mechanical proficiency, time and budget constraints, and power ambitions to ensure a balanced blend of performance improvement and feasibility.

Should You Get A Supercharger Instead of A Turbo?

Turbo vs Supercharger

Power and Performance

Turbo Honda S2000 Dyno Graph

Both supercharging and turbocharging are methods employed to boost an engine's power output, but they offer distinct performance characteristics. A supercharger, linked directly to the engine via a belt, offers linear power delivery, resulting in consistent power across all RPMs. This leads to instant response and an increase in power akin to a naturally aspirated engine.

However, when considering higher power potentials, turbochargers often have the edge. While turbochargers - driven by the engine's exhaust gasses - may exhibit lag at lower RPMs, once they 'spool' up with sufficient exhaust flow, they can provide an exhilarating surge of power that continues to the redline. 

For cars like the Honda S2000, known for its high-revving engine, turbo kits are particularly beneficial as they can leverage the high RPM characteristics of the engine. This allows for a greater power ceiling compared to superchargers, leading to more significant power gains across the rev range. For S2000 owners seeking the ultimate in performance for the S2000, a turbocharger is often the preferred choice if you are looking for big power numbers beyond what a typical SC kit can provide.

Engine Longevity and Maintenance

Honda F20C Engine

Supercharging and turbocharging, while great for significantly increasing engine power, do put extra strain on various parts of your S2000. The engine, along with other components such as the drivetrain, are subject to increased stress due to the added power and overall temperatures produced by these systems. 

Despite this, both supercharging and turbocharging can be quite reliable methods of forced induction. It is crucial to avoid consistently driving at the upper end of the engine's power band to prevent excessive wear and tear as well as making sure everything stays at an optimal operating temperature.

Regular maintenance is also vital - it involves checking, servicing, and sometimes replacing components to ensure the systems function optimally without causing significant damage to the vehicle's components.

The Best Turbo Kits For The Honda S2000

Now let's dive into our selection of the top turbo kits for your Honda S2000!

We've scoured the internet, poured over owner reviews on S2Ki and other forums, and analyzed the turbo kits available from several reputable manufacturers to present you with the best options currently in production. Our list factors in a wide range of considerations - from the overall power potential, the quality and durability of components, to the ease of installation and cost-effectiveness.

Our goal is to provide a balanced view that will help you make an informed decision, whether you're prioritizing raw power, reliability, or value for your investment. So, let's get started!

Full-Race T4 Twin Scroll Turbo Kit Review

Full Race S2000 T4 Divided Dual 38mm Forward Facing Turbo Manifold
Full-Race T4 Twin Scroll Turbo Kit

Full-Race's Garrett Twin Scroll T4 Turbo Kit for the Honda S2000 is designed specifically for the F20C and F22C VTEC engines. Renowned for its exceptional power numbers and throttle response, the kit is versatile, being used by S2K owners for road racing, time attack, drag racing, or daily commuting without missing a beat. 

The turbo kit comprises the Full-Race T4 Twin Scroll Turbo Manifold, a 3" Downpipe & Midpipe, an intercooler, charge pipes, and Full-Race hardware and fittings.

The Full Race turbo kit offers various upgradeable options including optional TiAL wastegates and ceramic coating for improved performance and longevity. The kit also features a Full-Race Oil Filter Relocation Kit, ensuring a seamless installation.

Parts are robotically TIG welded for improved strength, and they can handle turbochargers ranging from the 400/500whp Garrett S200SX to the 1100+whp Garrett S400SX units, offering flexibility based on your power goals.

 Some modifications, such as relocating the battery or installing a slim radiator fan, may be necessary for the best results. Furthermore, dual external wastegates are required, and the CAD/CFD-designed Full-Race manifolds ensure perfect fit and performance. 

This complete turbo kit is a great solution for anyone looking to turbocharge their S2000 while maintaining a balance between daily drivability and big power numbers!

