Ford Mustang S550 Modification Guide

In 2015 Ford decided it was time to introduce the next generation of the Ford Mustang to the world in the form of the Ford Mustang S550. The Ford Mustang S550 is a modern muscle car that combines classic style with cutting-edge Ford Performance technology. The S550 features two powerful engine options: the 2.3L Ecoboost and 5.0L Coyote V8. 

The Ecoboost engine delivers a thrilling driving experience with its turbocharged power, while the Coyote V8 offers a truly exhilarating ride with its massive horsepower and torque. Both engines are paired with a smooth and responsive 6-speed manual or 10-speed automatic transmission, making the S550 a joy to drive on the street or track. 

The exterior design of the S550 is sleek and aerodynamic, with a wide stance, aggressive lines, and a bold front grille. The interior is luxurious and comfortable, with high-quality materials and advanced technology features. The S550 is a true American classic that offers a thrilling driving experience for Mustang owners around the world. 

However, for many Mustang enthusiasts, the stock version just doesn't cut it. That's where adding some much-needed performance parts to your S550 comes in. Whether you're looking to boost performance, add a personal touch, or both, there are countless ways to customize your S550 and make it truly your own. In this blog post, we'll dive into some of the most popular modifications for the Ford Mustang S550, including suspension upgrades, performance parts for both the Ecoboost and Coyote engines, and the best ways to enhance your S550’s transmission. 

Whether you're a seasoned Mustang pro or new to the game, this post will give you plenty of inspiration for taking your S550 to the next level. So, let's get started and explore the many ways to make your Mustang truly one-of-a-kind!

Ford Mustang S550 Suspension Upgrades

Stock Ford Mustang GT350
"2018 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350" by SoulRider.222 is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Upgrading the suspension on your Ford Mustang S550 is one of the best places to start when modifying your car, offering improved handling and stability that will put a smile on your face every time you hop into the driver’s seat. Whether you're looking to take your Mustang to the track or just want to make your spirited drives on your favorite road more enjoyable, upgrading the suspension can make a world of difference. 

In this section of our modification guide, we'll take a closer look at some of the most popular suspension upgrades for the Ford Mustang S550, including coilovers, sway bars, strut braces and many other parts. We'll also explain the benefits of each upgrade and help you decide which one is right for you and your S550. So, whether you're a Mustang owner looking to improve your car's performance or just want to enhance your daily driving experience, this section will give you all the information you need to get started when it comes to modifying your S550’s suspension components.

Ford Mustang S550 Lowering Springs

Ford Mustang S550 aFe Lowering Springs
aFe Control Lowering Springs

If you're looking for a way to improve your Mustang’s suspension on a budget, lowering springs are a popular aftermarket upgrade for the Ford Mustang S550 and can provide a significant performance upgrade compared to the stock springs.

Lowering springs improve the suspension by lowering the height of your car, which in turn lowers the center of gravity and improves handling and stability. This makes the car feel more responsive and agile, allowing you to carry more speed through turns and feel more confident behind the wheel. 

Aftermarket springs can also improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle, reducing drag as the vehicle sits lower than the factory ride height. Not only that, but it can give the car a more aggressive stance and make your Mustang stand out from the pack. 

Furthermore, by reducing unsprung weight after installing a set of aftermarket springs, the suspension can react more quickly and effectively, which improves braking performance. Overall, adding a set of performance springs can be a great first modification for any Mustang S550 owner looking to improve the car's handling, stability, and aesthetics

Here’s our list of recommended lowering springs for the Ford Mustang S550

Ford Mustang S550 Coilovers

Ford Mustang S550 RideTech Coilovers
RideTech Coilovers

When it comes to upgrading your Mustang’s suspension, coilovers are among the most popular aftermarket upgrades for the S550. Coil-overs offer a number of performance benefits over lowering springs. Unlike aftermarket springs, coilovers allow for a fine-tuning of adjustments to the car's ride height, as well as the stiffness of the suspension. This means that the car can be dialed into your specific preferences, whether it's for a more aggressive stance or for improved handling on the track.

