Track Focused - Your Guide to the Best Ford S550 Mustang Coilovers

The wildly popular sixth-generation Ford Mustang has dominated the sports car market since its debut in 2015. With sophisticated independent rear suspension and advanced chassis dynamics, the S550 Mustang provides an ideal platform for aftermarket suspension upgrades like coilover to help maximize performance. 

By replacing the factory shocks and springs, coilovers allow owners complete control over their suspension. You can customize ride height for an aggressive slammed stance or dial in the perfect track setup to take advantage of the improved driving dynamics, steering response, and sharper handling. 

Our in-depth guide will explore everything you need to know to unlock your Mustang's maximum potential with coilovers. We'll cover how they work, their benefits, and what to look for when shopping for the best coilovers for your Mustang S550. Whether you're new to coilovers or an experienced gearhead, this is your resource for unleashing the very best performance from your Mustang. Let's get started!

Choosing The Best Ford Mustang S550 Coilovers

Based on critical factors like real-world performance, quality construction, durability, value, and community feedback, we've curated this selection of top-rated coilover kits to take your Mustang to the next level. Our comprehensive list covers a wide range of different coilovers built for the street or racetrack, helping you find the perfect set of coilovers to upgrade your pony car's handling and style within your budget.

Modified Grey Ford S550 Mustang Parked

Pedders eXtreme XA Coilovers

Pedders eXtreme XA Coilovers Mustang S550
Pedders eXtreme XA Coilovers

Get ready to dial in your precise, custom suspension setup and start carving up corners after installing a set of  Pedders eXtreme XA Coilovers! Featuring 30-position adjustable damping technology and durable alloy steel motorsport-grade springs, these coilovers are ready for whatever you throw at them. The pre-installed camber plates and roller bearing top assembly ensure you'll retain a responsive, precise steering feel even at its lowest ride height settings. Backed by their engineering expertise, the Pedders eXtreme XA Coilovers give you the tools needed to take your Mustang’s cornering abilities to the next level.


RTR Adjustable Coilovers

RTR Adjustable Coilovers Mustang S550
RTR Adjustable Coilovers

Level up your Mustang's performance on the street and track with the RTR Adjustable Coilovers. Featuring 30-way adjustable monotube shocks calibrated by RTR's chassis experts for incredible balance and control, these coilovers will get your Mustang low and handling like it's on rails. Lower your Mustang for an aggressive, head-turning slammed stance, while RTR's custom valving and spring rates improve traction, grip, and lightning-quick turn-in response. With convenient bolt-on installation, the RTR Coilovers give you the ability to unleash the full potential of your Mustang on the street or at the track.

Roush Single Adjustable Coilovers

Roush Single Adjustable Coilovers S550 Mustang
Roush Single Adjustable Coilovers

Upgrade your Mustang's handling capabilities with the Roush Single Adjustable Coilovers, engineered by suspension experts for balanced, race-inspired performance. Lower your S550 for better cornering grip and an aggressive, head-turning look. Pre-set compression and rebound damping provides a refined, balanced feel on both the street and the track, ensuring your in control behind the wheel. With over 1.0G of lateral grip, a set of Roush Coilovers allows you to push the limits of your S550 like never before!

ISC Track/Race Coilovers

ISC Track/Race Coilovers Mustang S550
ISC Track/Race Coilovers

Turn your S550 Mustang into a corner-carving machine on and off the track with ISC's Track/Race Coilovers. Featuring lightweight aluminum shock bodies with 32-way adjustable damping paired with lowered sport spring rates, this set of coilovers can get your S550 low without sacrificing performance. The ISC Track/Race Coilovers' premium quality monotube shocks improve response and use rebuildable components, giving you a high-performance suspension setup that will last.

ST Suspension ST-XTA Coilovers

ST Suspension ST-XTA Coilovers Mustang S550
ST Suspension ST-XTA Coilovers

Take precise control over your Mustang's handling with a set of ST Suspension's ST-XTA Coilovers. With an adjustable ride height and 16-way adjustable damping, these coilovers give you the ability to fine-tune rebound, compression, and ride height for your driving needs. Lightweight aluminum construction improves response and durability, while camber plates allow custom alignments. With comprehensive adjustability from the ST Suspension's ST-XTA Coilovers, you can completely transform your Mustang’s suspension system and is the perfect setup for spirited driving or the occasional track day.


Ridetech TQ Series Coilovers

Ridetech TQ Series Coilovers Ford Mustang  S550
Ridetech TQ Series Coilovers

Dominate the curves and tame the straights with Ridetech's TQ Series Coilovers featuring monotube shocks with single and dual-stage adjustable compression and rebound damping. Ridetech's high-end aluminum shock bodies and Hyperco steel springs improve response, cornering grip, and ride quality. The Ridetech's TQ Series Coilovers are the perfect suspension upgrade for any weekend warrior who is looking for some of the best coilovers you can buy for your Mustang GT today.


