Beast Mode - Ultimate Guide to Performance Exhausts for Your Kawasaki ZX6R

The Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R is one of the most popular supersport motorcycles on the market. It's precise handling and aggressive styling make it a thrill to ride on both the street and the track. But even this legendary machine can benefit from some aftermarket upgrades, especially regarding the exhaust system. The stock exhaust on the ZX6R is designed for noise reduction and emissions compliance. While it gets the job done, most riders find it restrictive and boring. 

In this guide, we’ll be covering some of the best exhausts for your Kawasaki Ninja 636 and how they can help increase horsepower, lighten your bike, and also transform how it sounds. If you're interested in learning about some of the best exhausts for the Ninja ZX6R on the market, keep reading!

The Best Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R Exhausts

We’ve reviewed a handful of the most popular slip-on exhausts proven to unlock the performance potential of the Kawasaki ZX6R. While not a complete list of every exhaust available today, these are some of the most popular high-quality exhausts that you can purchase for your Ninja 636.

Akrapovic Slip-On Exhaust

The Akrapovic Slip-On Exhaust for the Kawasaki ZX6R/636 offers a quality full titanium upgrade over the stock system. Akrapovic utilizes precision robot welding and CNC machining to deliver a lightweight yet durable slip-on. It provides noticeable gains in horsepower and torque compared to stock across the entire RPM range. The Akrapovic Slip-On Exhaust also produces Akrapovic's signature deep exhaust tone while remaining street-legal.

Weighing over 5 lbs less than the stock muffler, the Akrapovic Slip-On Exhaust reduces overall bike weight for improved handling and acceleration. For riders seeking top-tier performance and fitment, the Akrapovic Slip-On Exhaust is a proven upgrade.

Yoshimura AT2 Street Slip-On Exhaust

The Yoshimura AT2 Street Slip-On Exhaust delivers improved mid-range power over stock while keeping a mellow exhaust note that you can live with every day. The stainless steel construction provides durability and corrosion resistance, ensuring a long lasting product. Made in the USA, the AT2 offers bang-for-buck performance gains in a quality package.

The conical design aims to further improve exhaust flow and horsepower through the mid-range RPMs. Dual carbon fiber bands on the canister add aggressive styling reminiscent of a stealth fighter jet and is the perfect fit for your Ninja 636. Overall the Yoshimura AT2 Street Slip-On Exhaust strikes a balance between bold looks and street-friendly power delivery, making it a great choice for Kawasaki ZX6R owners looking to upgrade their exhaust.

Two Brothers Racing S1R Slip-On Exhaust

The Two Brothers Racing S1R Slip-On Exhaust utilizes an aerospace-grade carbon fiber sleeve for lightweight performance. The unique oval-shaped tubing aims to optimize exhaust flow and power output. While loud, the S1R produces a deep tone from its perforated core technology.

Easy to install, the Two Brothers Racing S1R Slip-On Exhaust is an ideal balance of aesthetics, quality construction, and power gains. The S1R saves over 4 lbs of weight compared to stock and gives the ZX6R free-flowing performance making it a perfect upgrade for your stock ZX6R exhaust system.

Arrow Pro-Race Slip-On Exhaust

The Arrow Pro-Race Slip-On Exhaust was built to mimic MotoGP styling in a street-legal package. It offers minor weight reduction and a boost in top-end power compared to stock. The integrated carbon fiber sleeve provides visual continuity along the bike's frame, making this slip-on look like a factory race component.

Overall, the Arrow Pro-Race Slip-On Exhaust is a premium exhaust option for riders wanting improved performance with stand-out race-inspired looks. The carbon sleeve and titanium end cap give the exhaust an exotic aesthetic, something you’d be hard pressed to find at your next bike night in your area!

LeoVince LV One EVO Slip-On Exhaust

The LeoVince LV One EVO Slip-On Exhaust provides an aggressive design that helps reduce weight compared to stock exhaust system in addition to increasing performance. The well designed exhaust helps add torque and horsepower across the entire RPM range, giving you a noticeable improvement in terms of performance.. LeoVince tuned this slip-on to work flawlessly with the stock ECU, letting you save up for other upgrades for your Kawasaki ZX6R.

Constructed from brushed stainless steel or carbon fiber, the LeoVince LV One EVO lets you customize your new exhaust’s finish to match personal style. The LeoVince LV One EVO is the perfect performance upgrade for owners looking to transform their stock exhaust note into a deep, throaty growl sure to turn heads on the street or track.

Graves Works 2 Slip-On Exhaust

Experience power like never before with the Graves Works 2 Slip-On Exhaust. Crafted from high-grade titanium, its the perfect blend of lightweight material and durability, engineered to improve your ZX6R's performance. The mandrel bent exhaust pipes ensure optimal exhaust flow, making every twist of the throttle an adrenaline-packed affair.