One of the biggest benefits of coils is their adjustability, which enables you to tune the suspension for different driving situations and driver preferences. This is a great feature to have if you want to set up your Mustang specifically for the track or to lower it and turn heads on the street!

Coil-overs are one of the best foundations upon which you can bring a new level of suspension performance to your Ford Mustang S550. With their adjustability and superior construction, they allow you to fine-tune your suspension for improved handling, stability, and aesthetics. They are a great choice for those who want to improve their car’s handling prowess or are looking to put together a show-stopper that they can drive every day.

Here’s our list of recommended coilovers for the Ford Mustang S550

Ford Mustang S550 Air Suspension

Ford Mustang S550 AirLift Performance Airbags
Air Lift Performance Air Suspension Kits

Air suspension is a great upgrade for Ford Mustang S550 owners who are looking to turn their cars into a neck-breaking showstopper at their local car shows. The adjustability offered by air suspension allows for easy adjustments to the ride height, which also allows for an extremely low ride height and a more aggressive wheel setup that's sure to turn heads. 

One of the major advantages of air suspension for car show enthusiasts is the range of ride height adjustments it allows, providing greater ability to achieve the perfect stance for your Mustang.

Air suspension also offers improved ride comfort, which is especially beneficial for those that plan to daily drive their Mustang, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride for both the driver and passengers.

Air suspension is a great upgrade for Ford Mustang S550 owners who are looking to build a show car and enter it into local car shows. With its unlimited adjustability and improved ride comfort, air suspension provides the perfect solution for Mustang enthusiasts looking to make their car stand out from the crowd.

Here’s our list of recommended coilovers for the Ford Mustang S550

Ford Mustang S550 Sway Bars

Ford Mustang S550 Steeda Sway Bars
Steeda Adjustable Sway Bars

Aftermarket sway bars, also known as anti-roll bars, are another great performance upgrade for Ford Mustang S550 owners. These bars are designed to reduce the amount of body roll that occurs when cornering, which in turn improves handling and stability. The sway bars work by connecting the left and right sides of the suspension together, keeping the car level and more stable when cornering, particularly when driving at high speeds or on twisty roads.

One of the key benefits of aftermarket sway bars is that they can increase the car's grip on the road by transferring weight to the inside wheels during a turn. This results in improved traction and stability, allowing for quicker and safer cornering.

Aftermarket sway bars are a great way to upgrade the handling and stability of your Ford Mustang S550. They can effectively reduce body roll and increase grip making it a great choice for Mustang owners looking to take the suspension on their vehicle to the next level.

Here’s our list of recommended sway bars for the Ford Mustang S550

Ford Mustang S550 Strut Bars

Ford Mustang S550 BMR Strut Bars
BMR Strut Bars

Another amazing performance upgrade for Ford Mustang S550 owners is the installation of aftermarket strut tower braces. Installing a strut tower brace on your Ford Mustang S550 can provide a number of performance benefits, making it a popular upgrade among Mustang enthusiasts. The primary purpose of a strut tower brace is to stiffen the car's chassis, which can improve handling and stability by reducing flex.

Another benefit of installing a strut tower brace is that it can increase the car's grip on the road. When you turn a corner, weight is transferred to the outside wheels, which can cause the inside wheels to lose traction. By connecting the top of the left and right suspension, a strut tower brace helps to transfer some of that weight to the inside wheels, increasing the car's grip and allowing for quicker and safer cornering.

As you have read, adding a strut tower brace to your Mustang is a great way to increase your Mustang's responsive handling ability. Installing a strut brace is another great budget-minded mod for Mustang owners looking to further enhance the S550 chassis and enjoy driving their car hard on the track or on the street.

Here’s our list of recommended Strut Bars for the Ford Mustang S550

Ford Mustang S55 Brake Upgrades

Red Ford Mustang GT S550
"Ford mustang GT" by Mickael GOMEZ is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

When it comes to increasing stopping power, upgrading the brake components of your S550 can bring a new level of braking performance to your Mustang. One of the biggest benefits of using aftermarket brake parts is the increased braking power, which can help when driving at the track, on your favorite backroad, or even during your daily commute. Upgrading your brakes can also help to increase the car's overall safety and can make you feel more confident behind the wheel.

