Honda S2000 Supercharger Kits

The Honda S2000, characterized by its sleek design and race-derived chassis, has won the admiration of sports car enthusiasts globally. Yet, its potential goes beyond its stock capabilities. Adding a supercharger kit to your Honda S2000 can dramatically amplify its performance by boosting the power and torque of the F-series engine.

This comprehensive guide aims to help guide you through the world of supercharger kits for the Honda S2000, explaining the benefits and operation of the different supercharger styles, and highlighting the best supercharger kits available in the market today for your Honda. We're here to help you build your Honda S2000 to be even better than the engineers at Honda thought imaginable, turning it into a weapon on the track or the street that will outperform just about anything that lines up next to it!

What Is A Supercharger Exactly?

Honda S2000 engine with Supercharger Installed

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let's talk about what a supercharger is. Understanding the differences between superchargers is important, particularly when it comes to choosing between the different supercharger kits that are available for the Honda S2000.

The three supercharger types include centrifugal, twin-screw, or roots. Each of these supercharger types has a unique operating principle, impacting the power delivery and overall performance of your vehicle.

Centrifugal Superchargers

Rotrex Centrifugal Supercharger
Rotrex Centrifugal Supercharger

Centrifugal superchargers are the most common types found in modern supercharger kits. They operate similarly to a turbocharger but are driven directly by the engine via a belt rather than by exhaust gases. These superchargers provide a linear power curve, meaning power increases steadily with RPM. They are often more efficient and generate less heat than other types of superchargers, but their power delivery at low RPMs can be less impressive.

Twin-Screw Superchargers

Whipple Twin Screw Supercharger
Whipple Twin Screw Supercharger

Twin-screw superchargers are known for their efficiency and instant power delivery across the entire rev range. They work by pulling air through two meshing screws (hence the name). Twin-screw superchargers are particularly known for their high boost at low RPMs, providing impressive torque from the moment you hit the gas pedal.

Roots Superchargers

Speedmaster Roots Supercharger

Roots superchargers are the oldest type of supercharger and work by pushing air into the engine's intake manifold. They are known for their ability to provide high levels of boost at low RPMs, similar to twin-screw superchargers. However, they are often less efficient and generate more heat due to their operational nature.

Besides knowing the types of superchargers on the market today, it's also important to understand the role of intercoolers as part of your forced induction system and boost levels affect performance. Intercoolers cool the air that the supercharger compresses before it goes into the engine, which makes the engine run more efficiently and create consistent power. When it comes to forced induction, PSI is a  measurement of how much air the supercharger is feeding the engine. Higher levels of boost means more power, but remember, there's a limit to how much PSI your S2000’s engine can handle safely. Keeping all this in mind will help you choose the right supercharger kit for your Honda S2000 and ensure that everything stays reliable whether you're looking for a nice bump in power or shooting for max power with a larger supercharger pulley.

Why You Should Consider Supercharging Your S2000

Honda S2000 with Science of Speed SC Kit Installed

Superchargers act as a big power adder when it comes to adding more power to your Honda S2000, and offer a very linear powerband that works perfectly with the high-strung F20C and F22C1 engines. Standing apart from turbochargers, which creates boost with exhaust gases, superchargers operate in harmony with the engine's crankshaft rotation. This operation results in a more immediate and seamless transfer of power, leading to more fun every time you hop behind the wheel.

What this translates to is a notable improvement in throttle response and acceleration. The instant boost, free from turbo lag, significantly transforms your Honda S2000’s driving dynamics, turning it into a more capable sports car on the street or on the track. The immediate power delivery of a supercharger will make your S2000 feel more responsive and significantly quicker, offering an exhilarating ride whether you're cruising on the highway or laying down your new best lap time at your local track. To put it simply, installing a supercharger transforms Honda S2000 into a true powerhouse on the street or at the racetrack.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Supercharger Kit

Modified Honda S2000 with FMIC and Supercharger Installed

Choosing a supercharger for your S20000 is a decision that requires research and planning before pulling the trigger. It goes beyond the instant gratification of increased power; other aspects of installing a new SC kit also demand your attention to keep your S2K’s engine happy. Ensuring that your supercharger kit doesn’t impact the reliability of your F-Series engine should be of utmost importance because no one likes dealing with a blown motor!