KW Suspension V3 Coilovers

KW Suspension V3 Coilovers Ford Mustang S550
KW Suspension V3 Coilovers

KW's V3 Coilovers are the ultimate suspension upgrade for street and track setups, with independently adjustable rebound and compression paired with an adjustable ride height. Reduce squat, body roll, and dive while improving grip and response as you carve up corners on your favorite backroad or at the track. KW's inverted monotube design and external reservoirs tame temperatures for consistent performance when pushing your Mustang to the limits. If you’re looking for a comfortable ride with handling as sharp as a razor, then be sure to check out the KW V3 Coilovers!


aFe Control Featherlight Single-Adjustable Street/Track Coilovers

aFe Control Featherlight Single-Adjustable Street/Track Coilovers S550 Mustang
aFe Control Featherlight Single-Adjustable Street/Track Coilovers

Improve your Mustang's performance on and off the track with aFe's Featherlight Single-Adjustable Coilovers. Featuring lightweight aluminum housings and remote canisters for improved durability and  24-position damping, the aFe's Featherlight Single-Adjustable Coilovers are the perfect upgrade for anyone looking for a coilover system to take their S550 to the next level.  Whether you're cruising on your favorite or chasing lap times, the aFe Featherlight Coilovers put you in complete control.

BC Racing BR Series Coilovers

BC Racing BR Series Coilovers S550 Mustang
BC Racing BR Series Coilovers

If you're looking to slam your S550, then a set of BC Racing's BR Series Coilovers is exactly what you need. Mono-tube shocks with an adjustable ride height plus 20-position damping adjustment give your Mustang the perfect stance while still retaining comfort and performance. The BR Series from BC Racing offers a budget-friendly solution for S550 owners looking for a better experience than most lower-tier coilovers offer while still providing a high-quality suspension setup you can rely on.

SR Performance Sport Coilovers

SR Performance Sport Coilovers S550 Mustang
SR Performance Sport Coilovers

Take your Mustang's handling and appearance to the next level with a set of SR Performance Sport Coilovers. Featuring heavy-duty monotube shocks that provide adjustable ride height from 1-3 inches lower, these coilovers are made to help you achieve the perfect stance. With 32-way adjustable damping, you can fine-tune your SR Performance Sport Coilover’s rebound and compression damping for your perfect balance of razor-sharp handling and comfortable ride. Lowering your Mustang can significantly improve cornering grip and steering response, and giving your Mustang an eye-catching, track-inspired appearance.

What Are Ford S550 Mustang Coilovers?

Ford Mustang Parked In Garage with Coilover Suspension ready to be installed

Coilovers 101

Coilovers replace the factory shocks and struts with height-adjustable shock absorbers paired with springs in a single integrated unit. This provides complete control over the suspension’s ride height, compression/rebound damping, spring rates, and more. Coilovers transform handling by allowing customization of the suspension geometry for your Mustang’s suspension setup and driving style. They open up tuning possibilities that are just not possible with lowering springs or the stock suspension.

Coilovers vs. Standard Suspension: What Sets Them Apart?

Unlike the stock suspension, coilovers allow you to independently adjust ride height, shock stiffness, and spring rates. This means you can slam your Mustang closer to the ground for that neck-breaking stance while retaining a comfortable ride. Corner weight and alignment can be perfectly dialed in for owners who prefer setting their S550 up for track days. Adding a set of custom coilovers opens suspension tuning possibilities far beyond the factory setup. A set of quality coilovers are often the foundation for building the perfect suspension configuration.


The Performance Benefits of S550 Mustang Coilovers

A modified red Ford S550 Mustang driving on Mulholland Drive

Improved Handling and Durability

Coilovers allow ultra-precise tuning of compression and rebound damping and significantly improve your Mustang’s driving dynamics. This reduces body roll in corners, improves traction, and provides more responsive steering and turn-in compared to stock suspension. You can also adjust each coil-over's settings to tailor the ride quality to your driving style and road conditions. Your Mustang will carve up corners and make your favorite roads even better than before.

The Perfect Suspension Setup

With coilovers, you can slam your Mustang’s ride height for an eye-catching lowered stance. Independent adjustability also means you can have an aggressive ride height while keeping your ride comfortable. For the track, the camber can be increased for sharper handling and weight can be shifted for balanced cornering. Coilovers give you the ability to create your ideal suspension setup for the street and track.

Head-Turning Aesthetics 

Nothing transforms the look of an S550 more than a lowered ride height. A mild 1-2 inch drop enhances your Mustang’s muscular stance while 3 inches or more provide head-turning slammed looks. Lowered ride height complements wider wheels and tires perfectly, making your setup stand out from the crowd. Coilovers make it easy and safe to get the exact look you’re after.


What Makes A Quality S550 Mustang Coilover?

Material and Build Quality

Look for coilovers constructed from high-grade stainless steel and aluminum components. Sealed cartridges and quality internals ensure smooth adjustment and long-term durability for street or track use. Top brands like KW Suspension use inverted shock designs that place the piston at the bottom for improved oil control. We recommend purchasing coilovers that are rigorously engineered to ensure a long service life.