Some of the most popular S550 brake upgrades include aftermarket brake rotors, performance brake pads, and stainless-steel brake lines. These upgrades improve stopping power, increase heat resistance, and provide a better braking feel. If you're interested in learning more about which brake upgrades are best for your Mustang and driving style, check out the section below for more information about how to improve your Mustang’s brake system!

Ford Mustang S550 Brake Pads

Ford Mustang S550 EBC Yellow Stuff Brake Pads
EBC Brake Pads

When it comes to improving the stock brake system, replacing the brake pads on your Ford Mustang S550 with performance brake pads is a no-brainer. One of the best things about upgrading your brake pads is the improved braking power and also the improved brake feel when compared to a set of stock pads. Furthermore, performance brake pads generally offer a longer service life, helping you save up some cash for other modifications. 

As you can see, upgrading the brake pads on your Ford Mustang S550 can offer improved braking power, and enhanced brake feel, and prolong the service life of both the brake pads and rotors. These improvements can enhance the car's overall handling and responsiveness, making it a more enjoyable and fun vehicle to drive on the street and at the racetrack.

Here’s our list of recommended brake pads for the Ford Mustang S550

Ford Mustang S550 Brake Rotors

Ford Mustang S550 Pedder Brake Rotors
Pedders Brake Rotors

Now that we’ve covered upgrading your brake pads, it's time to talk about the other piece of the equation - performance brake rotors. Just like performance brake pads, one of the key benefits of performance brake rotors is the increased braking power. When coupled with a quality brake pad, an aftermarket brake rotor will feel like night and day compared to your stock setup.

Another benefit of upgrading brake rotors is their ability to dissipate heat more quickly. High-performance brake rotors are often made from materials that dissipate heat more efficiently, which can help to reduce brake fade and prolong the life of the brake pads.

When it comes to upgrading the brake system on your Mustang, swapping out the stock brake rotors with a set of performance brake rotors can provide improved braking power, improved heat dissipation, and extend the service life of other brake components. Without a doubt, installing a set of new aftermarket brake rotors is a great modification if you’re looking to get the most out of your brake system.

Here’s our list of recommended brake rotors for the Ford Mustang S550

Ford Mustang S550 Brake Lines

Ford Mustang S550 Goodridge G-Stop Brake Line Kit
Goodridge G-Stop Brake Line Kit 

Now that we've covered the benefits of upgrading your brake pads and rotors, it's worth talking about the possibility of replacing your factory brake lines with a set of stainless steel lines. 

One of the reasons why Mustang owners upgrade to stainless steel brake lines is because of the improved braking feel that SS lines provide. Unlike factory rubber brake lines, stainless steel brake lines are more durable and less prone to expansion. This means that they can provide a more consistent and responsive braking feel, which in turn can help you become faster on the track and safer on the street.

Another benefit of upgrading to stainless steel brake lines is improved durability. Stainless steel brake lines are made of corrosion-resistant material and are more resistant to heat, abrasion, and deterioration than factory rubber brake lines. These features help prolong the service life of your brake lines and lead to many miles of corner carving fun without having to worry about a potential brake failure due to faulty lines.

Here’s our list of recommended brake lines for the Ford Mustang S550

Ford Mustang S550 Brake Fluid

Motu RBF660 Brake Fluid
Motul Brake Fluid RBF 600

When it comes to finishing up the last step in your quest to improve your Mustang’s brake system, we definitely recommend flushing your brake lines with a few bottles of performance brake fluid to get the most out of your setup. When it comes to the benefits of performance brake fluid, one of the best is the fact that it can improve braking performance in a number of ways. Some of these improvements include a higher boiling point than standard brake fluids, reduced brake fade and providing a more consistent and responsive braking feel, which leads to a more confident driver behind the wheel.

Another benefit of using performance brake fluid is the extended service interval versus standard brake fluid. Performance brake fluids are often more resistant to heat, moisture, and corrosion than standard brake fluids, which can help to prolong the life of some brake components.