Another crucial aspect to consider is the complexity of the installation process. Most supercharger kits aren’t a simple plug-and-play matter and may require significant mechanical knowledge or professional assistance during the installation process. You should take into account how comfortable you feel installing a supercharger kit and whether it may be worth having a reputable shop do the installation to ensure reliability.

Cost is another factor to think about. The price of supercharger kits can vary widely, and the most expensive option is not necessarily the best one for your specific needs. It's important to consider your budget and your return on investment in terms of power. Remember that the cost of the kit won’t include potential installation fees or the price of any additional necessary upgrades.

In essence, each of these factors - increased power, reliability, ease of installation, and cost—plays an important role in determining the best supercharger kit for your Honda S2000. It's about finding a balance that meets your performance goals and budget, ensuring you end up with a choice that guarantees you’ll enjoy driving your supercharged Honda S2000 every time you hop behind the wheel.

Reviewing The Best Honda S2000 Supercharger Kits

In this section, we'll dive into a review of four exceptional supercharger kits that have earned top ratings in the S2000 community. These supercharger kits, namely the HKS GT2, Kraftwerks Supercharger System, ScienceofSpeed Tuner Supercharger System, and TTS Performance Race Supercharger Kit, have been meticulously evaluated based on performance, reliability, and installation process. We’ve dedicated time to reviewing their power-boosting capabilities, understanding the underlying technology and the potential benefits they offer to any Honda S2000 owner, allowing us to write a comprehensive guide for each kit. Now let's get started!

HKS GT2 Supercharger Kit

HKS GT2 Supercharger Kit Honda S2000

The HKS GT2 Supercharger Kit, a fan favorite among Honda S2000 enthusiasts, offers consistent and dependable performance. Its centrifugal supercharger provides smooth and steady power delivery across the entire rev range, ensuring consistent power regardless of RPM. An integral part of this kit is a high-flow fuel pump and larger injectors, vital components that bolster fuel delivery to meet the increased fuel needs for the supercharger. This helps maintain an ideal air/fuel ratio, crucial for maximizing engine performance and efficiency.

Not only does this kit provide a significant power increase, but it also stands out for its straightforward installation process and long-lasting durability. The kit's components, engineered with precision and made from high-quality materials, contribute to the kit's reliability, allowing it to endure the stress of being installed on a track-focused S2K. Whether it's installed by a professional or an experienced DIY mechanic like yourself, the HKS GT2 Supercharger Kit is a reliable and worthwhile investment for those wishing to level up their Honda S2000's performance.

KraftWerks Supercharger System

KraftWerks Supercharger Kit For Honda S2000

The KraftWerks Supercharger System, acclaimed for both power gains and overall efficiency, uses a Rotrex centrifugal supercharger known for its low operational noise and unwavering reliability. This supercharger kit dramatically improves horsepower, striking a perfect balance between increased performance and the linear powerband the S2000 is known for. This supercharger setup from KraftWerks was designed to ensure your Honda S2000 remains as reliable and even more fun to drive, as it gains a significant boost in performance.

This system isn't merely about power — it also includes a front-mount intercooler and all the necessary components for installation, contributing to its status as a comprehensive performance-enhancing solution. KraftWerks also supplies a Grams Performance 320lph high-flow fuel pump and 1000cc injectors, ensuring your S2K has enough fuel to meet the increased demands of the newly installed supercharger. As you can see, this is a complete kit , designed to take away some of the guesswork that oftentimes comes with supercharging any sort of vehicle.

In summary, whether you're an experienced mechanic or entrusting your vehicle to a trusted local shop, the Kraftwerks Supercharger System offers a compelling, all-inclusive package for those seeking to take their Honda S2000 to new heights.

Science of Speed Tuner Supercharger System

Science of Speed Tuner Supercharger System Honda S2000

The Science of Speed Tuner Supercharger System is for Honda S2000 owners aiming for both reliable power gains and customization. This supercharger kit's main feature is its remarkably easy bolt-on power, offering owners a simple solution to add 100 horsepower to their S2K with ease. Its state-of-the-art design ensures efficient power delivery, letting your S2000 take full advantage of the centrifugal supercharger and the boost it's providing.