But the Graves Works 2 Exhaust is more than just a performance upgrade. It's an aesthetic marvel, with a perfect blend of design and technology, intended to bring out your Kawasaki's untamed, race-bred potential. The Graves Works 2  doesn't just make your Ninja 636 sound louder; it transforms your motorcycle into an exhilarating symphony of speed and sound thats unforgettable. 

Competition Werkes GP Slip-On Exhaust

Unleash your ZX6R's potential with the Competition Werkes GP Slip-On Exhaust. A product of meticulous hand-welded craftsmanship, it mirrors the finesse of exhausts found on SuperBike and MotoGP Kawasakis. The Competition Werkes GP’s free-flowing exhaust note doesn't just turn heads; it delivers a sound akin to a high-octane factory race bike. With its weight-reducing design, it improves power across the RPM range, turning your ride into a lean, mean, speed machine.

The Competition Werkes GP isn't just an exhaust—it's a statement. With the Competition Werkes GP Slip-On Exhaust, you get to choose between a beautiful carbon or a sleek stainless steel finish, each enhancing your Ninja's aesthetic appeal. Combining beauty, durability, and extraordinary performance without breaking the bank, it's made for those looking for a notable bump in performance—be it on bustling city streets or challenging racetracks. 

Hindle Evolution Slip-On Exhaust

The Hindle Evolution Slip-On Exhaust aims to maximize performance gains by relying on decades of motorcycle exhaust design. The Hindle Evolution’s straight-through design allows the engine to expel exhaust gasses more easily and increase performance through the mid and top end RPM range. Hindle uses their exclusive ultra-durable packing material, ensuring durability and a long service life for the Hindle Evolution Slip-On Exhaust.

Available in multiple finish options, the Hindle Evolution pairs well with the ZX6R's supersport character. The Hindle Evolution transforms the stock exhaust note into an aggressive, unrestricted growl, making your bike sound like it should've from the factory. By unleashing your ZX6R's potential, the Hindle Evolution Exhaust can help turn your bike into a sharper, more responsive ride ready to carve canyons or dominate the racetrack.

TOCE Razor Tip Slip-On Exhaust

The TOCE Razor Tip Slip-On Exhaust is like no other, skillfully engineered to release the untapped horsepower and torque from your ZX6R. With its lightweight Razor canister, it effortlessly reduces weight, while the fine-tuned internals improve throttle response and bolster top-end power, giving your ride a performance boost.

But the TOCE Razor Tip Exhaust isn't just about power. Whether you choose the gleaming stainless steel or the sleek carbon fiber, TOCE designed this exhaust to improve your 636's already head turning aesthetics. The TOCE Exhaust doesn't merely change the exhaust note, it refines it into a smoother, more assertive growl that you’ll love. For ZX6R owners who crave the perfect fusion of style, performance, and value, the TOCE Razor Tip stands out as an incredible performance upgrade.

SC Project GP70-R Slip-On Exhaust

Bringing the thrill of MotoGP to the streets, the SC Project GP70-R Slip-On Exhaust is a marvel of engineering. Utilizing aerospace grade materials and large diameter tubing, the GP70-R is designed with a singular aim—to supercharge your ZX6R's top-end power. It doesn't just perform; it thunders, emitting a deep, throaty rumble that illustrates its race design.

The SC Project GP70-R isn't all about power, though. It's an aesthetic masterpiece, complete with angular carbon fiber shaping and race-replica visuals that showcase SCP’s rich racing history. The GP70-R also offers sharper acceleration and an aggressive exhaust note, perfectly suited for your ZX6R. If your looking to unleash your Ninja 636’s true potential, the SC Project GP70-R is and exhaust that is hard to beat.

M4 Carbon Street Slayer Slip-On Exhaust

Boost your Ninja's performance with the M4 Carbon Street Slayer Slip-On Exhaust, a sleek slip on exhaust wrapped in a sleek carbon fiber guise. By bidding adieu to the heavy, restrictive stock muffler while retaining the catalytic converter, the M4 Carbon Street Slayer easily trims weight, allowing for more agile and responsive handling.

The M4 Street Slayer doesn't just improve performance, it amps up your ZX6R's aesthetics, too. And the cherry on top? A removable silencer insert that lets you keep it compliant with street legal norms. Simple to install, the M4 Carbon Street Slayer Exhaust is a quick and effective upgrade to reinvent your Ninja's style, sound, and power.

Will An Exhaust Make Your ZX6R Faster?

Stock Grey 2022 Kawasaki Ninja 636
Source: Kawasaki

Aftermarket exhausts aren't just upgrades, they're game-changers. Specifically engineered to improve performance, they increase airflow and minimize restrictions, allowing your Ninja 636’s engine to make more power without working as hard.

The sound improvement is equally exhilarating when it comes to upgrading your stock exhaust. Swapping your factory exhaust with an aftermarket slip-on transforms the auditory experience from a simple hum to a deep, roaring exhaust note that you can appreciate with every ride. It's impossible to ignore the thunderous rumble of a perfectly tuned supersport - a music to the ears of any motorcycle enthusiast.

