Loud Noises - Exploring The Best Exhausts For The Yamaha R6

The Yamaha YZF-R6 has cultivated an iconic status among sportbike enthusiasts since its debut in the late 1990s. This 600cc inline 4-cylinder supersport motorcycle delivers incredible acceleration, razor-sharp handling, and a high-revving race-inspired engine. The R6 strikes a perfect balance between power and everyday rideability. But most R6 owners always want more performance - more midrange torque, quicker throttle response, and an even more exhilarating exhaust note. 

That's where installing high-quality aftermarket exhausts comes in. By reducing restrictions and improving exhaust flow, a quality R6 slip-on exhaust system can provide gains in horsepower and torque across the entire powerband. It also enhances the aggressive sound of the R6's high-revving engine, creating a more visceral riding experience.

In this blog post, we’ll be diving into the world of the best exhausts for the Yamaha R6. We’ll be reviewing some of the most popular exhausts for the YZF R6 available and give you an idea of what to expect if you pull the trigger on any of these awesome exhausts. So let’s get started as we explore the massive variety of exhausts available for your Yamaha!

Reviewing The Best Yamaha R6 Exhausts

In this section, we'll explore some of the most popular bolt-on slip-on exhaust systems for the Yamaha YZF-R6. To find the best options, we looked at critical factors like materials, build quality, weight reduction, dyno proven performance gains, and what makes the best sound.

We focused our search on premium slip-on systems made from quality materials like stainless steel, carbon fiber and titanium. These slip-on exhausts can help unleash your R6's potential with improved throttle response, increased horsepower, aggressive race-inspired styling, and an intoxicating exhaust note.

Competition Werkes GP Slip-On Exhaust

For custom race-inspired style, the Competition Werkes GP slip-on delivers with its hand-welded 304 stainless construction right here in the USA. More than just menacing looks, it also improves power output for improved lap times. The Competition Werkes adds an aggressive tone under acceleration that will have bystanders wondering if a race bike just flew by. With improved flow and lightweight construction, the Competition Werkes GP slip-on helps your R6 realize its full potential.

M4 GP Slip-On Exhaust

Unleash your inner MotoGP rider with the M4 GP slip-on that can transform your R6's sound and style. Its unique low-slung positioning and satin finish integrate seamlessly into the R6's flowing lines for a stealthy look. But the M4 GP lets its presence be known by the deep thunder emanating from its core at low RPMs, building to a screaming MotoGP wail at redline. Advanced CAD design ensures a perfect fit while producing an addictive exhaust note across the rev range, something every R6 rider can appreciate!

Hotbodies Racing MGP Slip-On Exhaust

Inspired by the polished minimalism of modern MotoGP machines, the Hotbodies Racing MGP slip-on makes a striking visual statement with its matte carbon fiber sleeve and stainless end caps. Developed and manufactured in Italy, it significantly reduces exhaust weight while producing an exciting high-RPM tone. The MGP's exotic materials and quality construction reveal great attention to detail that exceeds its budget-friendly price.

Yoshimura AT2 Slip-On Exhaust

Decades of racing success have given Yoshimura the ability to build exquisite exhaust systems like the Yoshimura AT2 slip-on. Constructed from premium stainless steel with elegant MIG welds, its hand-crafted tapered shape optimizes airflow and performance. The AT2 maintains the legendary “Yosh” reputation for quality and durability while adding noticeable mid-range punch and that signature exhaust note R6 riders crave.

Two Brothers Racing S1R Slip-On Exhaust

The Two Brothers S1R exhaust achieves head-turning looks through its exotic carbon fiber sleeve and angular billet aluminum end caps. But this system is more than just style - the specially engineered spiral-wound core produces a deep, resonant tone that screams power. The S1R also reduces weight while adding substantial horsepower and torque across the RPM range. If you want an aggressive exhaust that turns heads while providing proven performance gains, Two Brothers' S1R is an exceptional choice for your R6.

GPR M3 Slip-On Exhaust

GPR M3 Inox Racing Slip On Exhaust Yamaha R6
GPR M3 Slip-On Exhaust

The GPR M3 slip-on is homologated for street use but inspired by GPR’s Moto3 racing pedigree. Its titanium body with stainless endcap provides aggressive GP styling and significant weight savings. Designed and dyno-tested in Italy using advanced TIG welding, the GPR M3 adds performance and enhances the exotic tone of the R6. With premium construction, it represents decades of GPR racing spirit.

Arrow Pro-Race Slip-On Exhaust

Drawing inspiration from MotoGP, Arrow's Pro-Race slip-on pairs premium materials with race-derived engineering. The integrated mid-pipe and muffler reduce weight while improving power delivery. With its striking cone-shaped sleeve and sleek integrated hanger, the Pro-Race adds aggressive aesthetics. Arrow optimizes the internal volume to provide an ideal balance of increased performance and bold style. By integrating the mid-pipe and muffler into a lightweight slip-on, the Arrow Pro-Race gives your R6 an instant boost in power along with head-turning looks.