As previously noted, we definitely recommend picking up a few bottles of DOT4 fluid if you’re about to dive head-first into any sort of brake system work. It’s worth its weight in gold and while you may not be necessarily boiling your brake fluid on the street, it's always a good idea to use the best product available if you can.

Here’s our list of recommended brake fluid for the Ford Mustang S550

Ford Mustang S550 Big Brake Kits

Ford Mustang S550 Brembo Big Brake Kit
Brembo Big Brake Kits

If you're looking for a massive improvement in the brake department, it may be time to consider purchasing a big brake kit for your S550. One of the most significant benefits is increased braking power, as big brake kits typically feature larger brake calipers and rotors than factory components. The larger brake calipers have more pistons, which provide a greater clamping force on the brake rotor and increase overall stopping power. The bigger brake rotors also have more surface area for the brake pads to grip, resulting in increased braking power and better heat dissipation.

This is a great upgrade when taking your Mustang to the track or if you have added a turbochargers or supercharger to your street car, as the larger brake rotors can dissipate heat more efficiently, reducing the risk of brake fade and ensuring consistent stopping power. 

Another benefit of big brake kits is their improved durability. BBKs are often made from more durable materials than factory parts, such as high-grade aluminum or carbon ceramic, and feature cross-drilled and slotted rotors that can withstand the heat and wear of high-performance driving. By doing this, it can prolong the life of the braking system and reduce the need for frequent replacements. 

Additionally, the bigger brake kits can also add a sporty and aggressive look to the car, making it stand out from the crowd. The bigger brake calipers and rotors are typically visible behind the wheels and they can add a striking visual appeal to the car. Not only will you get better performance but also a bit of functional bling behind your wheels.

While it’s not necessary for most S550s, upgrading to a big brake kit on your car can provide improved braking power, enhanced durability, and an elevated appearance. The installation of a BBK can boost the car's overall braking ability and have a significant effect on helping you perfect your driving technique on and off the track.

Here’s our list of recommended big brake kits for the Ford Mustang S550

Ford Mustang S550 Engine Upgrades

"Dylan Ver. 2-8" by Anthony dela Merced is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

When it comes to taking your Ford Mustang S550 to the next level, engine modifications are a great place to start. With the right upgrades, you can increase horsepower, torque, and improve the overall performance of your Mustang. From cold air intakes to performance exhausts, custom tuning, and more, there are a variety of aftermarket parts available to boost the power and responsiveness of your engine. Not only will these modifications make your Mustang faster, but they can also improve fuel efficiency, increase longevity, and give your Mustang a more aggressive sound that sets it apart.

When it comes to engine modifications for your Mustang, it's important to do your research and choose the right upgrades for your specific needs and driving style. Some modifications may be more suited for track use, while others may be better for daily driving. Additionally, it's also important to make sure that any upgrades you make are legal and compliant with emissions regulations. In this section of our blog post, we will explore some of the popular engine upgrades available for the Ford Mustang S550 and talk about which ones may benefit you the most as you start the never-ending path to more horsepower.

Ford Mustang S550 Air Intakes

Ford Mustang S550 Corsa Air Intake Pro 5
Corsa Performance Closed Box Air Intake

Air intakes are a popular and effective way to increase the performance gains of your S550. By replacing the stock intake with a performance air intake, you can improve airflow to the engine, which in turn results in increased horsepower and torque. Power gains after installing an aftermarket intake are because most aftermarket units have a more efficient design that reduces restriction, allowing more air to flow into the engine’s combustion chamber.

An aftermarket air intake system not only helps the performance of your Ford Mustang S550 but it also changes the intake noise of your Mustang as well. The increase in airflow can lead to a louder intake noise, giving your Mustang a more throaty and powerful intake note. This coupled with an aftermarket exhaust will make you love hearing your EcoBoost or Coyote sing through the rev range whenever you have a section of open road in front of you. 

Here’s our list of recommended air intakes for the Ford Mustang S550

Ford Mustang S550 Exhaust Systems

Ford Mustang S550 AWE Touring Edition Catback Exhaust System
AWE Catback Exhaust

When it comes to popular mods for any Ford Mustang, an aftermarket exhaust system is usually the first upgrade many owners purchase. Installing an aftermarket exhaust is one of the most effective ways to add a decent amount of power to your Ford Mustang S550 without breaking the bank.

