Turbo Time - Your Ultimate Guide To The Best Nissan 370Z Turbo Kits

The Nissan 370Z is one of the most popular and iconic sports cars of the past decade. With its sleek styling and powerful V6 engine, it's easy to see why the 370Z has amassed such a loyal following. Many 370Z enthusiasts are interested in turbocharging their vehicles to take performance to the next level. In this comprehensive guide, we'll cover everything you need to know about turbocharging your Nissan 370Z.

Choosing The Best Nissan 370Z Turbo Kits

When it comes to choosing the best turbo kits for the Nissan Z34, we chose some of the best turbo kits available. Each kit offers massive power gains, quality components, reliability, and fully comprehensive supporting mods. Both twin turbo and single turbo options made the cut, using top-brand turbochargers and upgraded fuel, oil, exhaust, and tuning systems proven to safely deliver dramatic horsepower increases. Only kits we evaluated as offering great value with reputations for quality, easy installs, and extreme real-world performance potential made our list so you can rest assured knowing that these are OEM quality kits you’re considering.

GReddy Twin Turbo Kit

The GReddy Twin Turbo Kit turns the 370Z into an absolute beast. This complete stage 2 forced induction system is specially engineered for 2009+ Nissan 370Z models. It packs a punch with a pair of TD05H 18G turbochargers and Type-S external wastegates. Custom stainless steel manifolds and a large front-mount intercooler provide the supporting mods to deliver a hurricane of power. A pre-programmed EcuTek ECU ensures everything runs in perfect harmony. With the GReddy kit, 370Z owners can reliably generate 100-150 more intense wheel horsepower on otherwise stock engines. The components are integrated for factory-quality fitment and hassle-free installation. If you're looking to seriously boost your 370Z's performance without piecing together a hodgepodge system, the GReddy Twin Turbo Kit is an excellent option.

Soho Motorsports Top Mount Turbo Kit

The Soho Motorsports Single Turbo Kit packs a single turbo punch from its innovative top mount design. As the first reverse rotation single turbo system developed for the 370Z’s VQ37VHR engine, it set the bar high. The Garrett GTX3576R turbocharger, Turbosmart wastegate, and Injector Dynamics 1050x injectors deliver brute force up to 500+ horsepower. The kit stays sturdy under pressure with reinforced silicone couplers and billet aluminum fittings throughout the Vibrant stainless steel piping. With a factory-style fitment, the Soho single turbo kit installs smoothly for big turbo power gains in the 370Z. If you want monstrous turbocharged output without the complexity of a twin setup, the Soho Motorsports kit is a premier single turbo solution.

AAM Competition Twin Turbo Kit

AAM Competition broke new ground with their 370Z Twin Turbocharger System. It takes forced induction to the next level by utilizing innovative BorgWarner EFR turbochargers for instant throttle response and 500+ HP each. The OEM-quality stainless steel manifolds and motorsport-grade oil and coolant lines handle the output reliably. A large vertical flow intercooler and polished aluminum intake piping maximize airflow. With up to 700+ wheel horsepower potential, this system will thrill in both stock and highly built engines exceeding 850HP. The combination of cutting-edge performance and robust engineering cements AAM's Twin Turbo Charger System as the new benchmark in 370Z turbo kits.

Fast Intentions Twin Turbo System

The extensively engineered Fast Intentions Twin Turbo Kit takes 370Z performance to the extreme. It leverages 3D CAD design to flawlessly integrate innovative technologies like ball bearing Xona Rotor 2868 turbochargers, billet TiAL components, and a robust Bell intercooler core. The cast manifolds and U.S.-made piping withstand intense heat and pressure, while the reinforced oil and cooling components enable 800+ HP output. Top-tier Bosch 650cc injectors and AFE intake feed the beast with max fueling and airflow. With insane turbocharged power backed by intelligent and robust design, the Fast Intentions Twin Turbo Kit was created to dominate.

VPF Single Turbo Kit

The VPF Single Turbo Kit produces the most monstrous horsepower of any single turbo system available for the 370Z. Their Garrett G35-1050 turbo and divided twin scroll manifold create sports car-like response with up to 500 ft-lbs of torque by just 3500 RPM. The stainless steel manifolds and piping, V-band clamps, mammoth intercooler core, and efficient oiling system ensure this beast stays reliably tame. With reinforced components and optimized charge piping, VPF built their single turbo kit to push 370Z performance to the absolute limit.