Upgrading your ZX6R with an aftermarket slip-on and you'll see some notable benefits like:

  • Improved horsepower and torque across the RPM spectrum.

  • Reduce weight for a nimbler, more agile ride.

  • Improve throttle response and smoother acceleration.

  • The potential for better gas mileage.

  • Better durability compared to stock parts.

  • A custom look, creating a bike that's as unique as you.

In short, upgrading your ZX6R's exhaust isn't just about tweaking its performance or sound. It's about creating a ride that's uniquely yours.

How To Choose The Perfect ZX6R Exhaust

Akrapovic Full Exhaust Ninja ZX6R
Akrapovic Racing Full Exhaust System

Choosing the perfect exhaust for your Kawasaki can feel like navigating a maze, given the multitude of options out there. Keep these crucial factors in mind to help simplify your choice:

  • Material Quality and Build Construction - Opt for corrosion-resistant materials like stainless steel, titanium or carbon fiber  that can handle high exhaust temperatures.
  • Compatibility - Confirm that the exhaust is compatible with your specific ZX6R model and year. This guarantees a smooth installation process and perfect fit.
  • Performance - Look for an exhaust that improves horsepower and torque across the RPM range. Key factors include larger diameter tubing and high-flow baffle design.
  • Sound and Aesthetics - Decide on the exhaust note's volume and the overall look you desire. Your exhaust should reflect your personal taste and style.
  • Cost-Value Ratio: - Aim for a balance between price and performance. Look for an exhaust that delivers noticeable improvements in sound and performance without overstretching your budget.

Remember, the best exhaust for your Ninja 636 isn't just the one with the highest price tag, but the one that fits your bike and your riding style like a glove.

How To Install Your New Exhaust

Installing a ZX6R slip-on exhaust is a manageable project for most DIYers and shouldn’t take more than a few hours from start to finish. Keep in mind some models may have specific installation steps but here’s a brief overview when it comes time to install your new exhaust.

  • Remove the stock exhaust canister and clamp the new slip-on using the supplied hardware.
  • Spring alignment and proper torque specs must be followed to avoid leaks.
  • If your unsure about installation, having a shop perform the install often costs around $100 and guarantees correct fitting.
  • Advanced tools and skills are needed to install full exhaust systems. While some DIYers are able to get the job done, we recommend taking it to a professional motorcycle mechanic.

Safety comes first when working on any motorcycle project. Be sure to let the engine fully cool, ensure the bike is on level ground, and be sure to work in a well-ventilated area.

How To Maintain Your Slip On Exhaust

Chemical Guys Moto Metal Polish

With a bit of TLC, an aftermarket ZX6R exhaust can offer you years of enhanced performance and exceptional aesthetics:

  • Keep your exhaust sparkling by cleaning and polishing it regularly using specialty metal polishes.
  • Inspect the entire system for leaks, cracks, or damage regularly. Spotting issues early is key.
  • Don't hesitate to replace any faulty gaskets, clamps, mounting brackets, or other exhaust components as required. Always stick to manufacturer-recommended parts.

Remember, preserving the longevity and quality of your exhaust isn't just about maintenance, it's a testament to your commitment to your ride.

OverRev’s Kawasaki Ninja 636 Exhaust Guide

Graves Works 2 Exhaust System Kawasaki ZX6R / ZX636 2019-2023
Graves Works 2 Slip-On Exhaust

Breathing new life into your Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R is as simple as upgrading its exhaust. An aftermarket system is your ticket to experiencing the ZX6R's true performance prowess, making each ride more memorable than the last. Remember, it's crucial to select an exhaust made for your bike's specific make, model, and year. Then, prepare to enjoy the intoxicating exhaust note and new raw power as you conquer your local roads and track tracks.

Thanks for reading and don't forget to check out our other content for the Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R, along with our comprehensive tuning guide. Remember to ride safely and remember to keep the shine side up!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an aftermarket exhaust worth it for a ZX6R?

For most riders, the performance gains and improved sound justify the cost of an aftermarket exhaust upgrade for the ZX6R. Just make sure to choose a reputable brand.

Can changing the exhaust affect the warranty of my ZX6R?

Installing an aftermarket exhaust will not immediately void the factory warranty. But any engine damage proven to be caused by the exhaust may not be covered.

What kind of performance gains can I expect from an aftermarket exhaust?

Typical gains are between 3-7 horsepower depending on the specific exhaust. Torque and throttle response are also improved across the RPM range.

Does an aftermarket exhaust have any negative effects on my ZX6R?

No adverse effects if the exhaust is designed properly for the ZX6R. Some low-quality exhausts could potentially cause performance issues or damage if badly engineered.

Are there any legal restrictions I should be aware of when upgrading my exhaust?

Many aftermarket exhausts may not meet street legal noise and emission requirements. Confirm regulations based on your location before installing an exhaust.

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