Performance exhaust systems are designed to improve exhaust flow, reduce restriction, and increase horsepower and torque, leading to better acceleration and overall performance gain. They also provide weight savings by using lightweight materials such as stainless steel or titanium, which can lead to improved handling and braking performance. Additionally, aftermarket exhaust systems often feature mandrel-bent piping, which decreases back pressure and improves exhaust flow even further.

An aftermarket exhaust can also drastically change the way your exhaust sounds and enhance the appearance of your Mustang. Performance exhausts are designed to provide a more aggressive and sporty exhaust note, which adds to the experience of driving a modern muscle car. They can also help improve your Mustang’s curb appeal by replacing the stock exhaust with more visually appealing exhaust piping and tips. Aftermarket exhaust systems come in a variety of different finishes such as chrome or a polished finish that can set your Mustang apart from the crowd and complement other visual upgrades such as wheels and body kits.

Here’s our list of recommended Exhaust Systems for the Ford Mustang S550

Adding More Power - Ford Mustang S550 Downpipes

Ford Mustang S550 Stainless Works Downpipe
Stainless Works High Flow Cat Downpipes

If you happen to have an Ecoboost-powered S550, then a set of performance downpipes should be on your list of modifications when assembling your full exhaust system. Aftermarket downpipes offer several performance benefits for the Ecoboost Mustang. Performance downpipes improve exhaust flow by eliminating caused by the factory downpipe, resulting in additional horsepower and torque across the engine’s rpm range. They also provide weight savings and improved sound, making every trip in your S550 more enjoyable because of the improved exhaust note.

Here’s our list of recommended Downpipes for the Ford Mustang S550

Adding More Power - Ford Mustang S550 Exhaust Headers:

Ford Mustang S550 BBK Long Tube Headers
BBK Exhaust Headers

When it comes to adding a bit of power to your 5.0 Coyote V8. exhaust headers are a must-have upgrade for owners looking to increase power. Exhaust headers replace the factory exhaust manifolds, which are known to be restrictive, with an aftermarket exhaust manifold that flows significantly better. This can result in a significant increase in power, as well as totally different-sounding exhaust note.

When it comes to choosing the best aftermarket header for your S550, it's important to understand that there are several types of performance headers available for your car. Some of the most common types include:

  • Shorty headers: Shorty headers are designed to replace the factory exhaust manifolds, which are known to be restrictive, with an improved performance manifold. Shorty headers are a popular choice among Mustang owners because they are relatively affordable and easy to install and will give you a modest bump in the horsepower department.
  • Long-tube headers: Long-tube headers are the longest and are generally the most expensive headers available for your Ford Mustang. They are designed for maximum horsepower gains with their longer runner design and ability to scavenge exhaust gasses more efficiently. They tend to be difficult to install, but they provide the most significant increase in horsepower and torque.
Here’s our list of recommended Performance Exhaust Headers for the Ford Mustang S550

Adding More Power - Ford Mustang S550 Engine Management:

Ford Mustang S550 on Dyno
Mustang S550 on Dyno via Vivid Racing

Now that we’ve covered some of the more popular engine modifications for your S550, its time to think about taking advantage of all those new performance parts with ECU tuning!  When it comes to your Mustang, an aftermarket engine management system (EMS) is one of the best ways to increase power across the rev band. Tuning software allows the reprogram of the engine's computer to take advantage of your cold air intake, exhaust system and any other mods you’ve installed and make them all work together in harmony. Adjustments can be made to increasing the engine's rev limit, adjust the air/fuel ratio, and modifying the ignition timing, ensuring that your motor is taking full advantage of your new performance parts while ensuring long term reliability.

When it comes to getting a custom tune for your S550, we recommend searching for the most well renowned tuner in your area and asking for what they recommend when it comes to purchasing a engine management system. Depending on your power goals this maybe something as simple as a reflash with a custom E-Tune or something as significant as a brand new EMS that can be full programmed to get you to your 4-digit power goals!