GReddy Turbo Kit Review

GReddy Turbo Kit

GReddy, an industry titan in the JDM sports car scene, has showcased its prowess with the bolt-on GReddy turbo kit for the Honda S2000 (AP2). This comprehensive package includes everything you need to increase your horsepower and torque by an impressive 60hp and 60 ft-lb. 

With decades of experience behind it, GReddy offers the perfect balance of immediate responsiveness and peak power, having meticulously tailored the turbocharger's size and design to suit the S2000. A standout feature is its 50-state CARB compliance, achieved through the supply of a pre-programmed Hondata FlashPro and 550cc fuel injectors.

The kit's standout features include a Garrett GTX2867R Gen 2 turbocharger, ensuring reliable, powerful performance. It also boasts a GReddy Type 28 inner-fin air-to-air intercooler, improving charge air cooling for improved power. A robust cast exhaust manifold provides superior heat resistance and longevity, while lightweight, durable aluminum intake piping ensures an efficient intake charge path. Lastly, the kit provides all the necessary installation hardware, gaskets, brackets, and hoses, simplifying the upgrade process. 

This turbo kit represents a comprehensive, ready-to-install performance solution that perfectly marries improved horsepower levels with nationwide emissions compliance, ensuring that you can have your cake and eat it too!

Inline Pro Stage 2 Turbo Kit Review

Inline Pro Stage 2 Turbo Kit

InlinePRO's Stage 2 turbo kit has been purpose-built to deliver high horsepower numbers straight out of the box. The manifold is designed to accommodate a turbo as large as a GT40 without a fuss and an even bigger GT42R with some modifications. Constructed with a focus on maximum horsepower, this kit features 3" mandrel-bent polished aluminum charge pipes and a 3" downpipe.

Owners of the Inline Pro Stage 2 kit have been able to achieve impressive performance numbers from the F20/F22C1, with a reliable 700rwhp from a Precision 67/65 turbo on race gas, and over 500 rwhp on pump gas.

The turbo manifold, made of Schedule 10 stainless steel, comes with a cast stainless steel elbow for improved durability. It also features a true merge collector, built to increase exhaust flow. The package includes an InlinePRO T4 turbo manifold, InlinePRO 3" charge pipes, and 3" downpipe, an InlinePRO 1000 hp intercooler, a Turbo Smart 50mm wastegate, a Precision 67/65 turbocharger, and an oil feed and oil return kit.

Aimed at serious Honda S2000 enthusiasts, the InlinePRO Stage 2 Turbo Kit is meticulously designed and crafted. It offers a comprehensive, high-performance solution for those who are looking to maximize the potential of their Honda S2000 without compromising on durability and reliability.

ScienceofSpeed TS-MAX Twin Scroll Turbocharger System Review

ScienceofSpeed TS-MAX Twin Scroll Turbocharger System Honda S2000
ScienceofSpeed TS-MAX Twin Scroll Turbocharger System

The TS-MAX Twin Scroll Turbocharger System by ScienceofSpeed – is the epitome of a high-quality, all-inclusive turbo kit for the Honda S2000. This system, which has undergone rigorous development and testing on the racetrack, harmonizes top-notch performance with long-lasting durability. 

Thanks to over a decade of S2000 experience and a stringent engineering approach, ScienceofSpeed has developed a system that's easy to install, simple to maintain, and capable of a formidable 150-300 horsepower gain over factory power.

What sets the TS-MAX system apart is its unique combination of a twin-scroll turbocharger with the elimination of ancillary elements like oil scavenge pumps and remote-mounted oil filters. It also doesn’t require modifications to factory components, including the battery, air conditioning hard lines, or fuse box. Furthermore, no body or frame modifications are needed.

By prioritizing both high performance and ease of installation and maintenance, the TS-MAX Twin Scroll Turbocharger System is a standout solution for turbocharging the Honda S2000. This is definitely a kit that anyone thinking about turbocharging their S2000 should definitely consider!