LeoVince LV-10 Slip-On Exhaust

With championships to its name, LeoVince has used hard-won racing experiences to created the refined yet exciting LV-10 slip-on exhaust. Artisan details like the sandblasted sleeve and laser-etched logo reflect LeoVince's passion for design and performance in the perfect package. The LeoVince LV-10 will give your Yamaha a aggressive, deep tone while dropping pounds compared to stock exhaust muffler. Equally at home on the track or the street, the LeoVince LV-10 slip-on embodies the essence of high performance.

Akrapovic Titanium GP Slip-On Exhaust

Crafted with input from Yamaha's factory MotoGP program, Akrapovic's Titanium GP slip-on represents the pinnacle of racing technology. Meticulous welds and premium titanium construction help reduce mass and ensure you’re getting the best of the best for your
Yamaha. The Akrapovic GP delivers instant throttle response and an exciting exhaust tone whenever you crack open the throttle. With this new exhaust on your Yamaha R6, you’ll be heading to your favorite backroads even more often to experience the roar of this premier slip on exhaust from Akrapovic!

Termignoni GP Carbon Slip-On Exhaust

Representing decades of racing success, the Termignoni GP exhaust uses exotic materials like aerospace-grade carbon fiber to create this perfect slip-on exhaust. Uncompromising in its pursuit of performance and sensual style, Termignoni passionately believes in the soul of the machine. The Termignoni GP Carbon continues their legacy of celebrating both power and design with this signature exhaust for your Yamaha R6.

How Does A Motorcycle Exhaust Work?

LeoVince Full Exhaust System

A motorcycle's exhaust system routes burned gases away from the engine while controlling backpressure, temperature, and noise. The Yamaha R6's stock exhaust performs these jobs well, but an aftermarket slip-on can reduce restrictions and improve performance. 

This allows the R6's engine to breathe and rev more freely, resulting in better throttle response and power gains across the entire powerband. A quality R6 slip-on also improves the sound of your engine, creating an even better experience when riding.

How To Install A Slip-On Exhaust

Proper installation is critical to realizing the performance benefits of an R6 slip-on exhaust. Always follow the manufacture’s instructions and use high quality gaskets, springs, and hardware designed specifically for the exhaust you’re installing. 

Remove the stock system when the bike is dead cold and install the new muffler assembly carefully, ensuring its perfectly aligned and has a leak-free fit.

Ongoing maintenance like periodic inspections, cleaning or polishing the canister, and using additional heat protection can keep the exhaust in good condition for the long haul, ensuring trouble free riding for years to come.

Other Yamaha R6 Performance Mods

Grey 2020 Yamaha R6
Source: Yamaha

While a quality slip-on exhaust can transform you Yamaha R6, consider complementing it with these other performance upgrades!

ECU Reflash

A professional ECU reflash is highly recommended to get the most out of your new slip-on exhaust. Optimizing the fueling and ignition timing maps to match the increased airflow and reduced backpressure allows the engine to take full advantage of your exhaust mods. An ECU flash can result in big improvements in terms of throttle response, power delivery, and horsepower.

High-Flow Air Filter

Installing a high-flow performance air filter like the K&N or Sprint air filters we recommend is another great modification to pair with your slip-on exhaust. More airflow coupled with the improved exhaust flow creates an ideal scenario for overall performance gains. With easy installation and maintenance, a quality high-flow filter offers outstanding performance benefits when paired with a new exhaust.

OverRev’s Yamaha R6 Exhaust Guide

Yamaha R6 Exhaust Slip-On | R6 Slip-On Exhaust – Competition Werkes
Competition Werkes GP Slip-On Exhaust

We hope this guide has provided helpful insights into what we think are some of the best exhausts for the Yamaha R6. The right high-performance slip-on can dramatically improve the power delivery, sound, and visceral experience of riding your R6 on both the street and at the track.

Be sure to explore our full  library of Yamaha R6 content, including our comprehensive tuning guide, air filter guide and ECU reflash guide!

We aim to give R6 owners like you the ultimate resource to customize and care for your motorcycle. As always, ride safe and remember to keep the shiny side up!!

Frequently Asked Questions

What power gains can I expect from an R6 slip-on exhaust? 

You can typically expect to gain 5-10% more horsepower and torque throughout the RPM range.

Will a slip-on void my factory warranty?

In most cases, manufacturers will still honor the warranty with exhaust modifications. Check with your dealer to be sure if your bike still covered by a warranty.

Is installing a slip-on exhaust difficult? 

With some mechanical ability, proper tools, and patience, installation is fairly straightforward job that can be done by most DIY owners.

Do I need an ECU tune with a slip-on exhaust? 

Not required, but it’s highly recommended to maximize performance.

How much louder are aftermarket slip-ons? 

They are louder than stock, but sound levels vary. We recommend comparing sound via Youtube or at your local bike night to find the right volume for your ride .

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