Adding More Power - Ford Mustang S550 Turbo Upgrades:

Ford Mustang S550 PTE Turbo Upgrade
PTE Bolt-On Turbocharger Upgrade

If you are part of the Ford Mustang Ecoboost camp and are chasing after more power, then looking into adding performance turbochargers as an upgrade may be the best way to achieve your power goals. Turbo upgrades are an effective way to increase the performance of your Mustang Ecoboost and adding more boost to the equitation is always a good idea! By upgrading the factory turbocharger with a high-performance aftermarket unit, you can improve the efficiency of the turbo, which results in increased horsepower and torque. As with any significant upgrade, we definitely recommend upgrading several other parts to support your turbo upgrades such as an aftermarket intercooler, downpipe, and exhaust so you can take full advantage of your new turbo’s capabilities.

Here’s our list of recommended Turbo Upgrades for the Ford Mustang S550

Adding More Power - Ford Mustang S550 Supercharger Kits:

Ford Mustang S550 Whipple Stage 2 Supercharger Kit
Whipple Supercharger Kits

Now if you’ve got the Coyote 5.0L V8 engine in your Ford Mustang GT and are looking for a major power increase, we recommend checking out the selection of superchargers on the market right now. Adding superchargers to your Coyote V8 engine is one of the most straightforward ways to make big power and they work by compressing air before it enters the engine, which results in a big increase in horsepower and torque across the powerband. Unlike aftermarket turbo kits, superchargers are a favorite amongst Mustang enthusiasts because they are able to provide an almost instant power boost of power when you push the gas pedal, making your S550 a hoot to drive on the street or at the track.

Here’s our list of recommended Supercharger Kits for the Ford Mustang S550 -

Smooth Shifting- Upgrading Your Mustang S550's Transmission:

Ford Mustang S550 Interior
The Ford Mustang S550 Interior Is a driver's dream

Now that we’ve covered some of the most popular ways to increase power in your S550, its time to talk about how to upgrade and improve your transmission! Having smooth shifts between gears is one of the most enjoyable things when it comes to driving a car with a manual transmission. While the transmission in your Ford is great, we can upgrade it and make it even better!

Whether it be a heavy-duty clutch, lightened flywheel, or aftermarket short shifter, there are a handful of ways to improve your S550’s transmission and make it even more enjoyable to drive everyday and on the race track.

Keep reading to learn about some of the best ways to improve your S550’s transmission and what we recommend when it comes to clutches, flywheels, and short shifters for your Mustang!

Smooth Shifting - Ford Mustang S550 Clutches

Ford Mustang S550 XClutch Twin Disc Clutch Kit
XClutch Clutches

As previously mentioned, upgrading to a high-performance aftermarket clutch can offer a significant improvement in terms of the performance and reliability when it comes to your transmission. Aftermarket performance clutches are designed to handle increased power and torque, and many feature a more aggressive engagement for ease of use.

Many aftermarket clutches are also designed to be more durable, which can help to extend the life of your transmission and ensure that you can hold big power without the risk of overheating a clutch because of big power numbers.

On a side note, we know some people prefer a lighter clutch pedal while others prefer a heavier pedal but when it comes to aftermarket clutches sometimes you have to live with a heavy clutch feel if your putting down alot of power.

Here’s our list of recommended Clutches for the Ford Mustang S550

Smooth Shifting - Ford Mustang S550 Flywheels

Ford Mustang S550 Fidanza Flywheel
Fidanza Lightweight Flywheel

The other piece of the transmission puzzle that we recommend upgrading is your S550’s flywheel. Upgrading to a lightened aftermarket flywheel can improve your transmission and lead to more pleasurable clutch pedal actuation because of the weight saved. If you go with a heavy clutch its generally recommended that you pair it with a lightened flywheel to bring the pedal feel as slow back to stock as possible.

In addition to weight savings and improved durability, aftermarket flywheels offer improved acceleration and responsiveness due to less drag on your engine’s rotational mass. The result? A more immediate transfer of power to the wheels and improved throttle response, which can make your S550 accelerate more quickly and feel more responsive!