Ballade Sports GT35 Turbo Kit Review

Ballade Sports GT35 Turbo Kit

The Ballade Sports GT35 Turbo Kit for the Honda S2000 is a comprehensive, no-modification-required solution for those looking to add a bit of boost to their F-Series. This bolt-on kit, which does not require any welding, cutting, or modification, preserves the stock oil filter's original location, thus eliminating the need for relocation. It has been dyno tested on the stock F20C and F22C Engines, achieving an impressive 439 whp and 274 lb tq at 10psi boost on a 200k mile S2000 AP1 F20C engine.

The kit consists of a range of high-quality components, including a black-coated GT35/T4 sized ball bearing turbo, a turbo manifold, a 3-inch downpipe, and a 24"x12"x3" intercooler, complete with mounting brackets. 

Additional parts include black-coated 3" aluminum piping, black silicone hoses, stainless steel T-clamps, a TurboSmart Hypergate 45 wastegate, a compact blow-off valve, and a comprehensive oil plumbing kit. 

Ensuring optimal performance and durability, the Ballade Sports turbo kit is a valuable investment for the Honda S2000 enthusiast that is looking for reliable horsepower increases for years to come.

PTUNING Turbo Kit Review

PTUNING S2000 Turbo System

The PTuning Turbo Kit for the Honda S2000 is a clear reflection of continued performance innovation, even for the long-discontinued Honda S2000 that so many of us love.

They have strived to make the installation process straightforward and user-friendly, skipping the need for adjusting components or relocating essential items like the battery, fuse box, A/C lines, and oil filter. Notably, there's no need to alter the oil pan or girdle to accommodate the turbo oil return line, helping you save time and avoid potential mechanical issues.

Designed with a focus on efficiency and performance, the turbo kit features a bottom-mounted turbo manifold. This strategic placement improves weight distribution, resulting in improved handling while simultaneously reducing heat within the engine bay. The placement also allows for the 3" downpipe to improve exhaust flow, enabling quicker turbo spool-up and increased power.

The Ptuning turbo kit includes a durable turbo manifold with an equal-length layout, adding to efficient exhaust flow, while the T304 stainless steel construction improves its durability. An external oil scavenging pump is also part of the package, eliminating complications associated with turbo oil return and ensuring the system's longevity. 

The turbo kit from PTuning is highly versatile, catering to various performance goals whether you're looking to add a boost to your daily driver or need more power for the racetrack.

Full Blown Motorsports Stage 2 Turbo Kit Review

Full Blown Honda S2000 Stage 2 Direct Bolt On Turbo Kit
Full Blown Motorsports Stage 2 Turbo Kit

Full Blown Motorsports is proud to offer their Stage 2 Turbo Kit, a comprehensive solution engineered to provide significant power gains for your Honda S2000 without any need for an oil filter or battery relocation. This kit is focused on convenience, featuring an all-encompassing bolt-on design that reduces complexity during the installation process.

The FBM turbo kit includes a variety of high-quality components, all designed or chosen to provide rock-solid reliability for your S2000. The T4 FBM Tubular Manifold is the key to this turbo kit’s design and is paired with a Full Blown 3" V Band Stainless downpipe for optimal exhaust flow.

Other components include Full Blown Intercooler piping and a Stainless dump tube to ensure efficient cooling and waste gas venting. A constant supply of cool air to the turbo is supplied by a robust 800 HP Intercooler, ensuring that you’ll always have adequate air available for the next pull. 

When it comes to choosing a turbo for your setup, you can opt for either the Precision 5858 or 6262 turbocharger, depending on your specific power goals. Also included is a Tial MVR Wastegate and a Tial Q Blow Off Valve (BOV) that handles boost pressure regulation with ease. The kit is complete with all the necessary oil lines, fittings, couplers, a turbo blanket, manifold wrap, and T-bolt clamps for a straightforward setup.

To put it simply, this truly is a complete solution that prioritizes power, efficiency, and easy installation for Honda S2000 owners that are looking for the best the market has to offer.