In addition to the bump in horsepower, the folks at SoS have assembled a supercharger kit that places great emphasis on quality and reliability. Its components are meticulously crafted with precision engineering, which is reflected in the improved throttle response and performance increases that owners can expect. Overall, the ScienceofSpeed Tuner Supercharger System provides a perfect blend of performance, quality parts, and reliability, making it a preferred choice for many Honda S2000 enthusiasts looking for reliable power.

TTS Performance Bottom Mount Supercharger Kit

TTS Performance Supercharger Kit Honda S2000

The TTS Performance Bottom Mount Supercharger Kit has emerged as one of the best choices for Honda S2000 drivers seeking to race-level performance from their supercharger setup. At its heart lies a Rotrex centrifugal supercharger, positioned at the engine's base, which improves the combustion process by forcing additional air into the combustion chambers. This SC kit offers significantly more horsepower gains over stock levels while maintaining engine safety and reliability.

TTS Performance’s SC kit also includes a high-performance race intercooler that maintains optimal engine temperatures under extreme driving conditions in addition to a comprehensive package of necessary hardware and fuel system components for a complete performance supercharger setup. Despite the need for professional installation due to its complexity, the end result is an impressive power gain of up to 600 horsepower. As you can see, the TTS Performance Supercharger kit is a worthwhile upgrade for S2K owners looking for a big bump in power.

Supporting Mods for Supercharging your Honda S2000

Modified Honda S2000 with Hood Open

Supercharging your Honda S2000 can provide a significant increase in terms of power, and to ensure it can continue to stay reliable, installing a number of other upgrades may be necessary. For instance, upgrading your fuel system with a high-flow fuel pump or larger injectors that can handle the increase in power, ensuring the correct air-fuel mixture for efficient fuel combustion. Additionally, strengthening the engine internals, like installing forged pistons or rods, may be needed if your looking to push your supercharger setup to the limit and can contribute to the overall durability and longevity of your engine.

Furthermore, installing an aftermarket exhaust can improve exhaust flow, which is critical for any boosted engine's performance. A free-flowing exhaust can help exhaust gases flow more efficiently, reducing back pressure and reducing engine heat. And last but not least, upgrading some of your S2K’s transmission components, such as installing a beefier clutch and lightweight flywheel, is always a great idea to help your S2000 with the added newly added power.

These supporting modifications act as the bedrock for your supercharger kit, ensuring it works both effectively and reliably, delivering an even more thrilling Honda S2000 with a nice bump in terms of overall power output.

OverRev’s Ultimate Honda S2000 Supercharger Guide

Supercharged Yellow RHD Honda S2000

We truly appreciate you taking the time to read through this comprehensive guide about the best Honda S2000 supercharger kits available now. We hope it has provided you with valuable insights and will help you make a well-informed decision if you do choose to supercharge your Honda S2000.

We're constantly updating and adding to our Honda S2000 content, so don't forget to visit us often. We're committed to providing you with the most current and relevant information to help you get the best out of your Honda S2000. Thank you again for your support, and we look forward to serving you with more engaging and informative content in the future!

Frequently Asked Questions - Honda S2000 Superchargers

How Much Horsepower Does a Supercharger Add?

The amount of horsepower gained depends on the specific supercharger kit and accompanying modifications. However, typically, a supercharger can increase horsepower by 30-50%.

Does a Supercharger Affect Fuel Efficiency?

Yes, superchargers can impact fuel efficiency. The additional air supplied into the engine increases fuel consumption, especially during aggressive driving on the street or at the track.

Can a Supercharger Damage Your Engine?

If installed and maintained correctly, a supercharger is unlikely to damage your engine. However, remember that supercharging increases the wear and tear on your engine, so regular servicing and checks are essential to maintain your engine's health.

How Often Does a Supercharger Need Maintenance?

Maintenance schedules for superchargers vary depending on the type and manufacturer. As a general rule, it's a good practice to check your supercharger during routine vehicle maintenance.

How Does a Supercharger Change the Driving Experience?

Superchargers enhance the driving experience by increasing engine power and response. They provide more immediate acceleration and improved throttle response, making the driving experience more dynamic and exciting.

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