The Basics of Turbocharging

A turbocharger is a forced induction system that uses exhaust gases to spin a turbine, which then spins an air compressor. This compressed air is forced into the engine, allowing more air and fuel to be combusted in each cylinder. The result is a significant horsepower and torque boost.

Turbocharging has two major benefits for the Nissan 370Z:

  • Increased Performance - A properly tuned turbo kit can reliably add 100-150 horsepower at the wheels. This transforms the character of the 370Z, allowing for much quicker acceleration.
  • Improved Fuel Efficiency - The increase in power means you can use less throttle to accelerate. Additionally, smaller turbochargers spool up quickly, boosting low-end torque. This can allow drivers to achieve better MPG around town.

Why Add a Turbocharger to Your Nissan 370Z?

For many owners, the 370Z is an incredible sports car straight from the factory. But some desire even greater power and performance. Bolting on a turbo kit is one of the most effective ways to achieve this goal.

Turbochargers allow the V6 engine to produce significantly more horsepower and torque across the entire RPM range. The 370Z will offer neck-snapping acceleration at any speed, allowing you to beat competitors off the line or blow past traffic on the highway.

With a well-engineered turbo kit, many drivers also report better fuel mileage when driving normally. The boosted low-end torque means less throttle is required for daily driving.

How Does a Turbo Kit Differ from a Turbocharger?

AAM Competition Twin Turbo Kit

A turbocharger by itself is just one component that pressurizes the intake air. A complete turbo kit includes all supporting mods needed for a complete installation:

  • Turbocharger(s) - The heart of the system. Most kits offer twin turbos for max performance.
  • Intercooler - Cools the pressurized air before entering the engine, increasing density.
  • Downpipe & Exhaust - Allows for proper turbo airflow. Upgrade over stock.
  • Fuel Injectors & Fuel Pump - Supports the engine with more fuel to match additional air.
  • Tuning & Engine Management - Custom ECU tuning required to optimize all components.

Purchasing a full kit saves the hassle of piecing together all required parts. Reputable brands engineer components to work flawlessly together.

Key Features To Look For In A Nissan 370Z Turbo Kit

Soho Motorsports Top Mount Turbo Kit

Not all turbo kits are created equal. Here are the most important factors to evaluate:

Material Quality

Forged aluminum and stainless steel components last longer while handling high temperatures and pressures. Stay away from cheap cast materials prone to failure.

Brand Reputation

Established brands like Garrett, Precision Turbo, and GReddy have engineering expertise. Choose a kit from a company known for producing high-quality systems.

Price vs. Performance

More expensive kits tend to use larger, more efficient turbos and supporting mods. Make sure your power goals align with the kit’s expected performance.

Ease of Installation

Some kits are designed for simple at-home installation. Others require fabrication or removal of major components. Assess your mechanical skills and choose accordingly.

With the right turbo kit, your Nissan 370Z will transform from a great sports car into an absolute monster. Use the tips in this guide to select a system that meets your needs and budget so you can start dominating the streets or track.

Installing Your Nissan 370Z Turbo Kit

Tools Needed

Installing a 370Z turbo kit requires some specialty tools along with standard automotive tools. At minimum you'll need:

  • Socket wrench set with metric sockets
  • Set of hex keys
  • Pliers
  • Hose cutter or razor
  • Torque wrench
  • Jack and jack stands
  • Coolant flush kit
  • OBD2 diagnostic scanner

More advanced kits may require fabrication tools like tubing benders and clamps. Refer to the kit's instructions for full tool requirements.

Step-by-Step Installation Procedure

The installation process will vary depending on the specific turbo kit. However, the general procedure is:

  • Disconnect battery and remove engine covers/intake system to access the engine.
  • Install new oil feed and oil return fittings on the turbocharger.
  • Bolt turbocharger and wastegate to the exhaust manifold. Connect oil and coolant lines.
  • Install downpipe and connect it to the turbo outlet. Modify midpipe if needed.
  • Mount intercooler and connect charge pipes between the intercooler, turbo, and throttle body.
  • Install boost source fittings and run vacuum lines for wastegate control.
  • Replace fuel injectors and upgrade in-tank fuel pump if required by kit.
  • Reinstall intake system and reconnect all sensors.
  • Flash ECU with custom tune supplied with kit and optimize on dyno.
  • Road test vehicle and verify health with OBD2 scanner.

Always follow the manufacturer's instructions closely. Have a professional shop complete the installation if you lack experience.