Kings Performance Stage 1 Turbo Kit Review

KP Honda S2000 Stage 1 Direct Bolt On Turbo Kit
Kings Performance Stage 1 Turbo Kit

Kings Performance has unveiled their Stage 1 Direct Bolt-On Turbo Kit, a comprehensive turbo package for your Honda S2000 that promises both high performance and easy installation. What sets this kit apart is its meticulous design, specifically created to facilitate a hassle-free bolt-on process, eliminating complex adjustments or modifications to ensure a quality fit.

The core components of this kit are Kings Performance's eye for high-quality parts either fabricated or selected for use. The KP T3 Tubular Manifold and KP 3" Vband Stainless downpipe come together to ensure optimum exhaust flow and a quick spooling turbo.

KP's Intercooler piping and Stainless dump tube add to the kit's performance and cooling capabilities, supported by a robust KP 600 HP Intercooler for thermal efficiency. The turbocharger options include a choice between the Precision GEN2 5858, 6062, or 6266 journal-bearing turbochargers, allowing you to match the turbo kit with your specific power goals.

Additional components include a Tial MVR Wastegate and Tial Q BOV for precise boost pressure control. The package also features all the necessary couplers, T-bolt clamps, oil lines, and fittings for easy installation. To cap it all off, a Turbo Blanket and Heat Wrap are provided to handle heat management, ensuring that this well-rounded turbo kit is the perfect solution for your Honda S2000.

Care and Maintenance of Your Turbocharged S2000

Modified Silver Honda S2000 with hood open

Regular Servicing

Regular servicing is critical for the longevity of any vehicle, but it becomes even more important when you've turbocharged your S2000. Ensure regular oil changes with high-quality oil, regular checks of the turbo system for any leaks or issues, and to follow any additional maintenance recommendations from the turbo kit manufacturer.

Managing Heat in Turbocharged Engines

Turbochargers can introduce significant additional heat under the hood. Thus, consider upgrades to your cooling system, such as a larger radiator, and consider heat shielding for sensitive components near the turbocharger.

Handling and Driving Tips for Turbocharged Cars

A turbocharged S2000 will behave differently than a naturally aspirated one, especially if the power has been increased substantially. Be aware of turbo lag and the sudden surge in power when the turbo spools, and always ensure your driving skills and the conditions match the power you're putting down.

OverRev’s Best Honda S2000 Turbo Kit Guide

White Turbocharged Honda S2000 with V Mount Intercooler

Wrapping things up, the Honda S2000 offers a wide array of turbo kit options to suit various needs and budgets. If you're after sheer power and top-tier performance, you can't go wrong with the Full-Race T4 Twin Scroll Turbo Kit or the ScienceofSpeed TS-MAX. For the cost-conscious, the PTUNING Turbo Kit provides solid performance at a reasonable price. But if you're seeking a balanced blend of reliability and performance, the GReddy Turbo Kit should be your go-to.

Remember, turbocharging your S2000 doesn't just boost its speed and power, it transforms your entire driving experience. But with great power comes increased maintenance, more frequent visits to the gas station, and the need for extra care while driving because of the increase in overall power.

Before we let you go, we want to extend our thanks to you for spending time with us today. We hope this guide has been insightful and beneficial if you’re considering whether you want to turbocharge your S2000. Don't forget to check out our other content for more Honda S2000-related tips, guides, and reviews. We look forward to seeing you again!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Much Horsepower Can I Expect from a Turbo Kit?

The horsepower gain from a turbo kit varies depending on the specific kit and how it's tuned. However, a well-selected and properly installed turbo kit could potentially increase your S2000's horsepower by 50-100% or more.

How Long Does It Take to Install a Turbo Kit?

The installation time for a turbo kit can range from a full day to several days, depending on your experience level and the complexity of the kit.

What Are the Risks of Turbocharging My S2000?

Turbocharging can introduce additional strain on the engine and drivetrain, potentially leading to increased wear and tear. It's crucial to follow proper maintenance procedures, consider supporting modifications, and ensure professional tuning to mitigate these risks.

Can I Install a Turbo Kit Myself?

With sufficient mechanical knowledge and the right tools, it is possible to install a turbo kit yourself. However, professional installation is recommended to ensure the job is done correctly and safely, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the process.

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