Here’s our list of recommended Flywheels for the Ford Mustang S550 -

Smooth Shifting - For Mustang S550 Short Shifters

Ford Mustang S550 Steeda Tri-Ax Short Shifter
Steeda Short Shifters

Last but certainly not least, lets talk about whether or not you should install a shortend shifter in your Ford. Short shifters are a relatively easy upgrade for the S550 and provide a more of an ergonomic improvement versus a significant performance boost to your transmission. While some argue that the Ford Mustang’s shifter is already relatively short from the factory, other enthusiasts would say that a shorter shifter is beneficial because it allows for more direct, short shifts into the next gear.

Short shifters reduce the throw of the shift lever, resulting in a more direct, precise shift into the next gear. Another benefit is the fact that  short shifters often feature a more solid feeling due to their construction, which can enhance your driving experience. While not for everyone, we think that upgrading from a stock shifter is a great mod for owners that are looking for budget friendly ways to upgrade their car.

Here’s our list of recommended Short Shifters for the Ford Mustang S550

Ford Mustang S550 Modification Guide: What Should You Modify First?

"Ford Mustang GT350" by Randolf Lomo is licensed under CC BY 2.0

When it comes to modifying your Ford Mustang S550, there is an almost infinite number of ways to do so, and the specific mods and upgrades that you should focus on first will depend on your goals and budget. 

Some performance upgrades, like as a cold air intakes or an aftermarket catback exhaust, will improve the performance and add horsepower to your S550. Others upgrades like suspension performance parts or aftermarket brake components, can improve handling and stopping power and make you more confident behind the wheel.

Ultimately, the first performance mods that you make to your Mustang S550 should be based on your specific goals and what you hope to achieve with your car. 

OverRev’s Ford Mustang S550 Tuning Guide

Photo by Ford

Thank you for reading our Ford Mustang S550 Tuning Guide. We hope you found it informative and helpful in your quest to improve the performance of your Mustang GT or Mustang Ecoboost. By now, you have a clear understanding of the best mods available for your S550, ranging from suspension upgrades to engine and transmission modifications. By selecting the right modifications and considering factors such as your driving style and budget, you can achieve the performance and handling improvements you desire for your Mustang, turning it into the high performance vehicle that is fun to drive on the street or at the track.

We would love to hear from you! If there's anything we missed or if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below. Your feedback helps us improve and create more helpful resources for Mustang enthusiasts like yourself. Thank you for reading, and happy tuning!

Ford Mustang S550 Performance FAQ

  • How much HP can an S550 Mustang handle?

    That depends on whether you're talking about a Mustang equipped with a 2.3L Ecoboost 4-cylinder or a 5.0L Coyote V8 engine.

    The 2.3L Ecooboost motor is fairly reliable up to about 400 horsepower on a completely stock engine block. This number can be exceeded with a combination of aftermarket parts to help hold things together like forged rods and pistons to strengthen the bottom end.

    The 5.0L Coyote is a very stout motor and in stock form most will agree that 7-750 horsepower is where it starts to hit its limit. Some have had success pushing past +700 horsepower with minimal upgrades like oil pump gears and crank sprocket. If your looking for big power just add a supercharger kit with a good tune and you’ll smoke just about anything that pulls up next to you at a light.

  • What mods can I do to my Mustang EcoBoost?

    The sky is the limit when it comes to modifying your Ecoboost Mustang. We recommend keeping it simple at first with popular mods like a cold air intake, downpipe, catback exhaust and a tune to see a dramatic increase in power. If that isn’t enough consider upgrading the turbo and adding supporting mods like a bigger intercooler to keep everything fed with air during your full boost pulls.

  • How can I get more power out of my 5.0 Mustang?

    Just like with any V8 engine, the best way to increase power on your 5.0 S550 Mustang is by helping it breath better. Simple modifications like an air intake, catback exhaust and aftermarket headers is a great place to start with bolt on parts. If you are looking to push it past that, we recommend looking into forced induction, with superchargers and turbo kits widely available for this generation of Mustang.

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