Safety Precautions

  • Allow time for the engine and turbo to cool before working to prevent burns.
  • Securely lift the vehicle and use jack stands - don't rely on a jack alone.
  • Disconnect the battery when wrenching on the fuel system.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher on hand when installing the exhaust and fuel system mods.
  • Carefully torque all fittings to spec with a calibrated torque wrench.
  • Road test the vehicle cautiously after installing a turbo kit.

How To Maintain Your Turbo Nissan 370Z

Regular Check-ups

To ensure your 370Z stays reliable after adding the turbo kit we recommend the following:

  • Check engine oil level/condition every 1,000 miles. Change oil more frequently.
  • Inspect charge pipes and hoses for leaks/damage. Repair as needed.
  • Check turbo oil feed/drain lines for leaks and blockages.
  • Monitor boost levels and check for wastegate issues.
  • Change spark plugs every 10,000-15,000 miles for optimal performance.

Common Issues and Solutions

Some common issues for turbocharged Nissan 370Z may include the following symptoms -

No boost - Failed wastegate, obstructed charge pipes, blown coupler/hose. Check all charge system components.

Smoking turbo - Bad turbo seals indicated by bluish smoke. The turbo may need to be rebuilt or replaced.

Burning oil - Bad turbo seals allow engine oil into the intake and exhaust. Inspect the turbo closely.

Boost spikes - Wastegate is not opening properly at target boost levels. Inspect wastegate actuator and vacuum lines.

Check engine light - Get codes scanned to identify problems with sensors or engine misfires. The tune may need to be adjusted.

OverRev’s Nissan 370Z Turbo Kit Guide

The top turbo kits for the Nissan 370Z significantly boost horsepower and torque to transform these sports cars. A properly engineered twin turbo or single turbo setup from a reputable brand like GReddy, AAM Competition, or VPF unlocks the 370Z's true high-performance potential.

While forced induction substantially increases power, integrating a turbo system requires an integrated performance approach to maximize results. Supporting modifications like exhaust, air intake, fuel system, and ECU tuning upgrades work synergistically with turbochargers.

Our other Nissan 370Z performance mod guides provide the blueprint:

  • Check out our Nissan 370Z Supercharger Guide for an alternative forced induction upgrade that still allows for big power gains. Centrifugal and roots-style supercharger kits each have advantages compared to turbo setups.
  • Our Nissan 370Z Air Intake Guide covers options like the Stillen Gen 3 intake to feed more airflow to your turbocharged engine.
  • Match your turbo kit with a cat-back exhaust like the Fast Intentions to reduce back pressure. Our Nissan 370Z Exhaust Guide has the best options.

Follow our guides to build the ultimate Nissan 370Z - you'll be amazed by just how much better your Z can perform!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is installing a turbo kit difficult?

Turbo kit installation requires advanced automotive skills and tools. An experienced mechanic shop is highly recommended, especially for more complex twin turbo systems. Proper installation is crucial for performance and reliability.

Can a turbo kit void my Nissan 370Z warranty?

Yes, adding an aftermarket turbo kit can potentially void the factory powertrain warranty since it modifies the engine. Extended third party warranties may also be voided. Check policies before installing a kit.

What are the risks of installing a low-quality turbo kit?

Cheap turbo kits with inferior materials and improper tuning can cause major engine damage. Oil leaks, blown gaskets, pistons overheating, and excessive wear will likely occur quickly. Invest in a premium system from a reputable brand to ensure reliability and performance.

How much power can I expect from a 370Z turbo kit?

It depends on the specific kit and tuning, but most can reliably generate between 400-600 horsepower at the wheels when properly installed. With built engines, some kits can produce over 700+ HP.

Will a turbo kit work with an automatic transmission 370Z?

Yes, turbo kits are compatible with both manual and automatic 370Z models. However, a manual is recommended to handle the extra power without transmission issues.

What supporting mods should be done with a turbo kit?

Fuel system upgrades, a tuning device like Uprev or ECUTek, upgraded engine internals on high HP builds, an aftermarket exhaust system, and chassis bracing are key supporting mods to consider.

Are there any CARB legal turbo kits for the Nissan 370Z?

At this time there are no CARB legal complete turbo kits. However, some turbochargers and manifolds are CARB approved and could be used as part of a custom setup.

What kind of fuel economy can I expect after installing a turbo kit?

Most drivers report 1-2 MPG worse fuel economy under normal driving conditions. Aggressive driving will result in significantly worse MPG. E85 flex fuel kits can improve MPG under boost.

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