Most adjustable coilovers allow fine-tuning of rebound, compression, and ride height independently. This allows dialing in the perfect balance of handling performance and ride quality. Look for camber plates to help realign suspension geometry at lowered heights. Easy-to-use adjustment knobs are convenient for quick tweaks. More adjustability gives you the ability to dial in your coilover setup.

Custom Spring Rates

Spring rates affect ride quality and handling. Stiffer springs carry more weight and resist compression for improved cornering and control. Softer springs absorb bumps better for a more compliant daily driver. Most coilover manufacturers nowadays offer standard and custom spring rates to match your needs. Understanding these dynamics will help you when choosing the ideal setup. Think carefully about how you want your Mustang to handle and ride and be sure to do some research before pulling the trigger!


How To Install Your Ford S550 Mustang Coilovers

What You Need to Know and Tools Required

Before installing coilovers, be sure to read all instructions thoroughly first. You’ll need basic hand tools like ratchets, sockets, jack stands, and a floor jack. Allow 2-3 hours for DIY installation. A vehicle hoist makes the job significantly easier. Replacement components like camber bolts should be on hand. Don’t forget an alignment is required afterward.

Alignment and Adjustment

After installing your new coilovers, getting an alignment is important to ensure ideal suspension geometry and prevent uneven tire wear. Adjusting ride height and dampers requires careful testing and tuning to match your goals. Take the time to properly dial in rebound, compression, and adjust height to maximize performance, and consider visiting your local race shop if you are unsure about setting up your suspension for track duty.

How To Maintain Your S550 Mustang Coilovers

Ford S550 Mustang on lift with coilover resting in front of it.

Routine Maintenance 

Periodically inspect coilovers for damage, leaks, and noise that may indicate issues. Check torque specs and re-tighten components as needed. Keep dirt and debris off shafts and seals. Overall, quality coilovers can last 50,000+ miles with proper maintenance. Some brands also offer rebuild services at a fraction of the cost of a new set, ensuring your Mustang keeps going while keeping your bank account happy.

Common Issues

Clunking noises over bumps can indicate worn bushings or joints needing replacement. Binding or stiff adjustment may mean dirt contamination needs cleaning. Excess oil on shafts indicates worn seals. Strange handling could point to malfunctioning dampers needing a rebuild or replacement. Catching these issues early can prevent further damage from occurring and the potential of a car accident.


More Ford Mustang S550 Performance Mods

Yellow Ford S550 Mustang with aftermarket exhaust parked on lift

Aftermarket Catback Exhaust

Let your Mustang's engine truly roar with an aftermarket exhaust system. From a simple axle-back to a free-flowing catback, an aftermarket exhaust allows your S550's engine to rev freely and breathe easier. With a performance exhaust, you'll feel a rush of power and enjoy the sweet soundtrack of performance.

Performance Air Intake

Complement your free-flowing exhaust with a cold air intake or short ram system that feeds cooler, denser outside air to the engine for better throttle response and exhilarating power gains. Aftermarket intakes remove restrictive components and maximize airflow, adding more power across the board. Choose between an open-element filter or a sealed box design to dress up your engine bay and add some easy power.

Aftermarket Exhaust Headers

Take your Mustang's performance to the next level by replacing the restrictive factory manifolds with a set of tuned long tube headers. Properly designed stainless steel headers reduce turbulence and increase exhaust flow for substantial power gains, especially in the upper RPM range. But proper ECU tuning is a must with Mustang GT headers to realize their full potential.

OverRev’s Ford Mustang S550 Coilover Guide

Upgrading your stock suspension setup with performance-oriented coilovers is one of the best ways to enhance your S550 Mustang's handling, ride quality, and aesthetics. With the right coilover kit dialed in, your Mustang gets improved steering response, traction, and control whether you’re carving canyons or visiting your local track. Combined with an optimized suspension geometry and lowered stance, your Mustang will handle and look its absolute best.

We hope this guide gives you some insights into how transformative upgrading your S550 with a coilover kit can be for overall performance. Be sure to check out our other in-depth Mustang S550 mod guides covering intakes, exhausts, tuners, and more to unlock the full potential of your pony! As always, happy wrenching and we hope you come back soon!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What are the signs that it's time to upgrade to coilovers?

If your Mustang exhibits excessive body roll, nose-dive under braking, inside wheel lift during hard cornering, or has a bouncy uncomfortable ride, it may be time for coilovers. A desire for a lowered stance or tuning potential is also a good reason.

How do coilovers affect the warranty of my Ford Mustang S550?

Aftermarket coilovers themselves typically won't void the factory warranty, but damage or issues arising from their use may not be covered. Lowering beyond a certain amount can void alignment/suspension warranties. Check with your dealer.

Can I install coilovers on my Mustang S550 myself?

With automotive experience and proper tools, advanced DIYers can install coilovers at home in 2-3 hours per axle. But a professional shop with a lift simplifies the process considerably. Both methods usually yield good results.

How often should coilovers be replaced or serviced?

Quality coilovers can last 50,000-75,000 miles or more. Rebuildable high-end models may go 100,000+ miles with proper servicing. Expect 2-5 years of use depending on miles driven and conditions.

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